The first Fallout has never looked so good, thanks to an AI

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Those who remember the first games made in the history of the gaming industry will know that originally the characters did not have the same definition as today's products. The first titles, in fact, were composed of sprites of protagonists, NPCs and enemies that did not show too many details of the characters. When zoomed in, these just lead to a bunch of undefined pixels. However, as technology advances, some gamers are recreating characters from games like the original Fallout using a never-before-seen definition.

The merit of this is to be attributed to an AI which, taking advantage of the original models of the Fallout characters, manages to recreate them with a higher quality. While the protagonists of the first game are mostly stereotypes, the chance to see what they would look like if made in the present day is definitely interesting. The models, in fact, mainly portray scientists, monks or inhabitants of the Vault who have rather standard clothing.

However, even if it is not difficult to imagine the clothing (a white coat, the suit of the Vault, the monk's clothes), the AI ​​also manages to return well-groomed faces. Reddit user /u/Misha_Vozduh is the author of some of these works and the results are excellent. However, being an AI, the accuracy in the final render is not always one hundred percent accurate. For this reason, we see that, in one of these photos, the iconic Fallout suit is replaced by a blue jacket that covers a white shirt.

In any case, all the other works have a definition and a realism never seen even in the most accurate of the mods received by the game. The result, in fact, is comparable to what it would have in the much more recent Fallout 4 (which you can buy on Amazon) or 76. Finally, we leave you with the complete gallery that you can find at this link. The list of characters made on Bethesda's title is quite long and interesting.

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