The Callisto Protocol as if it came out on PS1 is pure nostalgia

Video game horror lovers will surely be happy with the large amount of themed video games that are arriving on the market from now on. To open the horror dances was The Callisto Protocol, or the first work of Striking Distance Studio as well as the new title by Glen Schofield which takes up some ideas from the beloved Dead Space series. This new release is inspiring many fans, who have already released a series of mods and a unmark nothing short of splendid.

More and more often we find ourselves talking about a series of videogame demakes. These kinds of videos are getting more and more popular, as they give us the opportunity to see how some of the newest titles would have looked if only they had come out in the past generations. Just in these hours it was the turn of The Callisto Protocol (you can buy it on Amazon), which showed itself in a demake as if the debut title of Striking Distance was released on the first iconic PlayStation.

This demake appeared on the 'Stark Craft' YouTube channel, and was made using the Unreal Engine. Besides that, this demake is fully playable, and as you can see in the video posted on the net, you'll be able to have an experience that visually harkens back to those horror games that came out in the late nineties. Visually we find the angular models of characters and objects, but also low resolution textures, all as if it were a game that runs on the first PlayStation.

  • Obviously the charm of these demakes we find in being able see some of the more recent titles in a very different and nostalgic light. Precisely for this reason, lately there are more and more enthusiasts who make demakes of games recently released on the market.

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