The 8 best medical apps for smartphones

Man's best friend has become the smartphone for some years now. Together with other highly technological devices, the latest generation mobile phones are used to accompany every daily gesture, not only to communicate but also to collect data and information.

Being a real resource, the smartphones host the best applications around, able to assist the user.

There are all kinds and species, including those related to the health sector. Therefore, with the help and advice of friends of, we try to understand which are the best medical applications to keep in our mobile devices.


The first application to be proposed is of fundamental importance, this because it has been examined and approved by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, the American government body that regulates food and pharmaceutical products on a regulatory basis.

We are talking about iHealthFeel, which is state-of-the-art healthcare software that has the ability to measure blood pressure.

Just wear a wireless bracelet, which sends data in real time to the smartphone by monitoring the heart and circulatory status.

This is a very important tool that can collect blood pressure data even when the device is offline. It also allows you to communicate the collected data to your doctor at any time.

Lab Gear

It is an app that serves the user to interpret the laboratory tests Most common. It can therefore be seen as a means that helps to dissect the results of the laboratory tests carried out, and which also carries out the scope of the relative diagnoses and the possible symptoms that the patient may present. The application is on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


The second application in question represents a pharmacological handbook, very easy to interpret, but which leaves nothing to chance. Despite its only flaw is that it was designed exclusively for iPhone users, the software excels for a reason, it is practical and simple in everyday use.

Collects data relating to all drugs on the market, including hospital, veterinary and specialist ones. It is updated step by step, so as to never leave the user without fresh news and data.

The application works so well that on the digital level it has received important worldwide recognition. In fact, in 2011 he deserved the Apple's Rewind award.

Its added value is that the data is already collected in the archive, so it works even without an internet connection.


Let's go ahead with a software born from Hitesh Ganjoo and Tushar Gupta. It is a help app for doctors and medical students, which connects professionals in the sector to make their work easier and more efficient.

The platform was created considering the fact that a doctor must know how to deal with colleagues and stay up to date to fully carry out his work.

In particular, he must always know the outcome of new research and the making new drugs available on the market and so on. Thanks to the software, thousands of doctors around the world can interact with each other, making a significant contribution to the global scientific community through their knowledge.

ZeoSleep Manager

One of the most common health annoyances among people is insomnia. ZeoSleep Manager is an application optimized for people with sleep disorders. The app helps the subject to rest for at least 6-8 hours, monitoring all pre and post sleep stages.

Zeo Sleep Manager helps to improve sleep by simply using the common use of the smartphone. During the night it is able to taste all the phases of sleep, just simply equip yourself with a headband sensor that can be positioned on the head. The app records the data at night and sends them to the relevant archive via Bluetooth.

Sanford Guide

Sanford Guide is a digital application parallel to the printed Sanford Guide. Inside there are collections of interactive resources and digital content proposed with a graphic resolution that does not disappoint.

The software therefore offers a guide that can become one of the most important reference points for identify and eradicate potential infectious diseases.

Gray’s Anatomy – Atlas

Gray's Anatomy (which has nothing to do with the American TV series) is the digital version of one of the most important medical treatises for those who have embraced the subject as a vocation.

The book was born from the pen of Henry Gray in 1858 and someone still today after 150 years consider it a "sacred writing". This is why they have seen fit to digitize the content and make it accessible from smartphones, accompanying the text with images and tables. The application is so good that it allows the user to share its contents and possibly also to print them.

Osirix HD

The latest proposal, on the other hand, represents a valid software capable of allowing the user to transfer, read and download medical images.

The images deriving from ultrasound scans, or even from magnetic resonances and radiographs can be collected and studied.

These frames are detected and then shown informed of excellent quality, without neglecting the standard requirements and principles required for a valid medical - scientific evaluation.

This app collects all those images that can be transferred from a healthcare imaging device, all you need is the Wi-FI network or data connection. For now it is exclusively available on the Apple Store.

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