Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS review

Over a year ago, Super Mario Maker landed on Wii U just in time to blow out the 30 candles on the mustachioed plumber's cake, redefining the rules of console editors and allowing us to put our sacrilegious hands on one of the pillars of the videogame world: the level design of Super Mario Bros.

The bricolage title, welcomed by audiences and critics, has given us (and still gives us) the opportunity to share our levels, good and bad, with users all over the world, in what can almost be defined as the level design social network. This prompted Nintendo to bring the title also to its stereoscopic laptop, not without having reshuffled the cards a bit. On Nintendo 3DS in fact, it seems that the Kyoto house wanted to share its creations with us, giving the title a wonderful single-player mode, but sacrificing the online sharing of our works.



Nintendo is personally dedicated to do-it-yourself!


Nintendo gives us 100 pearls, all to admire and play ...

As mentioned in the introduction phase, the Kyoto house, for this portable incarnation, he wanted to give us some of his creations (100 to be precise), perhaps to repay us for the millions of levels loaded on the Wii U version servers. A year ago it was possible to play some levels created by the development team, but these were mostly level design pills, to be taken with a prescription from Nintendo, useful to inspire users to grapple with the level editor. Everything could easily pass into the background, despite the playful goodness of these stages. Today, however, the 100 original levels divided into 18 worlds (which once overcome will give us always new elements to use in the editor), are the real cornerstone of the production, under the name of Super Mario challenge. These challenges are so brilliant and enjoyable that they can represent a separate chapter in the main 2D saga.



.. demonstrating that you never like yourself enough!

Here Nintendo proves that it never likes itself too much, reinventing the use of the various historical elements of the saga in an absolutely bizarre way, creating situations never seen before and never thought about before; the pixel art of the trio of wonders "Super Mario Bros. - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Super Mario World"Lends itself to the amused madness of Japanese designers, while the polygonal engine of the"New”Will open up to new discoveries to be discovered. Shoot 'em up style sections aboard the fearsome Koopa Clown Cars, levels full of ingenious puzzles, Nella shells used as a helmet, one gimmick after another that is unlikely to bother us. However, each theme will keep the peculiarities of the original games unaltered, with their power ups and specific abilities: for example the possibility of grabbing the shells of Koopas from SMB3 onwards, or the exclusive wall jump of the New vein, all exploited with great inventiveness by the developers. The common thread of the entire mode is, as always, the basic technique necessary to get to the fateful flag (or ax, in Bowser's castles) at the end of the level. The particular find, however numerous, will never be intrusive, always allowing a clean style of play as per tradition; between jumps and breathtaking runs, Players looking for a high-level 2D platformer will immediately feel at home. As if that weren't enough, each level will have 3 different variants of completion: survive until the end of the level, fulfill the request to receive the first medal and finally try to take the second, much more difficult.




new challenges for platform veterans

The medals themselves represent a real challenge-in-challenge, with particularly varied and absolutely bizarre requests; ranging from "defeat 10 enemies using the tail (of the Tanuki suit from SMB3)", to "reach the finish line before giant Bowser falls (it will be up to you to find out the meaning of this phrase!)", passing through the easiest to say than to "reach the finish line without pressing left on the d-pad". In conclusion, these goals not only are they challenging and well thought out within the levels, but increase the longevity and playability of each single stage. Ultimately, Super Mario Challenge would also be worth by itself in the price of the ticket, for quality and fun; the only defect can be attributed to the collapse of the self-esteem of those who play, who in seeing certain segments created with the same editor at his disposal, could be demoralized and decide to hang the pen on a nail. But you know, those who want to do-it-yourself must not give up and indeed, must persevere.


Zen and the art of creating levels


and now unleash your creativity!

After talking about the main novelty of this version, now let's go back to talking about the aspect that most of all characterizes Super Mario Maker: the level editor. Everything we enjoyed a year ago is back today almost at 1: 1 scale, with some changes. The first and most important novelty is the progressive unlocking of the elements. While on Wii U the various tools were unlocked based on the hours spent on the game, on 3DS instead we will unlock everything via progress in Super Mario Challenge mode, making everything more playful and satisfying. Whenever we pass a world, the wise pigeon Yamamura (greedy of edamame) and his elegant assistant Mashiko they will describe us, through funny and surreal curtains, the tools just unlocked. The bizarre bird also, in the appropriate mode, will be happy to give you lessons on the basics of do-it-yourself with very valuable advice. At this point you just have to start the Zen practice of creating a stage.



Super mario maker provides us with a simple editor with infinite possibilities

Nib in hand (absolutely fundamental action) you can finally give vent to your creativity and create the level of your dreams: first of all you will have to choose a theme between Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U, after which you will move on to the choice of the setting: Open Air, Dungeon, Underwater, Haunted House, Flying Tall Ship, and Bowser's Castle. You can also decide on three important variables, namely stage length, time limit (10 to 500 seconds) e automatic scrolling or not. Then finally it begins to mess around, selecting from a convenient drop-down menu blocks of land, Goomba, Koopa, blocks "?" and much more, placing them on the grid scenario, experimenting and relaxing, without necessarily having a preliminary project in mind, like a leaf carried by the current. If shaken with the stylus, Furthermore, some elements will change shape and method of use. If you want a red Koopa (with its peculiarity of not falling off the platforms) instead of the classic green, just shake it. And this goes for many other enemies and objects, all to be discovered. The taste for creation, in Super Mario Maker, lies above all in see the small ecosystem we created come to life: The screen will populate with enemies, pipes and Yoshis, while moving platforms and fireballs will dance around the screen, satisfying the eye and the mind. You will soon discover that the possibilities offered by this editor are many and the fun it will arouse in you will keep the specter of boredom at bay.



However, doing a good job is even more satisfying: inspired by the titles of the past and the levels of the Super Mario Challenge mode, you will learn over time to expertly mix the various elements of the scenario, placing them delicately with the stylus and experimenting with new combinations like little level design chemists: if you are tired of the cannons that shoot Bullets Bill at you, you can put a coin in it and see what happens. A further note of color is given by the possibility of applying hilarious sound effects to every surface, enemy and object, with results that are all to laugh about. As with Gamepad, on the 3DS touch screen everything is always intuitive and user friendly, even more so if played on the comfortable XL models (our test took place on a New 3DS XL), with the not indifferent merit of being able to bring one's creativity around the world. The portability fits perfectly with the concept of Super Mario Maker, thus being able to train the mind even in the remnants of time, building a new level or continuing one's own work even away from home. Everything will then end up stored in the robotic circuits of the Memobot, on which we will be able to save our levels and find the levels completed in Super Mario Challenge.


Online yes, but with clipped wings


the lack of online sharing of levels is the real sore point

Unfortunately our creationsIn this version, however, they cannot be shared online but only via local wireless and StreetPass, a curious choice by Nintendo, aimed at creating small communities of creatives. This decision, understandable but criticizable, will clip the wings of those who have no friends in possession of 3DS and Super Mario Maker. A real shame in short, given that this takes away that strong sense of community, true engine of the work on Wii U, made up of stars to be given at a good level and funny comments exchanged on Miiverse.

Having one or more friends to share a level with instead paves the way for another novelty of this edition "For Nintendo 3DS": create a shared level. Via the local wireless connection it will be possible send or receive an "in progress" level, putting our hand and thus dividing the creative effort. This stage will then have a characteristic icon, which will indicate the "four-handed" nature of the work. The highlight of the online component, however, is the section Levels From The World. In it we will find two modes: 100 Mario challenge e Recommended Levels. The first (to the cry of "Princess Peach is in danger!") Will allow us to face random selections of levels created by other users on Wii U, divided by difficulty, from Easy to Super Hard, trying to get to the bottom without exhausting them all. the 100 lives available. The second instead is a sort of "best of" of the best works created by the players of the Wii U version, carefully chosen by Nintendo and therefore of excellent quality, fun to play and full of ideas, useful to show what potential the editor even in the hands of mere mortals.

Verdict 8/10 Do you know what is the limit for a plumber? Traveling through a tube! Comment What would this Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS have been, if only the online level sharing of the Wii U version had been maintained? Simple, a definitive edition of Nintendo's DIY title. With a single player mode of absolute level, for ideas and level design (real lack of the home version), and the very enjoyable and powerful editor in pocket format, this version for the stereoscopic laptop could reach perfection. The social component, the real fulcrum of the experience on Wii U, however, has failed in part, due to the lack of possibility to upload your own levels online (being able to share them only locally and via StreetPass), taking away the bite of the fun and relaxing phase. of creation. The production values ​​are however very high and the title is a constant joy to play and mess around! Ultimately a title highly recommended, even to those who have already spent hours building on Wii U. Pros and Cons Outstanding Super Mario Challenge
Medals beautifully integrated into the levels
Intuitive, powerful and portable editor
Ability to collaborate with friends to create levels ... x ... But without friends the editor is an end in itself
x Questionable lack of online sharing of levels

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