Sunset Overdrive Review and The Mystery of the Mooil Platform!

Sunset Overdrive was certainly one of the surprises of 2014. A title capable of conquering and having fun and one of the most interesting exclusives of Xbox One. Two months after its launch, the time for the title has come in full Christmas spirit Insomniac Games to offer new content with the first DLC entitled The Mystery of the Mooil Platform.

Save the planet
this DLC looks subdued compared to the main adventure

Always set during the events of the game (in order to access the DLC it will be necessary to have completed the first missions), this new package will add a secondary story that will see us protagonists, along with Brylcreem, of the finding of his sister, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Where is it? On the massive oil platform Mooil, controlled by the powerful and evil Fiizco.
At the storyline level we will find a handful of missions that will lead us to the head of the disappearance of Brylcreem's sister, with other secondary missions, challenges and collectibles attached. And if it will take only a couple of hours to complete the missions related to the story, to get to 100% it will take just under 5.
Even on a qualitative level, the plot behind this DLC appears quite subdued compared to the main adventure. Laughs, there are some epic and hilarious moments, but on the whole we are faced with a fairly flat and bite-free additional content, especially when compared to the excessive exuberance of Sunset Overdrive.


Jump, shoot, grind
on the gameplay side, the additions are a nice introduction

If on the one hand, however, the paucity of the plot makes itself felt, on the gameplay side the additions are a pleasant introduction, improving one of the playful aspects related to the protagonist's relationship with water.
Since the oil platform is overlooked by the sea, Fr.To reach it we will need two new skills that will expand our move set. The first will allow you to swim for a short distance, then allowing us to continue "grinding" on the surface of the water, effectively eliminating the interruption of movement during marine movements. The second instead will give us an aerial momentum that will catapult us into the air. These moves will then be usable not only in the DLC but also in the full game, perhaps to face some timed challenges again, trying to improve the result.
Still talking about the contents we will find two new weapons, which will be added to the already rich arsenal of the game and to the Weapon Pack released in recent weeks (also available both separately and together with the Season Pass). We will then have available a lethal flamethrower, with which to roast the new ODs, mutations even more lethal and horrid than those seen inside Sunset City, and a shotgun that will fire powerful electric shots capable of creating chain reactions between the various enemies. There is also a new Multiplayer map, also set on the platform, in which to carry out the classic OD massacre together with our online friends.


The mystery of the Mooil platform! is available individually at the price of 9.99 € or through the Season Pass, at the most affordable cost of 19.99 €. This DLC includes new main story missions, 2 weapons, 2 power-ups, 1 trap, 2 accessories, new challenges, missions Chaos Squad and a Night Defense base. For goal lovers, The Mystery of the Mooil Platform! adds 10 new achievements, for a total of 250G.
 Crude oil
the level design accentuates the acrobatic part of Sunset Overdrive

Speaking instead of the structure of the oil rig, this looks like a huge vertical skeleton, completely explorable "grinding" thanks to the pipes and oil pipelines that connect the various areas, against the backdrop of a warm sunset. Everything is designed not to interrupt the action, accentuating the acrobatic part of Sunset Overdrive, which is the heart of the game. The same goes for the Boss of the DLC looks imposing and in line with those seen in the game, and will need several steps before it can be knocked down. Enemies and ODs also sport a new oil-themed look, with creatures ready to explode in oil bubbles, capable of igniting as we pass.

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Verdict No Fill me up, thank you Comment Sunset Overdrive's first DLC falls short of expectations. Not so much on the quality, which despite being subdued compared to the original game is always left to play with pleasure, but in relation to what this new additional content offers, which is consumed within a few hours or a little more. This DLC is dedicated above all to the die-hard fans of the game who, left out of things to do, can find, albeit for a short time, a new dose of action. The advice for others is to wait for something more full-bodied for which it is worth returning to grind in Sunset City. Pros and cons The additions to the gameplay are welcome
New story missions ...
Affordable price ... x ... but they wear out too quickly
x ... even if high compared to what is offered

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