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It is useless for you to swing your arms out for video games to be considered as films and literature. You basically didn't understand a shit about the medium ...

I'm reasonably sure many of you will think it's a clickbait article, and maybe someone will even dare to voice this position in the comments below.

Many of you then will have just proved that I am right: no, you don't deserve video games.

You don't deserve video games, what they are and what they will be.

Or at least, you don't deserve it what video games have become, and you deserve (if possible) even less what I hope they will become. And you don't deserve them because you are a pitcher, ready to criticize - very often stopping to read only the title and bypassing the content, the true heart of the article - whatever opinion bothers you regardless, because you don't share it or (even worse) because you don't understand it. IS useless that you fill your mouth saying that "video games are art" if then, every time someone tries to see something more behind those bits and polygons, you give them something corrupt and want at all costs to see something rotten behind us, ulterior motives (as if it were so dishonorable make a passion profitable… Which is pretty much what you legitimize every time you buy a game, Moreover).

The truth is that video games have grown over the past twenty years. You, sadly, no.

About a year ago, on the occasion of yet another media case in which "traditional journalism" took it out on video games accusing them of instigating violence and desensitizing death, I said that we should forbid video games to those who want to know them. And I must admit that three hundred and sixty-five days ago, after saving the draft of the article, I closed Word and went to sleep thinking I had written one of my best pieces. I hadn't noticed that instead it was part of the problem...

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Let's be clear: I am still firmly convinced that those who do not want to know this form of entertainment should not talk about it, and that a person's freedom of speech must be interrupted at the precise moment in which he begins to ejecting shit from her oral orifice - which is an elegant way not to write bullshit. But our attitude (yes, even of those who like us should be insiders) that sees us squaring around the medium only when it is targeted from the outside it is symptomatic of a deeper disease, which is sending the body into gangrene from within. And we don't even notice it. Because as soon as chance - as it does every damn time, and bitch we fall into a trap again and again - deflates and the common enemy disappears, we go back to targeting all those who dare to express an opinion outside. from the choir. Let's go back to what I said at the beginning: many of you, reading the title of this article will surely have thought about a provocation, to something thrown down just to make noise, studying at a table the best way to bring people to the site's server. They must have thought about what is now widely called clickbait, that is a more or less cunning lure made to bring traffic to the server.

The fact that I may really think you don't deserve video games hasn't even passed through the antechamber of your brain. And that is precisely the point.

At this point, it is necessary to enter a bit into the autobiography.

I like to complain. It's probably one of the things I do best, and that's why I always thought I could be a good editor on a video game site, and that at some point I decided that I could do well other than just reviews. . And always probably, here on Holygamerz I find it particularly good to complain because I can do it without stakes: it is quite clear that from the project we do not get anything from the project - I mean from an economic point of view, and although the thing has several negative sides it has a positive one in an all-encompassing sense. We are not tied to any market logic, read: let's write a little what we like, from philosophical pipponi to stories freely taken from videogame series (contents that some would define as fan fiction… And which in fact are).

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Despite this, it's been a couple of years now that every time I write what I think I get a flood of comments that seem procedurally generated. Am I complaining because the Switch is a less multimedia console than Sega's very old Game Gear? I deserve to spend my time playing Candy Crash on iPad instead of Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo hybrid (because it is notorious that anyone who plays on mobile is a sucker). I write a post "on loan" on our Facebook page where I say that, with the arrival of Kodi on the store, Xbox is confirmed as the best console for watching TV series on the market? There are replies like “And your name is Holygamerz…“.

I don't want to complain about the criticisms, quite the contrary.

I am absolutely convinced that are fundamental to develop a speech - also to change your mind, because if we never changed our minds we would still be convinced that the Sun revolves around the Earth and a certain Galileo Galilei would have died for nothing - and, if I have continued to expose myself for some years despite everything, it is because they have arrived. many satisfactions also from this point of view. Beyond the slew of comments on the stuff I wrote that pleased me (in real life or not), I find that this exchange is also positive at the editorial level: after the aforementioned article on Switch I have discussed it far and wide the argument with our Stefano Calzati, and the fact that he has a diametrically opposite vision to mine has led to one wonderful article in response, which I also agree when it says that Nintendo has pulled out one post-social consul.

If I had never written that article, Stefano would never have written his.

E neither of them would grow up, from an editorial point of view. Rather, authoral.

A new way of feeling lonely: not to be understood

And that's why you don't deserve video games: why you do not understand all that is behind what - as I always say - is basically a form of entertainment (then on the fact that it can be cloaked in symbolic meanings and anything else we agree ... We do it every Saturday in the special section) but which can be and is becoming something more. Only that whenever that someone tries to see it, this something more, the first reaction is demoralizing (not to mention demonizing). We live in an age where the medium is finally mature enough to make us think, even though we're playing a product like Monster Hunter World, something that (me first, but I accepted the fact that I was wrong) we are inclined not to consider it interesting from an artistic point of view, since it is a game that essentially hinges on playful mechanics. And it is an era that coincides with the one that offers a mezzo able to cancel distances, to serve as a refuge for fans and avoid the Lone Player Drama. Yet the first reaction is always the clickbait accusation, the offense, the culture of I take away the "I like it". Among other things, while in parallel there is the Mint of the standardization of criticism, of how all newspapers always give the same marks to the same games (when we say consistency).

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It is often said, trivializing and demonizing technology, that it was this that made us more alone, eliminating social mechanics in real life in favor of the (simpler) ones that develop in the virtual reality of the Internet. But in truth, if technology is really to blame for making us more alone, it has done so because it has made a new kind of loneliness more obvious, the one that only those who feel intellectually not understood, and for this he bears the stigma of the different, he can truly understand.

Paradoxical as it may be, it is a loneliness that only those who are not understood by others can understand.

This however is not meant to be a pretext for to justify any opinion regardless: shit exist and not an idea does not have the right to exist as such, but on the basis of the strength of its arguments. You can easily have two poles apart - another self-reported example? I loved Kirby Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot, Edoardo (another of our "Leccacullo" behind the special section) no, because he is tired of the lack of courage behind the chapters of the Pink Terror. I do not agree, but I understand the position and indeed it is, compared to the Game Boy Advance era Kirby dares less. But despite everything, I liked the two chapters for 3DS a lot.

Here, the difference between any shit and Edoardo's position on Kirby is that not only has he brought arguments behind the idea (when very often we discuss with people who thunder "it sucks because yes"), but they were arguments that had a sense. And again, I think I came out of this exchange of ideas enriched, because in the end, thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that in fact he is not completely wrong. Who says it is mistaken allowing oneself to be influenced by others tout court closes the door in the face of all the positive implications of comparisons of this type. To put it another paradox, all absolutisms are wrong.

Actually it was enough to simply say that you don't deserve the video games because you didn't buy Okami. Four times ...

Until you learn to read and to weigh carefully an idea before shooting sentences - then oh, at the end of the process you are free to continue on your tracks, to consider what you have read or heard a bullshit and also to call the interlocutor an idiot. I have been doing it with you for 1600 words - you don't deserve video games. You can play them, but until you get it into your head that maybe not even a developer he can fully understand his work you don't deserve to be able to talk about it and every time you say that "video games are art" they will be empty words.

Having reached the end of this piece, it is our duty to thank - as much as it may seem like a paraculata - the Facebook group Deeplay.it: Videogames are a serious matter, from which the idea behind the article was born.    

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