Sonic Forces Review

Will the Sonic Team manage to overtake Headcannon with Sonic Forces?

2017 was definitely the year of platforming revenge: like a real battalion of vengeful jumpers, straight from the 90s Mario, Crash e Sonic they reappeared on the current generation consoles and welcomed acclaim and new fans in their arms. However, for SEGA's blue hedgehog it was not enough to have received infinite praise for a new 2D chapter: he had to double, returning to run also in three dimensions with his parents behind him, that Sonic Team which this summer was overshadowed by a much smaller and less famous team. Available from Tuesday 7 November, on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, it will be successful Sonic Forces to equal the fun of Sonic Mania?

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Sonic Mania

Tested Version: PlayStation 4

Sonic's Rebellion

Here we go again. Eggman has set the world on fire after defeating Sonic, thanks to a new enemy: Infinite. It seems that all the opponents of the blue hedgehog and his friends have allied themselves to the new threat, forcing the heroes to a strategic retreat. The resistance is led by Knuckles, but the echidna can't do much without its blue friend-rival, until a new recruit proves brave and brave enough to attempt to rescue Sonic from the Doctor's clutches. Meanwhile, a portal opens in front of Tails from which Classic Sonic comes out, ready to help his friends of the modern time after what we saw in Generations. These are just the first chapters of Sonic Forces, which in the thirty stages necessary to reach the credits will give you control of the two Sonics, the rebel avatar and Shadow, if you download the free dlc. The plot of Forces is a crescendo of fighting, between Sonic teasing Infinite and his other rivals, and an increasingly repeat offender Eggman. A story that manages to draw from all chapters of the porcupine, making the fan of the SEGA mascot smile more than once. 

Each stage of the race hides collectibles inside (the red, numbered and silver rings) and although everything can be completed quickly and easily, collecting each element could take you away even double the time. The main problem with Sonic Forces, however, does not take too long to come out, end-of-phase evaluations are far too lax, either for the chance to get a half-hour daily bonus, or because it is enough not to die during the entire level to get an S. This especially when we will be in command of Modern Sonic (and in a minor part of the avatar, but we will get there later ): the challenge level is lowered excessively, also thanks to the possibility of activating a turbo that will make the porcupine immune to any enemy, overwhelming it in its run. Sonic Forces is too permissive and a new player in the series, perhaps not aware of the collectibles and attracted only by the fame of the blue hedgehog, could find himself displaced by completing the story in just over three hours.

The classic and the avatar

The main novelty of Sonic Forces is to allow the player to create their own member of the resistance, a colorful animal that will join the two Sonics in the battle against Eggman and Infinite. As in an RPG each race will have a particular ability such as being left with only one ring after damage (cat), or lengthening its invincibility after being hit (rabbit) and so on. You can then customize their clothing, obtainable by completing the phases and passive missions. These are only aesthetic objects but they allow a degree of customization that easily adapts to any type of taste. The avatar will not use the turbo, but will be able to count on the Whispon, a special grappling hook with additional elemental abilities. The Whispon is the second most obvious defect in the Sonic Forces gameplay: to get all the collectibles in the avatar stages, it will be necessary to use the right equipment, reaching the hidden areas with the right element; also in this case if you are not interested in completing the title in each of its portions you will hardly abandon the electric Whispon, which allows you to use the rings as a path and quickly reach the end of the level. The Whispons are therefore poorly balanced becoming more of an obstacle than an ally.

Fortunately there are phases in which we will use both Modern Sonic and the avatar, alternating the turbo with the use of the Whispon, and it is precisely in these levels (which unfortunately can be counted in the palm of one hand) that Sonic Forces finds its best moments , genuinely amusing also thanks to the sound sector, always guessed for the duration of the game.
The situation is different for Classic Sonic and its lateral scrolling phases, which unfortunately are practically all anonymous precisely because of the same Sonic Mania released two months ago. The Classic Sonic comes out hopelessly defeated, even fighting with all his might to improve himself. Unfortunately these stages really lack that extra factor that made us fall in love with Headcannon's painstaking work. A real shame that the true parents of the porcupine are not able at least to match what was done by those who, after all, were just a fan.

curious? Shut up and take my money!
At least there is the music

Technically Sonic Forces performs well, even if we have to report some camera changes that are not too precise and quite out of place (especially during some clashes with the Bosses). The Spanish dubbing takes up all the voices of the previous games with among others Renato Novara Sonic again, Maurizio Merluzzo as Knuckes and Claudio Moneta in the role of Shadow. A great job for cutscenes, although Infinite doesn't get all the space needed for a new villain, binding its origins in the free Shadow dlc. But the aspect where Sonic Forces really shines is the sonorous one: a really successful track list and that, unlike the actual gameplay, manages to leave a mark on the player by convincing from the very first notes.

Verdict 7.5 / 10 Sonic Maybe ... Comment Sonic Forces is not bad but it really fails to make its mark. Although there are moments and successful phases, most of the title flows on and becomes easily forgettable. Unfortunately, lowering the difficulty in getting a good score so much (although finding each collectible still represents a challenge) and the poorly calibrated use of the Whispons do not help the blue hedgehog carve out a space between the armchairs in the front row of the 2017 platformers. The Sonic Team is defeated by the clash with Headcannon and his Sonic Mania, an experience to face for every Sonic fan. Pros and cons Excellent soundtrack
Some really successful moments ... x ... submerged by others too anonymous
x Stages of Classic Sonic mostly dull
x Score system and daily rewards to review

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