Silent Hill 2 Remake: there will be total exploration of the city without any loading

The many ads released by Konami on December 19th have totally surprised the public of enthusiasts, giving them a lot of material on which to speculate while waiting for new official information. In the myriad of new works and titles in development we will have the possibility, in the future, to play also Silent Hill 2 Remake, with new revelations that would seem to bode well.

Silent Hill 2 VR

Mateusz Lenart (Creative Director e Lead Designer) e Motoi Okamoto (producer) talked about the project of Silent Hill 2 Remake on the PS Blog, reassuring all fans that the Next Gen will have an extremely positive influence on the title, transforming its possibilities from the point of view of use. Several years have passed since that distant 2002 in which the original title saw the light, with the technology and the approach itself to the medium very different since then. The current possibilities, at least according to their words on the blog, will greatly improve an original experience that today seems very distant, from a structural point of view.

Thanks to the PS5 SSD, in fact, Silent Hill 2 Remake will find a new breath, implementing a contemporary approach in a system that can only improve: "Thanks to the super-fast data streaming, players will not see any loading screens as they seamlessly explore the entire city of Silent Hill".

Not only therefore a greater general fluidity of the entire action, but an expansion of the previous exploration possibilities, with a freer urban context: “Armed with these technologies, we hope to make Silent Hill 2 an even more harrowing and unforgettable experience for old and new fans. We are confident that we can do this cult classic justice and breathe new life into its gameplay. The end result will be a Silent Hill game that looks and sounds better than any previous game. While development isn't finished yet, we can't wait for fans to experience it." We just have to rely on these words of theirs, waiting for new details on the matter.

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