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Young Lara Croft is finally ready to become Tomb Raider.

It takes courage to re-imagine a gaming icon like Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics ed Eidos Montreal they picked up a beloved character and reinvented it with the backing of the Square Enix distribution. And here is that the Lara presented to the players in 2013 is young and inexperienced, stubborn and ready to do anything to survive. A new character partially faithful to his origins, but who at the same time differs widely from it. He walks away from it with respect, with a few quotes, but tells new stories and adventures.

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The reboot trilogy by tomb raider will find its natural conclusion on September 14th, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In the splendid setting of the Microsoft House in Milan, we rehearsed the first five hours of this third chapter. Young Lara's journey to her destiny has almost come to an end.

Tested Version: Xbox One X

Shadow of the Tomb Raider captivates and enchants with all the strengths of the two previous chapters.

At the end of Rise of the Tomb Raider, we had left Lara in the face of the truth about her father's death.
This third and final chapter of the reboot trilogy starts from the feud between Lara and the Trinity, which will bring our new archaeologist to Mexico. Here, during the Dia de Los Muertos, Lara will discover the location of a precious dagger, capable of unleashing the Mayan apocalypse on the world. In this third adventure, Lara will take the last steps that will lead her to become the Tomb Raider.

Young Croft will begin looking for treasures to protect them more than for personal pleasure.

In the approximately five hours of gameplay we spent alongside Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we were also able to tackle one of the Mayan calamities. A huge Tsunami that literally overwhelmed us, putting us in front of one of the novelties of this third chapter: the underwater mazes.
The underwater sections we tested convinced us, although they felt less free than the ones on land. Lara obviously has to find hollows of air to recover oxygen, and at the same time pay attention to the terrible underwater fauna.

A wink to that second chapter dated 1997, if you like.

Unlike Rise of The Tomb Raider, where Lara ventured into cold but bright Siberia, Shadow's jungle is filled with rivers and forests. A journey that will lead our archaeologist to immerse herself in the depths not only of temples and caves, but also of her own psyche. It is no coincidence that Shadow of the Tomb Raider proposes a vertical exploration, making Lara descend into increasingly dark places. 

The exploratory sections have the same feeling as the previous chapters. The environmental puzzles scatter the territory and invite us to be solved, both to continue the plot and to reach the secret tombs. Each action, ranging from the defeat of an enemy to the discovery of a treasure, will guarantee Lara experience points, which can then be spent in the camps in order to learn new skills.

Similarly, by recovering waste materials, it is possible to upgrade weapons and make the young girl Croft a real fighting machine. In our first five hours, I was able to get the bow to near maximum, wondering several times if I would find another model later in the game or if that would be my ultimate weapon.

The equipment takes us directly to the next point: the fights. Unlike the previous ones, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal allowed Lara to regain camouflage, even if an enemy were to discover her.
Once the "spy" is eliminated, we can go back to hiding among the branches and start silently killing the other members of the Trinity.

Lara Croft turns into a predator in the jungle.

To understand which enemies to get rid of first, just press a backbone and identify the ones illuminated in yellow, leaving the red ones for last.
A system similar to the eye of the eagle of Assassin's Creed and the hazard radar already seen in Uncharted 4. We would like to point out that at the higher difficulty levels of the game this extra "power" does not work and will only be up to the player's ability to clean up the opponents.

Visually, however, the title moves very well on Xbox One X. Glimpses, lights and landscapes are breathtaking, while a slightly less attention to human (and animal) models. The map also takes time to assimilate, especially when looking for a collectible or a specific point. Excellent dubbing (for what we were able to hear) and the soundtrack, although for a more complete evaluation we will have to wait for the release of the title.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - PlayStation 4
On amazon: 18,69 € buy Comment Shadow of the Tomb Raider is solid, fun and darker than the previous two. Struggling with a Mayan apocalypse, the young Lara will embark on the path that will lead her to become the Tomb Raider. To judge the last chapter of the Crystal Dynamycs trilogy we have to wait another month, but the good intentions are all there to give a worthy conclusion to this origin story. Pros and cons Compelling and action-packed
Great settings x Slightly confusing map
x Real difficulty

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