Samsung drops the trio of aces: here is Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra - PREVIEW

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Samsung has raised the bar even further. During the Unpacked event still underway in London, the South Korean company raised the curtain on the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Three new smartphones that are part of the high-end market, with important prices but, at the same time, technical features of the highest level. In particular, to amaze is the photographic sector which, on paper, is immediately a candidate as one of the best of 2020. Waiting, of course, to test it in the field.

Let's start first with those who, in fact, they are the direct heirs of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +. The Galaxy S20 and S20 + share a good part of the technical data sheet, with the main differences mainly concerning the dimensions. The first in fact has a 6,2-inch display, which made it possible to contain the weight in 163 grams and the height in 151.7 mm (practically identical to the iPhone 11, with its 150.9 mm). Having had it in my hands, I can confirm the feeling of excellent ergonomics.

The S20 + instead features a 6,7-inch panel. In this case the weight rises to 186 grams, while the height stands at 161.9 mm (we are more or less on the levels of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 158 mm). It is certainly a device with considerable dimensions, but still in line with what Android smartphones have accustomed us to in the last two years. In any case, the screens of both models are of the Dynamic AMOLED type, characterized by QHD + resolution, refresh rate to 120 Hz and support for the HDR10 + standard.

The visual quality of these panels is perceived from the first impact. The South Korean company, in this area, is now one of the benchmarks in the smartphone sector, and the feeling is that the displays in question follow this line. Obviously, we will make a definitive decision in the review, but the contrast and the color range are especially striking, we will see how they will behave in daily use.

Another relevant difference is the battery. The Galaxy S20 is powered by 4.000mAh, which becomes 4.500mAh for the big brother. Discounted the presence of fast charging and wireless, also the latter fast. Finally, the diversity ends with the color variations: the smaller model will in fact be available in the colors Gray, Blue, Pink and White (the latter exclusive to; S20 + instead can be purchased in Black, Gray, Blue and White colors (also this exclusive of the online store).

We now come to the points in common, starting with the hardware platform. Both are based on 7nm Exynos processor (we await confirmation for the precise model) with Octa-Core architecture, combined with 8/12 Gigabytes of RAM depending on the version. The internal memory, equal to 128 or 256 Gigabyte, is expandable via micro-SD. Present the IP68 certification, the biometric sensor integrated in the screen, the NFC, the Bluetooth 5.0, the GPS, the Wi-Fi ax dual-band and, of course, 5G (there is also a 4G-only version). Everything is moved by Android 10 customized with the One UI.

Model Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20+
Display 6,2″ QHD+, HDR10+, 120 Hz 6,7″, QHD+, HDR10+, 120 Hz
SoC 7nm Octa-Core 7nm Octa-Core
RAM 8 / 12 GB 8 / 12 GB
storage Expandable 128 GB 128 / 512 GB
Rear camera 12 MP f / 2.2 + 12 MP f / 1.8 OIS + 64 MP f / 2.0 12 MP f / 2.2 + 12 MP f / 1.8 OIS + 64 MP f / 2.0 + prof.
Front camera 10 MP f / 2.2 10 MP f / 2.2
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 4G o 5G, Wi-Fi ax dual-band Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 4G o 5G, Wi-Fi ax dual-band
Battery 4.000 mAh, fast and wireless charging 4.500 mAh, fast and wireless charging
Operating System Android 10 with One UI Android 10 with One UI

The two smartphones also share the photographic sector which, as initially said, should represent one of the strengths. In fact, on the back, we find a 12 Megapixel f / 2.2 main sensor combined with a second 12 Megapixel f / 1.8 sensor (wide angle, OIS) and a third 64 Megapixel f / 2.0 sensor (OIS, telephoto). The latter enables a 3X optical zoom, which can go with a hybrid system up to 30X. The S20 + also has a fourth depth of field sensor available.

Impossible to express, at this moment, an opinion on the photographic part. Samsung has provided us with stations to test the zoom, which has impressed us positively especially in relation the ability to maintain the level of detail, even if pushed to the limit. However, we will have the opportunity to deepen its use in the review, also in relation to the ability to record videos up to 8K resolution. On the front we finally find a 10 Megapixel camera with f / 2.2 lens.

From an aesthetic point of view, few surprises. It is in fact smartphones widely anticipated by the rumors of recent weeks. The rear photographic module is arranged in a rectangle, while on the front a central hole has been made, at the top, in which the front camera has been set. A decidedly more discreet solution than the notch, which however does not create particular annoyance when using the screen. We leave you to the summary table of prices, waiting to know the dates of availability on the market.

Model Version Price
Galaxy S20 4G 8 GB in RAM, 128 GB in storage 929 €
Galaxy S20 5G 12 GB in RAM, 128 GB in storage 1.029 €
Galaxy S20 + 4G 8 GB in RAM, 128 GB in storage 1.029 €
Galaxy S20 + 5G 12 GB in RAM, 128 GB in storage 1.129 €
Galaxy S20 + 5G 12 GB in RAM, 512 GB in storage 1.279 €

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the phablet

The term "phablet" has become a bit out of date, considering the average size now reached by smartphones. But Samsung's new Galaxy S20 Ultra is truly a giant, in every sense. On the front, in fact, the South Korean company has integrated a huge 6,9-inch display (QHD +, HDR10 +, 120 Hz refresh rate) which, combined with the particular photographic sector and the 5.000 mAh battery, pushed the weight to 220 grams and the height to 166.9 mm.

Display 6,9″, QHD+, HDR10+, 120 Hz
SoC 7nm Octa-Core
RAM 12 / 16 GB
storage 128/256/512 GB expandable
Rear camera 12 MP f / 2.2 + 108 MP f / 1.8 OIS + 48 MP f / 3.5 OIS + prof.
Front camera 10 MP f / 2.2
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 5G, Wi-Fi ax dual-band
Battery 5.000 mAh, fast and wireless charging
Operating System Android 10 with One UI

The first sensation you get from having it in your hands is that of a heavy device that is impossible to handle with one hand. It is clear that those who buy such a product are well aware of all this, it is certainly not a smartphone for everyone. Having clarified this aspect, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a small technical masterpiece. The hardware platform is identical to the other two models, with the RAM which however varies between 12 and 16 Gigabytes, combined with 128/256/512 Gigabytes of storage (always expandable).

The differences reside on the back, where we find four cameras: main 12 Megapixel f / 2.2; 108 Megapixel f / 1.8 wide-angle lens with optical image stabilizer; 48 Megapixel f / 3.5 telephoto lens also optically stabilized; depth of field sensor. In this case the optical zoom rises to 10X (given, in itself, already remarkable), while the hybrid one it can even go up to 100X, effectively setting a new standard.

We got to try this zoom, albeit for a very short time. The speech is identical to that made for S20 and S20 +, it is still too early to express a judgment. But seeing the maintenance of an acceptable level of detail even at 100X (at least in light conditions) is something really special, unimaginable until a few years ago in the smartphone field. We can't wait to be able to put it under pressure in everyday life, so as to test it in the most diverse conditions.

Obviously, present all the remaining features that we find in the other two models: 5G connectivity (in this case no 4G model), Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi ax dual-band, GPS, NFC, Android 10 with One UI, fast charging, wireless charging. Galaxy S20 Ultra, however, will only be available in two color variants, namely Black and Gray. Waiting for more information on availability dates, we leave you to the price table.

Model Version Price
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 12 GB in RAM, 128 GB in storage 1.379 €
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 16 GB in RAM, 512 GB in storage 1.579 €


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