Runbow Deluxe Edition Review - The relentless escape from death

I still remember my first Runbow.

Yet three years have passed since the first release of the colorful title of 13AMGames. Three years that have brought Val, Hue, Satura and the vast number of guest stars to race outside of Wii U as well.
A frenzied race that brought them to Steam, 3DS and Xbox One, even for free.
Since last July 3rd Runbow also made a stop on PlayStation 4 and on Nintendo Switch.

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And three years on, Runbow is still fresh and hilarious. In addition, a DLC is also available on the new platforms that adds a new story mode and different costumes for the two protagonists. In short, this second trip on the colorful 13AMGames train was not done in vain.

Waiting for Double Cross, the team's next production, let's find out together why you should own at least one copy of Runbow.


Tested Version: Nintendo Switch


Runbow is a particular platformer that uses the background colors to change what happens on the screen, a comcept that was then taken over in recent years by other independent titles such as Hue, but which in 2015 was still unique. The goal of Runbow is to get to the end of the stage, trying in every way to do not die. Pena restart the stage and suffer the insults of the different game screens.

As I said at the time of the first release, 13AMGames tried to package a product suitable for everyone.


Solo players will have to contend with Satura in 144 levels of increasing difficulty, or facing the gritty challenge of the Bowhemoth. At any time we can be joined by seven other friends (controller permitting) and throw ourselves also in other modes sewn on the multiplayer. From a classic Arena where the last to survive will win, to a "normal" trophy race, where you can beat up your friends and send them to the creator.


Runbow exudes fun from every pixel.


Online the player count rises to nine, and the cast is made up not only of Val, Hue and Satura, but of a large array of independent guests from the most successful titles. Without bothering Shovel Knight and Shantae, they will participate in the Runbow Gunvolt, Rusty from SteamWorld Dig, Commander Video and even the Clone of Stealth Inc. 
Sure, we would have liked some new additions in the dlc, in addition to the costumes for the two protagonists, also because independent titles of a certain level have come out in streams in the last three years. 


Runbow is one of those titles that cannot be missing on your Nintendo Switch.

The Wii U version of Runbow suffered frame drops in the most hectic situations. The main problem arose when, with nine players on the screen, battles were fought in the arena. Fortunately, at least on the Nintendo Switch, the danger has returned, and we can enjoy the brawls of Runbow without any drop. Blaming our death only on the inability to predict the opponent.

The 13AMGames title is a joy to play even in portable mode. Despite the absence of a traditional d-pad, we did not encounter any movement problems using the analog. In addition, thanks to the double joy con, we have tasted local multiplayer even away from home. The Switch version is the only one able to allow two players to face each other wherever they want.

In addition to the base game, a dlc called Extra Val-Hue Bundle has been released, in which you will find eight new costumes for the two monochrome protagonists and a new single player adventure.
THESatura's Space Adventure is obviously the strong point of the expansion. A series of new challenges set in a fifth poster in which new gameplay elements such as wormholes and switches will be introduced.
These new stages mix the cards on the table: it will be necessary not only to pay attention to the colors, but also to find out what is the fastest and safest way to get to the end of the level.
The Extra Val-Hue Bundle also adds new music tracks and internal goals, making the Runbow soundtrack less repetitive than the original.


Next July 27th, the Deluxe Edition of Runbow will also be released in physical format (suggested price of € 29,99). And it is this version that I recommend today, to be able to fully enjoy all the madness and fun packed by 13AMGames.

Runbow (Nintendo Switch)
On amazon: 20,69 € buy Verdict 9/10 Run. Die. You are reborn. Repeat. Commentary Runbow Deluxe Edition refines the main flaws of the Wii U version. Not only that, with a new adventure map, it revolutionizes many of the rules laid down in the original game. Great for solitary players, a must for those who often find guests and friends at home. Don't waste time and immediately start slaughtering yourself between races, trying not to die too often. At the moment Runbow is only available digitally and requires the purchase of the DLC separately, but from the end of the month it will be conveniently available on cartridge (at least on Nintendo shores). Don't miss the chance to treat yourself to one of the funniest multiplayer platformers of recent years. Pros and cons Modes for all tastes
Colorful and addictive
Fun alone and unmissable in a group
Great DLC x No new content in the base game
x A few new guest stars wouldn't hurt

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