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Rise Of Industry is a title that has been able to surprise us. A niche of the wide audience of Management / Simulators was waiting for him. We will go into the definition of the genre, of this very particular video game, later. For now let me tell you that we are not talking about the usual Farmville. The landscape of management video games is wide and full of different situations. The trait that distinguishes and unites the majority of these titles is a continuous feedback from the population. What if this feedback were expressed by accounting? From the logistics sector of a warehouse? Rise of Industry proposes an innovative challenge: there will be no fellow citizens to please but the budgets of the various exercises will speak for them. What changes? You will step into the shoes of a real logistician, to the acquired goods, in short, a real simulator of what happens between many companies.

Why are we talking about a simulator?

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We know that in a review the boundary between one videogame genre and another may seem redundant. In this case we found it useful and necessary. Useful because the user, enthusiast who approaches Rise of industry can have more information. Necessary because it is the gameplay that requires it. We must do justice to numerous dynamics that occur during each phase of the game. In this IP we will not play the role of a mayor, a householder or any other paternalistic figure, aimed at the correct and competent management of a budget or social relations. We will be called upon to undress all roles and act as the Invisible Hand so dear to classical economists, Adam Smith at the forefront. Why are we saying to behave like this Invisible Hand? This form of Providence? Because we do just that, in every phase of gameplay. We provide for every need that the economic environment may require and we do it with the aim of increasing every portion of the industry. So to win we have to create on screen what in economics books (high school kids will already understand) is called Perfect Competition. Obviously it is a theoretical model but it goes well with Rise of Industry.

Ok, but how to play?

Forget a frantic point and click from Facebook

The title will require meeting parameters, achieving goals to get away with it, against the ravages of time and various random events. Nothing new but this is not the characteristic of Rise of Industry. For each single action the proper preparation, the perfect balance between economic resources (wood for example), carpentries (among the first mining activities to be unlocked), road connections to warehouses and signing of contracts with customers. This exemplification of the basic mechanics of the game may seem trivial, but let me tell you that after the first half hour you will scream at the trivial. Every elementary resource will have to be thought in view of the future development of the local industry. Each warehouse will have its own balance sheet and it will be our responsibility to prepare every link to facilitate the proper conduct of the trade. The city will not buy a good just because it is produced in the factory and only because there is a road connecting us. Do you go shopping at the factory? It will be important both the stipulation of commercial contracts and the correct allocation and creation of logistic links .

Let's start playing. The choice concerns three different game variables, plus a very important tutorial.

The tutorial will be important in the early stages of the game

Here it is important to underline the importance of Tutorial. We are not talking about the usual jump, lunge and block training. We're not even trying to dignify a guide that's not even meant to be introductory. The game manual, the Rise of Industry tutorial is listed as the other challenge modes. It is not a mandatory path and this can lead to think that it is not needed and that the game is immediate. Nothing more wrong. Driving will be important and we recommend facing it a second time as well. the features of the game are many and can be confusing. One of the reasons for confusion are the miniatures that are not always diversified for the various sectors. wood is always wood, regardless of whether it is freshly cut, crammed in the warehouse or transported to the wholesaler. Overcome these amenities we will begin develop our industry.
All very convoluted

Sorry to say but the Achilles heel of Rise of Industry is revealed from the early stages of the game. Each creation must be accompanied by other creations. Each establishment will require its specific verse and a constellation of satellite establishments, usually collection centers for the item / resource concerned. So we will also have to consider this in the choice of spaces (for us the aesthetic factor was also important but by now you know that we are crazy). We are finally playing, we have followed the first steps and we have even come to place the carpentry. Now we want to build something else. But how? Each building is locked, it is not highlighted. How to do? Here it is the skill tree! Yes, even in Rise of Industry you will have to deal with this device that allows you to select the desired improvements in the gameplay.

Our Industrial District is growing

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Our request for a loan of words from the world of economics and economic sociology continues. With Rise of Industry it is inevitable. The style of play is so methodical that we could not be surprised by a DLC with the Financial Statement. A Industrial District is an agglomeration of companies, generally of small and medium size, located in a limited and historically determined territorial area, specialized in one or more phases of a production process and integrated through a complex network of economic and social interrelations (Wikipedia because I didn't want to look for old university books). Then we actually have all the ingredients for create our economy, choose the most appropriate strategies. All implemented by the skills that we will collect in the dedicated tree. Top right, hidden in the symbol that appears to indicate a USB connection, we will find the link to the coveted menu. That mandatory step for unlock other buildings. In the tutorial this will be clear, which is why we insisted on suggesting it. We would never have lingered on that Aztec symbol on the right, we were too busy making the city lose its first money. The mechanics are interesting and consistent with the spirit of the game. We unlock what we want to learn to produce. We will then refine, in cascade, the subsequent skills of that area. The aim is to create one culture of production and specialize in that economic sector. Just like an industrial district. Obviously the bonuses are obtainable based on the playing time, as per tradition.

A simple dress

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The graphic design immediately stands out for its intentional and obvious simplicity. It is not about laziness or lack of expertise but the need to make everything fluid and at the same time make it stylish. The buildings pulled up with three polygons, in number, they are funny but at the same time they depict everything properly. Life underground is depicted with frenetic means of work that will carry out the usual alienating work for their whole life. All without unnecessarily burdening the game. We believe the choice of the creators of Rise of Industry excellent, as regards the realization of the game elements. This choice though it becomes a defect when we have to move in the numerous game menusespecially the in-game ones. Everything is written to be difficult to guess. This risks making the first hour of play unnerving, making many mistakes and then paying the consequences.

Our city

The experience with Ride of Industry was the natural continuation of a long and glorious series of management and simulation games. The management character is strong and it is the natural reference genre of this work. The role of simulator is a necessary clarification for the maniacal character throughout the gameplay. All in all it is a title that fans of the genre should try. Many aspects of the game need to be improved. The game does not help the player, the menus are many and the fluidity is not always the best. It is not a hectic title but if turning the game map causes a momentary game freeze then we have to worry. The in-game graphics do their job and we didn't feel the need for pumped textures. More than carefree fun it is there feeling of satisfaction and responsibility that recurs. We will be the Invisible Hand that brings balance to a world that sees its industry being born, where the first mining and refining activities begin to arise alongside streams and woods. It will be up to us to be wise and not get caught up in the thirst for gain and always keep an eye on harmonious growth.

Rise of Industry is the ideal laboratory to achieve the optimal allocation of Resources

Vilfredo Pareto:
Towards an integrated theory of socio-economic phenomena in Rise of Industry, 1896. Verdict 7/10 As a child SimCity? As a great Rise of Industry! Comment Rise of Industry is an industrial district simulator. The player accustomed to the calibration of each factor will be able to enjoy the numerous combinations and possibilities offered by this title. The video game keeps its promises and relaunches with courage, thanks to its subtle complexity. Refrain casual. Pros and cons Rich in details and combinations
Functional graphics x Cumbersome gameplay
x Unintuitive

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