PS VR2, new viewer but old games: here is the first line-up

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In addition to the price and the launch date, Sony took advantage of today to be able to reveal to the world the new games that will accompany the first months of life of PS VR2. The line-up, beyond some novelties, however, certainly does not shine for originality: in the long list launched by the Japanese giant, in fact, there are several games that have already been available for some time on other platforms for VR.

In total there are 11 new video games for PS VR2 announced today, but only some productions are really new. Titles like The Dark Pictures Switchback VR, for example, is a brand new game, never seen before. The same goes for Crossfire Sierra Squad as well. The rest, however, they are games already available everywhere and already widely played by all the public who bought other VR headsets, such as Meta Quest 2 or Valve Index.

The list of 11 PS VR2 games includes several ports, such as Pistol Whip VR, Zenith The last City, After The Fall and Tentacular. Then there are highly relevant and very entertaining products, such as Cities VR and Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, but clearly they are white flies in a list that mainly includes already old productions.

  • The launch of PS VR2 is set for the end of February 2023. We are quite certain that over the next few years Sony will work on more original productions and that this line-up is really just a taste of the headset's potential. However, a little bitterness remains in the mouth: perhaps, with a little more time available, the Japanese giant could have launched a better line-up than the one we have today. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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