Pokémon Let's Go Special is everything that's wrong with Game Freak

Nintendo's E3 has long since transcended the traditional conference / showcase / direct, becoming a marathon of live broadcasts from the Treehouse. Marathon that this year made one thing obvious: in Game Freak they ran out of breath… Probably, since 2000: Pokémon Let's Go is just proof of that.

No, this is not the editorial of a nostalgic, I am about to demolish Pokémon Let's Go. Of course, as anyone with a minimum of reasoning I am convinced that the best chapters of the Pokémon series are Heart Gold and Soul Silver, because they carried all the playful news - for the technical innovations, at least up to this point, one could speak of a contest of guilt with Nintendo - introduced with the third and fourth generation in their richest, longest-lived, most successful product. But it's a consideration that is pretty much a given and hasn't stopped me from appreciate the chapters that came later, finding some courageous ideas also in the embryonic X and Y. And still today I am convinced that a chapter Z probably would have ennobled the sixth generation, as on the other hand Platinum did for the fourth.

In fact, the problem goes beyond the gameplay, and it would be simplistic to dismiss the question (as many nintendrons have done since the Wii days) with a laconic "graphics are not everything”, Also because if graphics are not everything you have the wrong hobby.

The problem is that Game Freak doesn't want to grow up, and Pokémon Let's Go has clearly shown it. And if he doesn't want to, it's also a bit of our fault ...

Until the Nintendo DS it could have been fine as well.

The non-generation they have us stolen

Of course, more could have been done, and one of the number one suspects who often makes me think that the sixth generation in Kyoto is to be considered a not - generation, of the lost time that prevented many IPs from maturing (we could have had Breath of the Wild a decade earlier, from the realization point of view!) is precisely the Pokémon brand. Although the substance has been refined, the form has roughly remained the same from the beginning until the day before yesterday.

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On 3DS yes he was already wrinkling his nose. Passing by not being able to run in stereoscopic 3D one of the (alleged) flagship titles of a machine that has been tried to sell also thanks to stereoscopic 3D. Steps try to tell a story blatantly wrong the timing and dedicating - in the end - too little space to a theme in its own way also courageous in a series like this (that of war, that of death). You also come to realize, with twenty years of guilty delay, that in fact the series is part of the genre of RPGs and perhaps inserting some more typically RPG mechanics wasn't such a crazy idea. Or finally understand what stylistic choices we were carrying on from Red Pokémon because yes even if they were absolutely accessory, and perhaps even ruined the experience as in the case of MN mandatory to continue. But come on, we are talking about a car that under the body finally gave the opportunity to overhaul the series, to take the next step, to enter the current damned millennium instead of staying still (basically) in 1996.

But we said oh well, it's Game Freak, let's leave it alone for the moment. You want them to bring stuff to this level even on a machine like Switch, the most powerful portable console on the market, capable of relaunching local multiplayer and lan party with its post-social concept, a piece of hardware that could potentially transcend the status of a gaming machine and become a symbol like the Walkman or the iPod if they were to decide to open doors to Microsoft-style developers?

The answer is yes. Unfortunately.

It has nothing to do with it nostalgia, the facilities are not involved

It is not a problem of simplifying the mechanics, it was not clear - yes, because step 2 after blaming nostalgia at this point is that, is to say that since I (us) stinks Pokémon Go then we cannot understand. As much as 90% of the world population forgot about Pokémon Go after a couple of weeks, I fully understand that it makes sense to try to "monetize" that user even on Switch and on the (more or less) main series. And I've never been a complication Nazi, convinced that our medium should fight these (but also others) entry barriers as much as possible, to truly become everyone's. Putting the pad in the hands of someone who does not know how to play video games, is a bit like trying to get them to translate a version of Latin, and it is something that the creator must necessarily deal with. I believe that in general we can also take a path playfully less demanding compared to tradition, if the final result is excellent - or even just good. I am always the one who defends (and will defend) at the sword DmC Devil May Cry.

Oh yes, if you want Mew you have to unstitch another 40 cards ...
They lack courage and skill

The problem is that the marriage with Pokémon Go, this integration between the series on consoles and its rib for the mobile market, could and should be carried forward in a more way courageous. Doing it within a main chapter, in the first place - is too easy do the bumpers and say that next year will be released a chapter of Pokémon bigger, bad and full of all those shit that like the hard and pure fans of the series, keeping the foot in two stirrups. The real challenge would have been to find a balance and continuity between these two worlds, trying to transfer from Go to the main series but also doing the opposite, convincing the "hardcore trainers" to (re?) Download the app and play with it. Through in-game rewards, through some mini-games like the famous Pokéwalker, means some idea in conclusion.

But the most wrong thing is that Game Freak with Pokémon Let's Go wants us to replay Pokémon Yellow by offering practically the same content as Pokémon Yellow.

The map? It's the same, with the same square and non-scale buildings, arranged in the same way, and with basically the same characters inside - as we have seen. And it does not matter if we inaugurated Switch by exploring the most convincing Hyrule ever, if we have seen Mario go around the world and it does not matter even if there are indie titles that boast settings deeper, modern and not anchored to a very old Game Boy. Either you eat this soup or throw yourself out the window, even if it's a soup that's over twenty and starting to take on an acrid musty aftertaste.

And to be honest, it is also our fault: Pokémon Let's Go we deserve it after all.

La fault and also our: another way to not deserve video games

Ours, because over the years we have really defended the worst filth, when it came to this series (but it is a speech that could easily be made even for sacred monsters - we have already said that, Breath of the Wild could have been released 10 years ago!). Because when it was said that the Pokébank, after X and Y, potentially risked ruining the experience, it was answered that it was an exaggeration, that it was enough to use it after or not to use it at all, who cares if the subtitle of the series is "Catch them all" and we have already caught them all the year before. Because when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were not going to introduce practically anything new (nothing that had a substance, that is) we incensed them all the same, giving them absolutely out of scale judgments and pampering them as if they were two milestones, and as if to list its faults was little less than contempt. the "Too Much Water"Of IGN is still used in an ironic, if not derogatory way, testifying that many (too many) did not understand that it was a symptom of everything that was wrong with the series from a mental point of view, a echo of stylistic choices made twenty years earlier and that by now they had overcome the anachronism.

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Because when the Sun and the Moon finally showed some steps forward, the praises were wasted, while those who said with not too much sarcasm "ah, now it has become a real RPG" was silenced. Commendable attachment to the shirt, which Game Freak then rewarded how? With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, demonstrating that having to do gods steps back for each step forward it's just the umpteenth symptom of a pathological lack of balls that has always distinguished the studio - yes, including that time when you preferred to throw yourself into Black 2 and White 2 on DS a 3DS already out.

Because - closing - when you reply to this article or share it by saying "but the main chapter comes out next year, who knows" you will do nothing but prove that you are part of the problem.

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