OxygenOS 11, did you already know these functions of OnePlus smartphones?

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Have you finally let yourself be conquered by the two newcomers in the OnePlus 9 top-of-the-range family? You have a brand new OnePlus Nord in your hands and want to find out which ones are yours more interesting features?

You are just curious about what the much acclaimed can do OXYGEN, the Android skin made by the brand? This is the article for you!

The software customization called by the name of OXYGEN and used by OnePlus on all its smartphones is highly appreciated by users because of its exclusive functions, the high level of performance and customization, all without detaching too much from the vision of Android stock that Google boasts on its Pixel.

In this article we will show you some of the exclusive functions, and maybe even the lesser-known ones, which we think could be convenient for you to use your OnePlus smartphone in everyday life.

Caution: The guide was written using a OnePlus 9 Pro 5G equipped with OxygenOS 11 and Android 11 software. Depending on the model of OnePlus smartphone in your possession or the version of software installed, some of these functions may differ slightly or may not be available at all!


  • Homescreen and personalization
    • Scroll up to search through apps
    • Hidden space
    • Dark mode programmed
    • Remap the power button
  • Unlock screen and Always on display 
    • Gesture with the screen off
    • Fingerprint animation
    • Canvas
  • Other
    • Parallel apps
    • App Locker
    • Quick answers in landscape

Homescreen and personalization

Scroll up to search through apps

Did you know that you can set a quick gesture for the search for applications on your homescreen? You don't necessarily have to open the app drawer and then tap your finger in the search bar to bring up the keyboard.

  • Press and hold your finger on an empty spot on the home page until the context menu opens
  • Go to Home Settings> Quick Search Gestures
  • Activate the switch

Now when you open the app drawer but stop for a moment halfway by swiping with your finger, the keyboard will open automatically with the cursor already positioned in the app search bar.

It's even possible to have the search run every time you open the app drawer, which is handy if you have clear ideas and lots of apps installed!

Hidden space

This function is very convenient to keep some of the applications installed on your device away from prying eyes or simply to remove the temptation to use the apps you insert in Hidden space.

To access Hidden Space it is enough perform a gesture with two fingers starting from the center of the homescreen outwards or by dragging the app drawer to the right. Once this special compartment is open it will be possible to select the apps to insert and even set a password protection.

Dark mode programmed

Another handy feature of the OxygenOS is the ability to program dark mode so as to save battery and not strain your eyes in the evening. Not only is it possible to manually choose a preferred time slot for the activation of the dark theme but it is also possible to let the smartphone manage itself independently with sunrise and sunset times which vary according to the day of the year and the seasons. To do this, you just need:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Display> Dark mode> Activate automatically
  • From the three choices that will appear, select Activate automatically from dusk to dawn

Remap the power button

Did you know that you can use your OnePlus power button to quickly call up Google Assistant? This way the Google voice assistant will always be ready to respond to your commands with the comfortable pressing of a physical button. To activate this function, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings
  • Go to Keys and gestures> Press and hold the power button
  • Select Narrator

When you first activate Google Assistant like this a short tutorial will show you how to turn off your smartphone when this power button mode is active.

Unlock screen and Always on display

Gesture with the screen off

Your OnePlus is always ready for action, even when the screen is not on and you are not actively using your smartphone. With some quick gestures performed with the screen off you can perform quick actions such as activate / deactivate the flashlight or open apps of your choice.

The customization menu for these gestures is located in Settings> Keys and gestures> Quick gestures. Unfortunately, the type of gesture to be performed for the action configured by you is not customizable but the possibility of choosing between five different letters to be drawn on the display should still guarantee you a fair amount of freedom.

Fingerprint animation

OnePlus smartphones that have a fingerprint reader under the display show a particular animation during the reading operation, in order to make you understand that the device is trying to recognize you to unlock.

In perfect OnePlus style this aspect of the smartphone is also customizable following these short steps:

  • Open the Settings
  • Go to Personalization
  • In the carousel at the top, swipe left and select Fingerprint Animation

Now you can choose from the various animations available simply by touching your favorite, the software will also show you a short demo so that you can make the best decisions.


What is that Canvas? This interesting feature of the OxygenOS is able to create a stylized version of your images to be displayed on the always on display. The image obtained will then be integrated from the original photo in the unlock screen and in the homescreen with pleasant animations.

OnePlus Canvas is available in Settings> Personalization> Canvas. At this point the smartphone will allow you to choose the photo you want, it works best with faces, and will show you a short preview of the result.


Parallel apps

Have two separate apps for your different social profiles it would be convenient instead of always having to log out for the change, right? Well that's exactly what the function will allow you to do Parallel apps di OxygenOS.

Parallel Apps will create a new copy of the application of your choice which can be used completely independently of the main one. You can even keep two WhatsApp accounts active at the same time on the same smartphone!

  • Open the Settings
  • Go to Utilities> Parallel Apps
  • Activate the function for the apps in the list for which you want to use a dual profile

Time cloned applications will be shown twice in the app drawer with a small badge to distinguish between the main and secondary app.

App Locker

App Locker it does exactly what the name suggests, that is, it allows you to protect the opening of some apps with the biometric recognition and your PIN or unlock pattern.

The function is located in Settings> Utilities> App locker and to activate it, simply add the applications you want to protect to the list! Easy and useful.

Quick answers in landscape

A convenient OxygenOS exclusive mode allows you to quickly reply to received messages while using other applications in landscape mode, i.e. with the smartphone horizontally.

By activating this function you will have quick access to the chosen messaging app in a popup on the left side of the display while a mini keyboard will be shown on the right side to allow you to answer your loved ones without leaving what you were doing.

Activating Quick Replies in landscape is possible in Settings> Utilities.

For those looking for a smooth smartphone and don't like curved edges, you can find the excellent OnePlus Nord 5G on Amazon!

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