My e-cigarette doesn't work, why?

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What if mine electronic cigarette does not workMost common problems of e-cigarettes. In 99% of cases, if yours electronic cigarette broke, it may be blocked. Most e-cigarettes have a locking system. To unlock it, press the button more than 6 times in a row quickly. If it doesn't blink, press it again but slower.

If it keeps blinking, do it a little faster. It might seem like a silly process but if you don't do it at the right speed you won't unlock it. If it finally flashes, cheers you unlocked it. To lock it again, quickly press the button 5 or 6 times, it will flash and lock. To better understand the procedure, watch this video.

As a general rule, the cigarette battery comes with a 30% charge. For whatever reason you may have bought it download. Take the charger and charge it. If you put it on charge and the light does not turn on, perhaps the battery charger does not work and for this reason it does not charge the cigarette. Go where you bought it and try charging it with another cable.

If the battery light comes on when you press the button but no smoke comes out, the problem could be in the atomizer. If you have another atomizer, you should try it to rule out the problem.

Perhaps with the illusion of quitting smoking you forgot to put the liquid in your cigarette, and this may be the reason that your electronic cigarette does not work. In this case, unscrew the nozzle and put the liquid on the edges of the walls, never in the central tube (the steam escapes). Try again to see if you've solved the problem. If you want to know how to fill the electronic cigarette you can see the following video.

If the battery fails to turn on the light when you press the button and you have tried pressing 5 or 6 times in a row and nothing happened, probably the problem is in the battery, if you have another battery try to change it if not take it to the shop to replace it or buy another one.

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The atomizer has a limited life. If you use the cigarette often, the atomizer may stop working. If your atomizer is CE 5 or higher, you can just change the resistance, if it's a CE 4 you have to throw it away. This is because the resistance that heats the vapor has a limited life, when the resistance dies no more vapor comes out of the cigarette (1 month or month and a half).

The battery has a useful life of 300 charges, starting from these 300 the charges begin to lose strength. If you continue to use it, sooner or later it will leave you on your feet, at that moment you should change the battery. 300 refills, charging it every day should last about 10 months ...

Have you had any other types of problems? The article mine was useful to you electronic cigarette does not work, because?

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