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It took exactly one year, but finally the owners of Nintendo Switch will be able to get their hands on the western version of Monster Hunter XX. We renamed it as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, following the "tradition" of the improved chapters, is available on Nintendo Switch since last August 28th.


Are you ready to discover with us what awaits you in the new Capcom home poop missions?

Videogame Obsolescience

While I was preparing the lineup for this review, I decided to put everything aside and write something different than usual. A slightly more subjective review but that I hope will be able to direct you on the purchase of Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate. This change of course was born during the visits in the various groups of the videogame communities that usually populate Facebook and surroundings. And that's where something stung me. A little word that in recent days has been buzzing in my head while I was thinking about my return to Bherna: obsolete.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is like riding a bicycle. We don't forget how to do it.

So you understand that, as a passionate lover of the series that I am, this very annoying name, led me to think a little about the validity of this chapter, which comes several months away from Monster Hunter World.  


World represents the turning point of the series, capable of bringing the game out of that aura of niche that it has carried with it for years. For better or for worse, the softening of the mechanics, the rewriting of the entire online component and all the improvements made to the gameplay have definitively marked the series, towards a necessary and often desired modernity.

Changes from which, like it or not, it is difficult to go back.

In the light of these innovations, therefore, at the first thought about the return of certain situations it is normal that one goes to attach a negative label to what until recently it represented the non plus ultra of the series.


So this throwback is as disastrous as you might think?

Absolutely not. And we are here to tell you about it.

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Monster Hunter: World
From generation to generation

First of all, before leaving for this new adventure, it will be possible to download an app on 3DS which allows you to transfer the old save and import the progress made. The transition is painless and after a few minutes we will find our hunter, most of the materials collected and equipment, and all the missions faced previously.


For those unfamiliar with the "ultimate" versions of Monster Hunter, these represent the updated chapters, including the "very bad" - in terms of difficulty - G Rank, and numerous gameplay changes, especially balances.

Generations Ultimate is no exception.


Returned to Bherna we are faced with two options. Continue the single player adventure or join the fray in the company of other online players and face the G Rank.

I immediately spend a few words on the village missions. Continuing the storyline of the previous episode, we will find ourselves facing monsters and requests of various kinds in succession. We will need these to earn gods Contribution Points, which will unlock new quests with increasing difficulty. Although single player and online, here they are well divided by watertight compartments, the progress of the village missions is intertwined with the multiplayer ones, thus forcing us to switch from one activity to another in order to close all outstanding issues. As well as the chapter from which it is inspired, Generation Ultimate makes several efforts on the narrative front, introducing new stories, and in general an ever-present plot.

To access the level 7 quests, those called High Rank, it will be necessary to have completed the previous rank, which coincided with the credits of the other game.


The real downside to this homecoming is on the difficulty side of the single player campaign. Having a set designed to play online already, single player missions become more of a hindrance than anything else. It only takes a few hits to defeat the monsters, as well as, after spending hundreds of hours, it becomes almost surreal to throw yourself into the delivery of eggs or minerals. Even going forward, especially if progress is made parallel to G Rank, there will be few obstacles you will encounter.

Punto G

Quite another story when you start testing the waters in the "G" missions. Here the game shows its true nature, and it won't take you too long to realize - like myself - that it will be necessary to get there and "farm" some monsters for the creation of sets that can help you progress.


Generally here the monsters they tend to be much more aggressive, to aim at you relentlessly, especially if you need to recover and heal yourself. Not to mention the damage suffered. Not only will you always have to leave prepared, with everything you need in your bag, but it will be vital to spend time and resources in creating new, much more performing sets. The technical aspect is combined with the dozens of skills that can be activated that allow us to properly exploit the equipment in use. It's all a game of balance. And every single nuance of such an articulated gameplay must be managed properly.

The preparation then requires a certain level of skill in the fight.

It is not enough to throw yourself at the monster by waving your sword, but you have to act reasonably, learning the routines of the enemies, avoid being hit and find the right moment to sink the attack. Especially in the group game, where Monster Hunter gives its best, these "rules" carry even greater weight, which if not respected risk becoming a burden for the team. As well as the cause of a resounding defeat

More is better

To an unwary eye, the innovations introduced, skimmed the amount of content that contains new monsters, hundreds of armor pieces and missions, may seem few. But in reality, the revisions made in terms of gameplay are different.

As a faithful "gattaro" as I am, I found one of the most significant in the "nerf" - or in the weakening - of Hunt me. The faithfuls Felyne, which in Generations had earned a place of honor, effectively becoming the fifteenth weapon, here they undergo a downsizing in strength making them more balanced and less destructive, especially in team play. Despite the change of course, remain a choice that differs from the package offered by the paraphernalia, strongly diversifying such a rich and articulated gameplay.


Each weapon present requires a different approach and a careful study of the various combinations, attack areas and evasive maneuvers possible.


The introduction of fighting styles, then customizable with the integration of the arts allows a customization of the hunt in the smallest details. Speaking of styles, we find several more or less obvious adjustments, and all aimed at improving the player experience based on the weapon chosen.

But the news doesn't stop there. With the arrival of Generations Ultimate 2 other new hunting styles make their debut: valiant ed Alchemical. And both well characterized compared to the "old".

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Monster Hunter Generations

The Valiant style continuously plays on the weapon's holster, with “cancel” that allow you to enhance attacks and make load the value bar, which once activated will enhance hits and dodges. An interesting style, which however requires mastery in mastering the right timing. The continuous holstering of the weapon almost creates a player's dance, which pushes him to review his strategies, for a less impactful style in terms of pure damage, but more technical and strategic.

Completely different speech for that Alchemical, which allows not only to be able to exploit three hunting techniques at the same time, among other things in their SP version (another novelty of the Ultimate, which temporarily improves some characteristics of the styles), but to use a barrel to create alchemical objects that can enhance our character. The more we fight, the greater the combinations that can be performed, or rather their effectiveness in battle, resulting in a style suitable for support, a role often marginalized in the mechanics of Monster Hunter.

The art of hunting

In terms of gameplay, however, how does this final chapter behave?

Here, considering it a definitive chapter of Monster Hunter, this collects all the best of 14 years of honorable career. It is true, going back from a renewed formula like that of the World feels.


With Generations Ultimate it's like riding a bicycle. We don't forget how to do it.


The obsolescience issue raised left and right "in the internet" it therefore embraces more those who approached the series with the World, which here is faced with not only more punitive mechanics, but also some limitations that for many, myself included, often represent an added value.

The division of the map into areas with related uploads, the limits of the online rooms, the limited management of the inventory and some "gadgets" to be used in battle. All little things that are now part of long-time hunters but which are indigestible to the new generation, who will surely prefer the comforts of World.

Precisely on this point I would like to open a reflection on these two chapters of Monster Hunter.

Despite the clear differences, mostly generational, we have two sides of the same coin.

Innovation and tradition. Accessibility and rigor. And it is not certain that one necessarily excludes the other. Rather.

Generations Ultimate goes to plug all the shortcomings that, after months, are emerging in World. Starting with a post game that can't keep up with the huge amount of content present here. And that will still come with the usual free DLCs.


Also online, on the doorstep of Nintendo's paid service, everything works beautifully. We find here the Taverna, the new social hub with the possibility to access the online mode quickly and quickly thanks to a new contextual menu. We will be able to create rooms with up to 3 friends, or join players from around the world. The netcode proceeds very smooth, without any problems whatsoever, while the search system offers several options that allow us to find everything we need.

There is a lack of voice chat, where it is inconvenient to just send one of the many pre-set messages using the appropriate quick key. Even if organizing with friends and taking advantage of alternative and free solutions such as Skype o Discord, it is also possible to overcome this great limitation.

But it doesn't end here ...

After resuming the game right where I left off, I was hit by an impressive amount of content and missions. New monsters, including unpublished ones such as the beautiful Valstrax or the immortal and iconic Lao-Shan Lung, new special events to create new sets for us and our cat friends and dozens and dozens of new quests. The first sensation once you set foot on Furrow skies, the new hub of the game, was bewildered.

So many things to do and not knowing where to start


Progress in history has also led me to discover another novelty. At some point we will be called to confer with the Myologist, a studious cat who deals with the laboratory management. Here, expansion after expansion, new game options will be unlocked. The first concerns the stock center, which allows you to obtain resources in game by paying the required ticket, and they will be delivered to us in game.

The other, certainly more interesting it's about armor casting. Similar to the Layered Armor of the World, here we will be able to merge two different pieces of our equipment, keeping the stats of one and the appearance of another. By doing this it will be possible to create sets that are not only technically good but also beautiful to look at. For the sake of fashion hunters. However, not all fusion options will be available immediately, and you will necessarily have to venture into the maze of history to unlock all the available pieces. Furthermore, the operation will be reversible, so as to make the farming phases less stressful.


Generations HD

Despite therefore the attachment to the past, this revision manages to further sweeten the classic version of Monster Hunter, making it the chapter - within the 4 generations of games - the perfect one to get your hands on, especially if you are a Nintendo Switch owner.

Also because in Italy, contrary to what happened in Japan, the only version to cross the borders is the one for the Nintendo hybrid, thus forcing fans of the series to continue their hunts on the Switch. The transition to a superior machine, from a purely technical point of view there is. But being a high definition port, don't expect the generational leap that has taken place with the World.

Started the game we are faced with a graphically clean world, with more defined textures, a frame rate constantly pegged at 30 fps. Both portable and docked the results are appreciable, and it is possible to find new post processing video effects and improved shaders.

In general the quality of this remastered is good, but surely you could ask for more in terms of performance. A clear example is the framerate. Yes, anchored at 30 fps but only for reasons of compatibility with the 3DS version, which unfortunately did not reach us.

The graphical interface also appears to have a lower resolution than everything else, with unpleasant results, both in the UI and for icons and crosshairs. It goes without saying that with the transition from laptop to fixed the controls improve significantly. And if the Joy-cons handle the camera better than the C-Stick and Circle Pad Pro, the perfect combination will be with Pad Pro.

The game is completely in Spanish, with a translation of the new texts that follows those of the previous games, including Generations.


Monster Hunter Generations - Ultimate - Nintendo Switch
On amazon: 55,99 € buy Verdict 9/10 Is it only in times of difficulty, that real hunters emerge Comment Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is obsolete? Absolutely not. The release of Generations on Switch, in its final form, is a homecoming. Not entirely painless, mind you, given the progress made with the World, but the feeling you get while playing is something familiar, which those who have spent hundreds of hours will never be able to erase with a swipe of the sponge. It is true that it is a rougher and rougher game, which does not admit mistakes, especially if played in a group, but it is also able to give a lot of satisfaction once you know how to master it properly. And let's not talk about content, its workhorse. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate collects all the best offered in the series from its creation to today. Hundreds of monsters, between new and old, in Hyper and Deviant versions. And let's not forget about the event missions. In short, an encyclopedic chapter of Monster Hunter, which for the player translates into hours and hours of pure and healthy fun. If you are an avid hunter and have "wasted" the hours of your life on Generations, the migration to the Ultimate and Switch is a mandatory step. If, on the other hand, your career started on the World, this chapter could be an opportunity to learn more about the series and maybe appreciate even more certain mechanics of the game. Pros and cons Good job of porting
The charm of the classic Monster Hunter series
The contents never end
A great starting point for the series ... x ... but those who started with World will find it difficult
x Story mode too easy
x Some graphic details could have been better cared for

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