Learn with Pokémon Review: Keystroke Adventure

While the most avid fans of Nintendo pocket monsters are anxiously waiting for October 12 to finally get their hands on the two new chapters of the main saga, in the meantime a new spin-off, very special, dedicated to Pokémon is available on the shelves.
Learn with Pokémon: Keystroke Adventure (from this moment only called Adventure between the keys, ed) for Nintendo DS, consequently compatible with 3DS, is accompanied by a bluetooth keyboard, the real protagonist of the game, and a pedestal for our console. Ready to become real poké-typists?

How do you spell that name?

At the beginning of the game we will meet Rina Keys and Professor Dattilio, members of the circle of typists, who are involved in studying wild Pokémon. For too long their search has been at a standstill: the Pokémon flee so quickly that the two can't even write their name (?!), that's why we need our help.
Armed only with the Wireless keyboard (which, thanks to the Bluetooth connection communicates with the game card, ed) we will venture into 62 different levels (one for each key even if some like "Enter" will be an exception) ready to capture Pokémon and, key later key, learn to use the same keyboard with all ten fingers.

Learning while having fun

Each key offers us a timed challenge, based on a path, where we will find an always different number of Pokémon and, starting by typing a single letter, gradually reaching the last levels of the story we will have to write the name of the monster in full. This causes the child (or the adult ...) to slowly learn both the names of the Pokémon, and with which finger the certain key is pressed.
Even if the story is completed in scarce two hours, to unlock all the levels and consequently the most difficult challenges we will have to repeat the old paths, achieve higher and higher scores and consequently become increasingly good at typing.
Furthermore, in the <key there is a tutorial that shows us which keys should be pressed with the particular finger / hand, to allow us to do even more practice, this time without Pokémon (even the two Shift keys, allow us to exercise without Pokémon, one with the names of the cities and the other with words or phrases in common use).

Accuracy and Speed

If we complete the objectives established at the beginning of the level (which vary from capturing certain Pokémon to obtaining a certain score) the game will reward us with a medal, the replayability of the title lies precisely in obtaining the 180 medals available (60 bronze, 60 of silver and 60 gold) in order to complete the title 100% and unlock new themes and sounds for the keyboard.
This guarantees the title not only a high level of challenge, but also a lot of longevity, especially in the boss challenges that in the higher levels (silver and gold) will challenge not only children, but also the older ones, with series of letters. to type in no time, before the Legendary Pokémon escapes us.
Furthermore, if in the standard levels we will be fast and we will not make mistakes in typing, after a chain of twelve Pokémon, rare ones could appear, thus allowing us to complete the collection (castrated to 404 from the total 649).

From Recruit to Teacher

With the many colors and the excellent audio sector that have always characterized each episode of the series (spin-off or not), surely Adventure between the keys cannot be outdone.
In addition, the title is completely translated into Spanish, and Rina Keys will accompany us with her voice throughout the adventure, reading the names of the Pokémon (even making some mistakes, ed) and giving judgments on our work.
By improving level after level, day after day, we will not only increase the title of our character within the game but, if we are not yet able, we will increase the convenience with the keyboard, learning how to use it correctly. This is more true for the little ones, those who take their first steps towards learning with the computer, and who thanks to Learn with Pokémon: Adventure between the keys, will be able to immediately learn the correct use of fingers on a QWERTY keyboard. .

Verdict 7/10 The fastest finger in the west Comment We tend to underestimate titles such as Learn with Pokémon: Adventure between the Keys, considering them only spin-offs suitable for children, when instead - and this title in particular - they manage to provide a level of challenge for everyone: in Adventure between the keys, children will be able to take their first steps and learn the perfect use of the ten fingers on the keyboard, together with the Nintendo monsters, while the older ones, if they are fans of Pokémon, will test their skills. own abilities with secret levels (discussed a few paragraphs above); if they are not, or they have lost sight of them in the last few generations, the challenge will be just typing the name correctly. Adventure among the keys is a title to try, and definitely to have if you want to learn the perfect use of the keyboard; it is an out-of-the-box game that, in addition to entertaining, also adds something to our personal experience. Pros and cons A great way to learn how to use the keyboard
Challenge level, in the secret levels, high for everyone x Short-lived story mode
x Nervous bosses on high difficulty

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