Kingdom Hearts Special - A history review

In preparation for the arrival of the third chapter of Kingdom Hearts, which will put an end to the cycle of Xehanort and Organization XIII, let's take some time to do a good review of what has happened so far.


Among the various video game sagas that exist today, Kingdom Hearts it is certainly one of the most particular. An Action RPG video game developed by Square-Enix in collaboration with Disney, Kingdom Hearts brings to the stage a complex and intricate story like almost no video game had done before (perhaps just Metal Gear Solid).

With 8 chapters that are part of the saga (of which only two are numbered), the story, at least the one we have been told so far, seems to be about to reach its epilogue (or at least the one dedicated to Xehanort) with the release, now imminent ( January 29), of the next chapter, Kingdom Hearts 3.


To prepare ourselves well for the arrival of this chapter, perhaps we need to do a good review of everything that has happened of importance so far.


I know there is no need to tell you the article is full of SPOILER because you understand perfectly well by yourself, so I will not do it 😉


In the hope of helping you to reconnect more easily the various pieces that create this giant intertwining of stories which is Kingdom Hearts, below you will find the summary of the various chapters of the series, each written in such a way that it can be read, as far as possible, independently of the others, so as to give you the opportunity to retrace the story both in the exit order of games both inchronological order of the plot.


If you want to try to retrace the story in the second mode, I'll give you a small summary of the chronological order (considering the initial moment) of the various chapters:

  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Where it all began.
  • Birth By Sleep: the second in chronological order
  • Kingdom Hearts: the third in chronological order. The final part of the chapter takes place concurrently with the events of Birth by Sleep 0.2 and serves as a starting point for 358/2 days.
  • Birth By Sleep 0.2: the facts take place simultaneously with the ending of the first chapter. It is easy to think that the final sequence takes place after (or at the same time) the end of Kingdom Hearts 2
  • 358/2 Days: the facts take place between the end of the first Kingdom Hearts and the initial sequence of the second chapter, crossing the entire history of Chain of Memories
  • Chain of Memories: The story is a direct sequel to the first Kingdom Hearts and ends in the middle of 358/2 days
  • Kingdom Hearts 2: Seventh chapter in chronological order, picks up from the final sequence of 358/2 days
  • Coded: Eighth chapter in chronological order.
  • Dream Drop Distance: Ninth chapter in chronological order.


I'd say we're ready now, fill up on Gummiship, grab our Keyblades and get ready to embark on a journey through the worlds of Kingdom Hearts… happy reading!


"Thinking of you where ever you are
We pray for our sorrows to end
and hope that our hearts will blend
now I will step forward to realize this wish
And who knows
starting a new journey may not be so hard
or maybe it's already begun
There are many worlds
but they share the same sky
one sky one destiny "
- Kairi


Kingdom Hearts


Sora, Riku e Kairi they are 3 guys who live in a place known as Destiny Islands. One day, darkness arrives on the island where the three spent most of their time and begins to engulf it. Sora gains the power to use a strange key-shaped sword, which we later discover to be a Keyblade, but he can't stop the darkness that engulfs the island and separates it from Riku and Kairi.


Sora finds himself in an unknown world where he meets Paperino e Pippo, a magician and a knight in search of the king Mickey mouse. The 3 decide to help each other in their research and set off on a journey between the worlds to find the missing companions.



During their journey they face strange creatures, called Heartless, who try to steal people's hearts. They discover that the Disney villains, led by Maleficent, are using the heartless for their own purposes. Their mission seems to be linked to the capture of the 7 princesses of light. They find Riku who, however, is helping Maleficent, in the hope that she will help him save Kairi, whose heart seems to have closed.


Sora, Donald and Goofy defeat Maleficent, and discover that Kairi is one of the 7 princesses! But Riku is still not safe. In fact, in reality, it wasn't Maleficent who controlled him: the boy is being manipulated by someone else, known as Ansem. Ansem appears to be the scholar responsible for the arrival of the heartless and is trying to open the door to a place known as Kingdom Hearts. Sora, in an attempt to free Kairi's heart, turns into a heartless but, even in this form, he is recognized by the friend who brings him back.


Sora confronts Ansem and, arriving at the Kingdom Hearts door, opens it revealing that Kingdom hearts is light. A dazzling light emanates from the door that defeats Ansem but, behind it, a world of darkness and heartless. In the shadows the figure of King Mickey is revealed, who, with the help of Riku from the inside and Sora, Donald and Goofy from the outside, closes the door.


Kairi is taken back to the Isles of Destiny, while Sora, Donald and Goofy are transported to an unknown world.


The three decide to resume the journey to save the two friends, Riku and Mickey, lost in the darkness.


Chain of Memories

Later you will find something you need. However… to get it, you will have to lose something that is dear to you.

On their journey to find Riku and Mickey, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at a strange building known as Castle of Oblivion. Here they are greeted by a hooded figure who invites them to continue to find answers, warning them that however they will have to pay a high price to obtain them. The three continue between the various floors of the castle which seems to use their memories to bring them back to the places they visited. As they ascend, they realize that they are losing precious memories and more, in fact some of their memories are altered.


They discover that there are other hooded figures who are part of a group known as Organization XIII. This group is harnessing the powers of a girl, called Namine, to alter Sora's memories and gain his power.


In the game, Organization XIII is simply called Organization, it will only be in the second chapter that it will take its full name. I preferred to call it with its full name here as well so as not to get confused, but let's go on ...


The three defeat some members of the organization and save Namine who offers them a choice: regain old memories losing those related to her and that place or keep the new ones memories abandoning the original ones.


Sora decides to get back the old memories, stating that even if he does not remember Namine, they will surely meet again and, together with Goofy and Donald, he falls into a deep sleep. Before falling asleep, they mark the sentence in the Jiminy Cricket travel diary

"Thank Naminé"


Riku wakes up called by a strange voice that seems to come from Ansem. He finds himself inside the Castle of Oblivion and begins his journey to try to keep Ansem and the darkness that lurks in his heart at bay.


do not run away from the light and do not fear the dark. Both will strengthen you.

The organization tries to take advantage of the situation to plunge Riku into darkness but, with the help of King Mickey, Riku continues the descent into the castle. He discovers that the voice calling him was not Ansem, but a man with a covered face who calls himself DiZ. Riku meets Naminé who offers him to lock up the memories linked to Ansem so as to free his heart from the darkness. Riku refuses, deciding to keep that darkness within himself in order to succeed check it and defeat it.


With the defeated members of the Organization present at the castle (with the exception of a certain Axel), Riku and Mickey resume their journey, leaving Sora in the hands of Naminé and DiZ.


Kingdom Hearts 2


The second chapter opens with a boy named Roxas who lives in a city known as Twilight Town and prepares to experience the last days of the summer break. Roxas finds himself facing new creatures, which we later discover to be Nobody, and realizes that he is able to use a strange weapon (which is none other than Sora's Keyblade). Roxas begins to regain memories and discovers that he has a connection with a certain Sora and that he is the thirteenth member of a certain organization.


Led by a girl named Naminé, he finds a passage that leads him to another Twilight Town where he first defeats Axel, another member of the organization who seems to have a strong bond with him, and then reaches the place where Sora, Donald and Goofy are sleeping. His arrival seems to be the last step necessary for the awakening of the 3 heroes.


Sora, Donald and Goofy wake up in Twilight Town but don't remember anything of what happened after Kingdom Hearts closed. The only clue in their possession is an inscription in the Grillario (the diary kept by Jiminy Cricket) that says "Thank Naminé." (Thanks to Naminè).


Darkness will never conquer our hearts.

With the help of Mickey Mouse, the 3 reach the tower of Yen Sid, the king's teacher, who informs him of the existence of new enemies, i Nobody, empty shells in search of a lost heart. They are created when a particularly strong being becomes heartless. Some particularly powerful Nobody, who call themselves Organization XIII, are trying to create a new Kingdom Hearts led by a certain Xemnas.


During the journey, they discover that the Ansem they faced earlier was not the real Ansem but he was the heartless of a man known as Xehanort. Xehanort was Ansem's assistant who appears to have somehow betrayed his boss to pursue his own ends.


The real Ansem, known as Ansem the Wise, was meanwhile acting under the pseudonym DiZ with the intent of stopping his former collaborators, now members of Organization XIII.


Roxas wasn't the only one who was never meant to exist.

After stopping the plan of the returning Maleficent again, the three with the help of King Mickey trace the base of the organization that is in "The world that never was" (the world that does not exist) and they manage to reach it also thanks to the help of Axel, one of the members of the organization who seems to have a special bond with Roxas and for this he decides to help Sora by sacrificing his life. Here they find Riku, who has succumbed to the darkness in her heart and took the form of Ansem's heartless, and Kairi who was saved by Riku who also gave her a Keyblade.

Ansem the wise, in exchange for his life, destroys the new Kingdom Hearts stopping the organization's plans and returning Riku to his original form.

During the climb to the enemy base, members of the organization call Sora "Roxas", suggesting that Roxas and Sora are the same person. It also turns out that Roxas was part of the organization, and this makes him a Nobody, and by putting two and two together, it is clear that Roxas is Sora's Nobody.


Sora and his companions face Xemnas and, once defeated, Sora and Kairi reunite with Roxas and Naminè who seem become part of their heart.


Sora and Riku are separated from the group and must again face Xemnas. Once defeated they find themselves in the realm of darkness and begin to wander until they reach it borders where is it, a letter in a bottle written by Kairi, it takes them back to the islands of destiny.


After some time, a new letter written by King Mickey reaches the 3 boys who will have to leave for a new adventure.


358/2 days

Friends eat ice cream together and laugh about the stupidest things.


The story centers on the vicissitudes of a boy named Roxas within Organization XIII, an organization that appears to have the purpose of collect hearts defeating beings called heartless. Roxas, thirteenth member of the organization, he is the only one able to wield a Keyblade, a necessary weapon to free hearts from the heartless. Roxas befriends two other members of the organization, Axel and Xíon. The latter is the last member of the organization, the fourteenth, but is treated as if she were not part of the group.


Roxas finds himself carrying out several missions on behalf of the organization and, at one point, some members including Axel, are sent to a place known as the Castle of Oblivion for a top secret mission.


Axel returns but appears to be the only survivor and the mission failed.


Meanwhile, Roxas begins to understand that she has a connection with a boy named Sora as the truth about Xìon is learned, which seems to be a puppet created by the organization to obtain the powers of Sora, but to do this the girl needs some memories belonging to Sora and kept inside Roxas.


Over time Roxas discovers his true nature:

the boy is Sora's Nobody born when the latter was transformed into heartless during the events of the first Kingdom Hearts.


Sora is asleep in a long sleep to recover the lost memories but Naminè, the girl who is trying to bring back those memories, also needs the memories possessed by Roxas, who will have to reunite with Sora to awaken him.


Got it memorized?

The memories of Roxas are not enough, however, even Xìon contains some memories of Sora (those related to a girl named Kairi, a friend of Sora) and will decide to sacrifice himself to return them to their rightful owner. Xìon he will die facing Roxas who will get the missing memories necessary for Sora's awakening, forgetting his friend.


Roxas, angry with the organization, decides to confront their leader Xemnas, but is intercepted by a boy named Riku. After a long battle Riku is defeated but decides to surrender to the darkness to gain the power to defeat Roxas. Roxas is deprived of his memories and his memories are altered by Namine. The boy will wake up in the city of Twilight Town where the last days of the summer break have arrived.


Birth By Sleep


In the Kingdom Hearts universe there are several worlds, once connected to each other they are now divided while sharing one same sky. Only a few chosen ones, i keyblade masters, are allowed to travel between worlds to fight the darkness and maintain the balance between light and shadow.


Destiny is never left to chance

Aqua, Land e Ventus they are three pupils of the master Eraqus who are training to become keyblade masters. On the day of the Terra and Aqua exam (older and more experienced than Ventus), Master Xehanort comes to visit him to help with the evaluation. After proving their abilities, Aqua and Terra face off in a duel but Terra cannot keep the darkness inside her at bay and does not pass the exam, unlike Aqua who is named keyblade master.


Creatures, called Nesciens, appear around the worlds threatening their balance and at the same time the master Xehanort disappears.


Terra leaves, without the permission of the master Eraqus, in search of the master Xehanort and the source of the Nesciens. Ventus chases after him to try to help him while Aqua is tasked by Eraqus with bring Ventus back and check Terra, to keep it from falling into darkness.


The three begin to travel the worlds and their relationships become more difficult when Terra and Ventus discover Aqua's mission.


Simultaneously with the three protagonists, another pupil of another master begins his journey for find out what's going on. This is Mickey Mouse, a pupil of the former keyblade master, Yen Sid, who begins to travel the worlds and crosses his path with the other three keyblade warriors.


But in addition to the champions of good, someone else also takes a path that will lead him to devise a terrible plan: Maleficent, the witch of Sleeping Beauty, learns from Xehanort of the existence of 7 princesses of light and begins to hatch a plan to capture them and use them for his own purposes.


Is there some reason you're interested in the outside world?

During their journey Aqua and Terra meet some children, Sora, Kairi and Riku. Specifically, land bequeaths to Riku the power of the keyblade and Aqua unwittingly does the same with Kairi. Ventus, on the other hand, seems to have a particular connection with Sora's heart, even if they never meet directly.


It turns out that Xehanort wants to use Ventus to forge the ultimate weapon χblade (chi-blade) causing him to fight with his evil half, called Vanitas (which also turns out to be the source of the Nesciens). Master Eraqus wants to stop Ventus but Terra confronts him in a duel killing him and unwittingly aiding Xehanort in carrying out his plan.


The three warriors find themselves in the keyblade graveyard, where the former was fought keyblade war in the hope of reforging the χblade. The three face Xehanort and Vanitas, and the latter, after hitting Aqua, is apparently defeated by Ventus who in doing so forges the χblade. The weapon, which is not yet complete, is destroyed by Ventus, who sacrifice his heart to save the world. Meanwhile, Terra faces Xehanort in a long battle from which he seems to emerge victorious. But the apparent victory has tragic implications for the three boys:


Xehanort, defeated, takes possession of the body of Terra whose soul is separated from the body as Aqua and Ventus fall into darkness.


Mickey manages to bring back Ventus and Aqua but, as the girl awakens, the young Ventus seems to have fallen into a coma deep. Ventus' heart comes welcomed and guarded from that of Sora, the child of the islands of destiny, who gives him shelter to save him.


Aqua decides to hide Ventus while awaiting his awakening and brings him back to his departure land where the palace of the master Eraqus is transformed into a strange castle, called Castle of Oblivion, where only Aqua could have found Ventus. Once this is done, the keyblade master sets out in search of the other missing companion, Terra, but when she finds him, she discovers that Xehanort has taken control of her body. He then confronts the old master but at the end of the fight the girl falls into world of darkness where she is forced to wander aimlessly facing strange creatures in search of hearts.




After the defeat of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2, Mickey finds himself investigating the strange messages present in the first grill. By digitally reconstructing the diary data, Mickey gets help from virtual versions of Sora and Riku to restore lost memories. Searching within that data is discovered a secret message from Naminè which explains how, within the true Sora, the memories of some people who are suffering are kept. It is Sora's job to find these people and save them giving it back their memories.


Mickey then writes a letter to Sora, Riku and Kairi to inform them of their new mission.


Dream Drop Distance


Sora and Riku are summoned by Mickey in the presence of the master Yen Sid who explains to them how the defeat of the fake Ansem and of Xemnas, respectively the heartless and the none of Xehanort, has triggered the rebirth of the wicked master. So he decides that the time has come for the two boys to try their hand atexam to become master of the keyblade.


We also learn that, originally, Riku was supposed to be the owner of Sora's keyblade but, its fall into darkness, prompted the weapon to find a new owner capable of defending the light.


Sora and Riku are tasked with awakening some fallen worlds into one Deep sleep but on the way they encounter reborn versions of the fake Ansem and Xemnas. Together with the two, another character shows up who they will later discover to be a younger version of Xehanort.


Young Xehanort causes Sora to fall into a deep sleep and his real plan is revealed:

reform the χblade by colliding the 13 parts of darkness and the 7 parts of light needed to reforge the ancient weapon.


With a reborn Organization XIII made up of twelve individuals who have been contaminated by Xehanort (and who therefore became so in part), he wants to make Sora the last member so as to obtain its power as well. Riku arrives to save him, but it will be the arrival of a reborn Read (from which the nobody known as Axel was generated), also becoming a pupil of yen Sid, to save them.


Riku is appointed teacher, while Sora is not considered ready yet by Yen Sid and will have to train again to pass the exam. Meanwhile, Lea and Kairi are taken by master Yen Sid as pupils for train them in the use of the keyblade.


I 7 guardians of light they will have to prepare for battle with the 13 fragments of darkness and the battle seems unavoidable, since if they were to refuse to fight, it would be the 7 princesses of light who would take their place in the goal.


Unchained χ


It all began at the time of fairy tales. All the worlds were united on a single land upon which Kingdom Hearts shone which contained a great number of hearts.

Kingdom Hearts was protected by a powerful weapon the χblade (chi-blade) capable of giving its owner control over all hearts.


All worlds share a light, a destiny.

The Master of Masters predicted a terrible war and commissioned 5 of his students to create as many factions to defend the world from the darkness that loomed. He handed them a keyblade, a copy of his book of prophecies (containing all the events that would happen in the future) and gave them specific tasks.The weapon was studied by an individual known as Master of Masters, who, in an attempt to reproduce it, created new weapons, called Keyblades, which could be extracted from people's hearts.


A Luxu, the sixth of his disciples, delivered an unnamed keyblade containing his eye, with the task of passing it from hand to hand to his successors so that the master could see what would happen in the future. Luxu was also entrusted a mysterious chest with 13 padlocks and of unknown content.


After doing all this, the master disappeared.


Ira, one of the 5 students, discovered the existence of nightmares, dark creatures that led the students to believe in the existence of a traitor.

The 5 factions began to fight each other.


Ava, another of the 5 students, gathered to her some keyblade warriors resistant to the ever stronger power of the dark and convinced them not to take part in the war that was looming. This group took the name of Dandelions.


Come on, do you really think the world can be saved by just seven people?

To save the light, the factions battled to become its holders, but this only led to the spread of darkness. The diatribes resulted in what will be remembered as Keyblade War, where the χblade was forged briefly before shattering into 20 pieces, 13 of darkness and 7 of light.

Without his protective weapon, Kingdom Hearts disappeared as well, though the light in the hearts of children managed to save the worlds from complete destruction, they were divided and could not reunite without the power of Kingdom Hearts.


The last surviving Dandelions, Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, Lauriam and Ventus they decided to found new unions capable of safeguarding the light of the worlds.


Birth By Sleep 0.2 - A Fragmentary Passage


I never thought I'd become my worst enemy.

Aqua is wandering in the realm of darkness, has lost track of time and continues to face strange creatures hungry for hearts. During his wandering, he sees a castle in the distance, which he recognizes to be the Cinderella's castle. Aqua decides to advance and, guided by the ghosts of Ventus and Terra, and after facing her own ghost, she plunges deeper and deeper into darkness.

After defeating one of the creatures for the umpteenth time, she is joined by King Mickey, who has descended into the realm of darkness to look for it.


Mickey reveals that those creatures are called Heartless and that he must find a way to close the Kingdom Hearts door and stop their leakage.


With Aqua's help, Mickey reaches the door just as two other boys, named Riku and Sora, reach it to close it. As the king goes to shut down Kingdom Hearts with their help, Aqua is taken by some heartless who they take her to the islands of Destiny.


Here Aqua confronts the creatures and finds herself again one in the world of darkness. His journey ends at the edge of this realm where he meets Ansem the Wise who tells him about a certain Sora, who is fighting for save all worlds.


In the final scenes we see Sora returning to Yen Sid's tower. The other Keyblade users have already left and the boy is about to embark on his final mission, together with Donald and Goofy, to awaken the other warriors of light and defeat Xehanort once and for all. Yen Sid tells Sora that to become a true Hero he needs the help of a true Hero and so the boy leaves in search of Hercules.


May our hearts be our guiding key.

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