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    How to tell if a phone is unlocked

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    With a few simple instructions, it's possible understand if a phone is unlocked so that it can only be used with a particular operator. If it is unlocked, you can insert the SIM card you want.

    How to tell if a phone is unlocked

    Find the Cellular Data Network option open the settings on iPhone, tap on cellular (o mobile data ), kind cellular data options (o mobile data options ) at the top of the page, you should see an option called Cellular Data Network (o Mobile Data Network ) on the page, if so, your iPhone is probably unlocked. If the option is visible Operator just below in the settings menu most often indicates that your iPhone is unlocked.

    Some operators offer a service on their website to find out if the phone is locked or not. You can find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as follows.

    • Per iPhone: you open Settings → General → Informazioni su → IMEI. The fifteen-digit number is your phone's IMEI number.
    • For Android: you open Settings, scroll to Information about this phone → State → IMEI. The fifteen digit number that appears is your phone's IMEI number.
    • For most phones: Type * # 060 # in the phone dialer to view the IMEI number. This doesn't work with some operators.

    Buy or borrow another SIM card. If you can make a call normally by inserting another operator's SIM card into your phone, your phone is unlocked. If it does not allow it, it means that the phone is locked and therefore you have to unlock it.

    Call your carrier and ask them to confirm the status of your phone. If you can't figure out if your phone is unlocked, call your carrier and give them your account details. They will be able to tell you if your phone is unlocked and if not, if it is enabled for unlocking.

    • How to know if your iPhone is unlocked or locked

    When you want to buy a used phone. It is always good to check that the phone is not locked. 

    For this on all Samsung phones, just type this code * # 7465625 # into the phone terminal. You will see a window appear in which we can see various information. To find out if the phone is in SBL mode, it is necessary that OF is indicated in front of "Network lock" or "Network lock", if it is indicated on ON then the phone is locked.

    Be careful: pay attention to the sites or apps that offer you to unlock your phone for a fee. The unlocking of the mobile phone can only be done by the operator from which it was acquired.

    Usually to find out if your mobile device is locked, simply insert another carrier's SIM card. If an error message such as "Network lock code" or "PIN code for SIM network unlock" etc. occurs. , your mobile is locked. If you don't see any error messages, your phone is already unlocked.

    How to unlock the smartphone by yourself?

    And yes, it is possible, but it can be dangerous if you don't know how. To get started you need to root your device, then download a sync software that matches that of your device (for example, GalaxSim Unlock for Samsung Galaxy). Of course, it doesn't apply to all phones.

    In general, the procedure is the same for all applications: when you open the application, it shows you if the smartphone is locked. If so, an Unlock button allows you to unlock it.

    Were you able to unlock your smartphone?

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