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    How to share Google Meet screen on iPhone and iPad

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    Google Meet isn't limited to just using your iPhone or iPad's cameras to stream videos. Whether you want to give live presentations, show ideas, train employees, or do anything that involves on-screen broadcasting, Google Meet makes it more than possible. But how do you share Google Meet screen on iPhone and iPad?

    I have to admit: Google Meet doesn't exactly show a clearly visible “Share Screen” option to start broadcasting during a video meeting (like in Zoom). If you are confused as to what you need to do to share the screen on your iPhone or iPad, let's check the whole process. I'll also share an ingenious tip on what you need to do if screen sharing isn't working in Google Meet on iPhone and iPad. So read on.

    Privacy - Enable Do Not Disturb

    Before you start screen sharing in Google Meet, it's always a good idea to consider potential privacy issues. Since Google Meet will broadcast everything on screen without exception, schedule your screen sharing sessions well in advance so you don't accidentally share personal data with other attendees.

    For example, a great way to prevent notifications or phone calls from appearing on your screen and leaking sensitive information during a broadcast session is to turn on Do Not Disturb for your iPhone or iPad.

    You can use the Control Center to turn Do Not Disturb on / off, but it's also best to make sure the feature is set to work with the screen unlocked as well.

    Go to the Settings app, select Do Not Disturb, then make sure Always is selected under the Silence section. If you don't want repeat calls to bypass Do Not Disturb, you might also want to set repeat calls (under the Phone section) to Off.

    Start sharing your screen in Google Meet

    Once you've started or joined a meeting in Google Meet, screen sharing on your iPhone or iPad is fairly straightforward, as long as you know what to do. Alternatively, you can share your screen instantly when you join a meeting. Let's take a look at both methods below.

    Sharing your screen during a meeting

    Step 1: To start sharing your screen during a meeting, start by tapping the video tile. A three-dot icon will then appear in the top right corner of the screen: tap it.

    Step 2: In the menu that appears, tap Show Screen.

    Step 3: Tap Start Broadcast.

    Google Meet will begin a countdown from three to zero - consider using this time to quickly get to the location where you want to start sharing your screen.

    The video on your iPhone or iPad will then start streaming a live recording of the screen instead of the camera feed. The microphone and audio will continue to function normally.

    Suggestion: Tap Stop broadcasting during the countdown period to cancel the broadcast.

    Sharing your screen while attending a meeting

    Step 1: Whenever you are about to join a meeting after entering a meeting code or while starting a scheduled meeting, do not tap Join Meeting. Instead, tap Submit.

    Step 2: You will come across a screen with a brief description of screen sharing - click Continue.

    Step 3: Tap Start Broadcast. Google Meet will begin a countdown from three to zero before starting the broadcast.

    Unlike broadcasting after joining a meeting, this method turns off the microphone by default. Tap the video tile within the Zoom app and tap the Unmute icon to manually unmute the audio.

    Stop sharing your screen in Google Meet

    After you're done casting your screen, return to the Google Meet app, then tap End Presentation. This will end the presentation, but you will still be connected to the meeting, which you must manually leave if you wish.

    Alternatively, you can stop casting without signing in to the Google Meet app. To do this, tap the red icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then tap Stop.

    As with the method above, you will still be connected to the meeting even though the broadcast has ended.

    Google Meet screen sharing is not working

    If you tap the Start Broadcast option while starting to share your iPhone or iPad screen in Google Meet and nothing happens, a usage time limitation is likely blocking the feature from working. A greyed out Screen Broadcast icon denotes this fact.

    As long as you have access to the Screen Time passcode for your device, you should be able to lift that restriction using the following steps.

    Step 1: open the Settings app, then tap Screen Time. Then, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

    Step 2: Tap Content Restrictions, then enter the Screen Time passcode if prompted. On the next screen, tap Screen Recording.

    Step 3: tap Allow.

    Go back to save the changes. You can now start casting your screen in Google Meet.

    With its ability to cast your screen to others, the possibilities with Google Meet are limitless. Just remember to take adequate precautions against potential privacy issues and go ahead.

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