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    How to set an alarm on Apple Watch (a step by step guide)

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    Whether you want to set an alarm or a reminder for your activities, the Apple Watch alarm app handles it all effortlessly. Just like your iPhone, the watch also has a snooze option. So, without further ado, let's take a look at how to set an alarm on Apple Watch.

    How to add an alarm on Apple Watch

    1. Start the alarm clocks on the watch and tap Add alarm.
    2. Select theNow turning the digital crown.
    3. Then, tap i minutes and rotate the digital crown.
    4. Toccata AM o PM at consequence and finally touches Tax.

    If you don't want your Apple Watch to ring and you prefer it to give you tactile touches on your wrist, mute the watch.

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    How to set an alarm on Apple Watch using Siri

    You can also ask Apple Watch's Siri to set an alarm for you; just say “Hey Siri, set an alarm for me,” then name a time when prompted. You can also set a named alarm by saying “Hey Siri, set a called alarm” followed by the name you want to set.

    Turn off Snooze for an alarm on Apple Watch

    When the alarm goes off, you can choose to snooze it. This setting silences the watch for the moment, then rings again a few minutes later.

    If you want to disable Snooze, follow these steps:

    1. apri Alarm clocks on your Apple Watch.
    2. Tap the Wake-up calls in the list of alarms.
    3. Then scroll down and deactivate Snooze.

    If you want to change other alarm settings, such as the time, the snooze cycle or the label, you can also change it from this screen. Just tap on the tabs and adjust to your preferences.

    How to delete an alarm on Apple Watch

    As easy as it is to set or change an alarm on Apple Watch, deleting an alarm is also pretty straightforward.

    1. apri alarms → Tap the alarm you want to cancel.
    2. Scroll to the bottom and then tap Delete.

    If you want to get rid of all your alarms in one go, Siri is the lovable AI for the job. Press and hold the digital crown for a few seconds or say “Hey Siri” while the watch is on.

    Now, ask the virtual assistant to “Clear all alarms”. When the confirmation screen appears, say "Confirm" to clear all alarms on your Apple Watch in one go.

    Set the same alarms for iPhone and Apple Watch

    Oh yes! This is also a possibility; you can perfectly sync the alarms of your iPhone and Apple Watch. Under these conditions, the Apple Watch will notify you when an alarm rings so you can snooze or ignore it.

    Note: You won't get an alert on your iPhone when your Apple Watch's alarms go off.

    1. Set the alarm on your iPhone. ( Clock → Alarm clocks )
    2. Now open the app Watch on your iPhone.
    3. Select the tab My Watch in bottom left of the page.
    4. Toccata Clock and then enable the push alerts from iPhone.

    How to set an alarm on Apple Watch with Nightstand mode

    When you apply bedside clock mode and connect the clock to a charger, you can turn it into an alarm clock. Go all’app Watch on your iPhone → General → Bedside mode → switch on.

    The watch will display the current charge status, time and date, and any alarms set. To check the time, tap the display or move your Apple Watch slightly.

    To turn off the alarm or snooze in bedside mode:

    • Press the side button to deactivate the alarm.
    • If you want to postpone the alarm for nine minutes, press the digital Crown.

    You can continue to press the digital Crown to prolong your sweet sleep cycle.

    That's all for now!

    Apple Watch is an extremely smart and powerful device, and the alarm function is one of its many feats. We hope you've learned how to set an alarm on Apple Watch with this guide.

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