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    How to prevent Microsoft Teams from opening automatically

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    Microsoft Teams is in the big leagues of collaboration and communication software, especially for remote teams. The tool has a ton of amazing features and functionalities used by over 100 million people every day. How to use Microsoft Teams like a pro In contrast, there's one annoying aspect of the app that's equally feared by millions of users: Microsoft Teams starts automatically every time you start your computer.

    The autostart feature offers valid use cases and benefits, especially for people using the app on a dedicated work computer. If you prefer Microsoft Teams not to appear on your personal computer (Windows or Mac), we'll show you how to prevent Microsoft Teams from opening below.

    How to prevent Microsoft Teams from opening by itself on Windows

    There are several ways to prevent Microsoft Teams from opening by itself when your Windows computer starts.

    1. From the Microsoft Teams Settings menu

    The easiest way to prevent Microsoft Teams from starting automatically is from the app's Settings menu. Open Microsoft Teams, click icon of Profile in the upper right corner and select Settings.

    In the section General, uncheck the option Automatic start of the application.

    Extra tip: we also recommend that you uncheck the option that says When closing, keep the application running. This will prevent Microsoft Teams from consuming CPU power and memory when you are not using the app. You will also save the battery life of your PC. 

    2. From the Windows app launch settings

    Windows has a section in the Settings menu dedicated to managing startup apps. Open Windows Settings and go to App > Start. Scroll through the apps in the Startup apps section and disable them Microsoft Teams.

    3. Dal Task Manager

    In addition to providing performance information (of programs, processes and services), the Windows Task Manager, how it works and how to use it also has a Startup section where you can manage the applications that run at startup. Launch Task Manager ( Control + Shift + Esc) and go to the tab Start. Select Microsoft Teams from the list and click Disable in the lower right corner of the Task Manager window.

    4. From the taskbar

    The above methods will definitely prevent Microsoft Teams from opening automatically, but this is another interesting method worth knowing. Force close Microsoft Teams and reopen the app. When the app prepares to launch, right-click the Teams logo in the taskbar.

    Hover the cursor up Settings and choose Don't automatically start Teams.

    Final report: if you don't find the Teams icon in your system tray, check the overflow area - click the up arrow icon to reveal hidden icons. Right-click the Team icon and follow the above steps to disable the app's autostart feature.

    5. Dall'Editor del Registro di sistema

    Windows creates a log file for the startup programs on the computer. You can prevent an app from opening automatically by deleting its startup file in the Windows registry. Follow the steps below to delete the Microsoft Teams startup file.

    Final report: Before proceeding, it is recommended that you back up the Windows registry. How to back up, restore and edit log files the right way If you delete a file by mistake, you can easily recover it by restoring the log from the backup you made.

    1. Launch the Windows run box (Windows key + R), type regedit in the dialog box and do click su OK.

    2. Type or paste the directory below into the registry editor address bar and press Submit.


    3. Right-click the Teams startup file ( com.squirrel.Teams.Teams ) and click Delete.

    Disable Microsoft Teams automatic startup on Mac

    Just like Windows, there are also several ways to prevent Microsoft Teams from automatically opening on macOS (MacBook or iMac).

    1. From system preferences

    This involves removing Microsoft Teams from the list of apps that open automatically when you sign in. Go to System Preference > Users and groups and select your account name in the section Current user.

    Go to the card Login elements, select Microsoft Teams from the list and click minus icon (-).

    This will remove Teams from apps that are allowed to auto-start when you log into your Mac.

    2. From Microsoft Teams in-app settings

    In addition to disabling the automatic launch of Microsoft Teams at the macOS system level, it is also important to disable the automatic launch within the app. Otherwise, Microsoft Teams may re-enable the autostart feature and return to the login item list after some time.

    Open Microsoft Teams, click icon of Profile in the upper right corner and select Settings.

    In the section General, uncheck Automatic start of the application.

    As mentioned above (in the Windows section), you should also uncheck the option When closing, keep the application running. If you leave it enabled, Microsoft Teams will consume CPU power, memory, and battery in the background even when the app is not in use.

    Does Microsoft Teams still open automatically? Troubleshooting tips to try

    If the methods listed above work, troubleshoot Microsoft Teams and your computer problems using the suggestions below and try again.

    1. Update Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams may not work properly if the version installed on your PC is out of date or is full of software bugs. Update the app and try disabling the autostart feature again. Start Teams, click icon of Profile and select Check the updates

    If an update is available, Microsoft Teams will download it in the background. You will be prompted to update the app to install the update.

    2. Reinstallare i team

    If Teams is up to date but continues to open automatically despite turning off automatic restart, uninstall the app, restart your PC, and download a fresh copy from the official Microsoft Teams download center.

    3. Update your computer

    Bugs in the PC operating system can affect the behavior and performance of an app. Therefore, always make sure your computer is up to date. How to update Windows, programs and games Go to Settings > Update and security > Windows Update to update a Windows device or System preference > Software update to update a Mac.

    Does Microsoft Teams start when the PC is turned on?

    Teams isn't the only Microsoft app that starts automatically by default. Internet Explorer and Edge also open automatically when you start your computer. Why Microsoft does this is not important. What matters is that users have the freedom to disable the feature. Let us know which of the methods worked for you.

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