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If you stopped here it means you want to know how to hide photos on Google Photos. One of the most used features on a phone today is that of take pictures, edit them with a photo editing app and then show them to friends. This is why many uses that concern the photos are thus downloaded by users.

And one of them is Google Photos, but what if we want to hide our private photos on Google Photos. To solve this problem, we offer you the following article which will help you a lot and teach you how to hide private photos on google photos.

The Google Photos application has become the most popular today when it comes to storing and organizing our photos. As everyone who uses this application knows that show all photos that we have on our mobile. But if we want hide private photos in Google Photos, how we can do.

We need to know very well what we want to do, we're talking about hide the photo, not to eliminate them. We just want some photos not to be seen by everyone and this can apparently be a very difficult action to take. But as we told you before, nothing is difficult if you know the steps to take.

How to hide photos on Google Photos

It is true that many images that appear in the Google Photos application should not be displayed in this image gallery. And we want at all costs to save them but not eliminate them. That is why we will indicate the best way to hide my private photos in Google Photos.

The Google Photos application, fortunately for many, has a feature that allows you to hide photos. And you will always be able to access them at all times, with this feature you will be able to save them in the same gallery and they can only be seen by the owner of the phone. Without further ado we will show you how.

It is important to know that we will not need any additional applications to be able to hide our photos. This feature has always existed it's just that few people are aware of this feature. The following method can be applied to one or more photos at once and these will be hidden at the sight of others.

The first thing we will do is open the application Google Photo on your mobile phone and then you will select the photos you want to save so that they do not appear in the application gallery. After doing this, go to the top right of the screen and click on the three dots icon.

Once this is done, several options will appear and choose Move to File, and this way all the photos you have selected will be transferred to the file. And so in this way they will no longer be visible to everyone.

How to see the private photos we have hidden

To allow us to see the private photos we have hiddenor in the application, we just have to go back to Google Photos. Then you will bring up the side menu and see various options, such as device folder, files, trash, settings, etc. But in our case we will select the file option.

The image or images you archived will appear here, then select the one you want to remove from the archive. Now go to the right side of the screen and click on the three dots icon. Several options will appear, but you have to choose Unarchive and in this way open the image and it will return to the gallery.

You can perform this procedure anytime you want hide your private photos on Google Photos or you want to show them again in the gallery. It is a very simple procedure to perform and it will help you whenever you have problems with photos, in case you don't want others to see them and you want to hide them in the Google Photos gallery.

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