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We will explain how to download a video from Tumblr, which by default adds a layer of security to your videos so that their download is not as easy as clicking and downloading. However, there are other methods by which this protection can be bypassed quite easily.

We will explain two different methods. First we explain how to inspect the Tumblr website with Chrome to find and extract the video you want to download while ignoring the protections, then we will also explain how to simplify the process using other tools such as websites or mobile applications.

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Download videos from Tumblr with Chrome

To directly download a video using Chrome, you must first go to the post address where the video is located. To do this, press the options button e click the Copy link address option. With it you will have the URL of the post and you will have to open it in a Chrome tab.

Once the video page is displayed, right click on the web and select the Inspect option last viewed. This option will open the Chrome console, which will appear on the right side of the tab you have opened.

In the inspector, open the Items tab which you go to by default. In it, press Ctrl + F to open the search engine and search for one of these two terms: video or mp4. In the results, you need to find a URL whose name ends in .mp4, as that's the format in which tumblr uploads the videos.

Once the video is located, right click on your address and copy it. The bad news is that you'll have to copy the entire element, including any code that doesn't belong in the video. So for the next step you will need to know how to identify the video URL only.

Now you need to paste the video URL into a new browser tab, in this case it doesn't matter which of them. Of all the code you copied, the video URL is the one that starts with https: // and ends with .mp4, and should have a structure like that of the capture. Once the “naked” video is opened unprotected, that's it right click on it and choose the save option to download it to your computer.

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You can also use specific tools

If you don't want to complicate your life too much, you can also download videos with other specific tools for desktop or mobile devices. You can use websites like TubeOffline and apps like Tumbloader for Android or Tyblr for iOS. Let's start with the TubeOffline website, where you just have to paste the URL of the post where the video is located, choose the quality and click the GET video button.

Now, if you use TubeOffline or some other similar application, after writing the address they will search the video for you and take you to a page where they offer the download. In it, that's enough click the Download button to download.

As for mobile applications, they can work in several ways. On the one hand you have some like the aforementioned Tumbloader for Android, in which you simply have to open the app and enter the link. There are also other very simple apps that work like the website we just mentioned.

With the first method mentioned above you don't need to download any applications and you don't even have the risk of making suspicious or malicious downloads.

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