How do you create a video game hit? The GTA publisher knows this well

During the presentation of financial results of the last quarter, Take-Two Interactive (publisher of GTA) has had the opportunity to address a series of decidedly interesting topics. Beyond the sales reports of his games, the CEO of the company wanted to address the thorny issue of postponements, which for years have characterized practically every Rockstar Games production and beyond. Suffice it to the Grand Theft Auto series, which has practically never met a release date, with the various games postponed on time.

In the words of Strauss Zelnick, CEO di Take-Two Interactive, the philosophy behind the launch of video games must be clear: every single title must add value to the catalogue. For this reason all executives of the publisher prefer to opt for a postponement rather than throwing a flop. “I prefer to be in a situation where I have to postpone games. I always choose this option, I don't want to have flops. It is the key to our business”, the words of the CEO.

However admirable his statements are (and we have had evidence of this in the past), Zelnick actually knows perfectly well that some things cannot be postponed. And in the end, players do not forget, such as the launch of the Definitive Edition of GTA Trilogy. The tribute to the first three Grand Theft Auto games was supposed to be a success, but in reality the game code was dirty, buggy and unplayable on PC for some time after launch.

The philosophy behind the publishing strategy of Take-Two Interactive is certainly interesting, but it doesn't actually cover the whole catalogue. Despite this, these words would perfectly explain why we still have no (at least official) news on GTA 6. It will therefore take patience to discover all the biggest projects currently in the works: will we have enough?

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