Halo Infinite, finally ray tracing? AMD confirms!

Beyond multiplayer support, 343 Industries was recently in the eye of the storm due to the lack of ray tracing in Halo Infinite. The PC version of the game should have been equipped with the technical feature over the last few months, which never happened, and in addition its total disappearance from the roadmap had made us think for the worst. Nothing more wrong: according to AMD, which yesterday presented its new GPUs, ray tracing is indeed coming in the latest game in the series.

During yesterday's presentation, in fact, AMD has released a series of videos dedicated to new ray-traced games that will be perfectly playable with its new GPUs. Among these emerged some footage of Halo Infinite, with the processor and video card manufacturer that he would also have revealed when everything is available. According to AMD, ray tracing is coming to the 343 Industries home game with the launch of Season 3.

The entire footage is obviously for promotional purposes, so all commendations are given technical details that AMD video cards will provide. However, the arrival of ray tracing will not be exclusive to AMD, on the contrary. Even owners of NVIDIA GPUs will be able to activate the technical feature, as expected for all games of this generation.

  • Clearly, at least for now, 343 Industires has not yet confirmed nor denied the ray tracing launch window in Halo Infinite. In addition, at the moment it seems that only the PC version will have the technical feature, despite the support of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. However, we will know more after the launch of the game's winter update, scheduled for November 8, 2022. Only 343 Industries, on the other hand, will be able to clarify how and when the update will officially arrive. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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