Guacamelee Review! STCE - Why should I play it on Nintendo Switch?

The real question is: Why haven't you played Guacamelee yet! ?

This is not a review. Or rather, you will still find the vote in the usual box but, having reached the third analysis of the title, it is useless to repeat what has already been said. Especially since it is one of the most successful independent productions, capable of bewitching even those not accustomed to the genre.


The surprise release on Nintendo Switch, a couple of months after the release of the second chapter, is the right opportunity to throw yourself back among the Mexican skeletons. Even better if you intend to recover Juan's new adventure as well.

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Guacamelee! 2 - The siesta time is over

Five years since its first release, four since the Super Turbo Championship Edition, which mimics the countless versions of Street Fighter II. Guacamelee! it is available almost everywhere. Only the new hybrid from Nintendo was missing, which is grinding sales and acclaim. It would have been stupid for Drinkbox not to publish its Golden Egg there too, especially after the announcement of the December 2nd release.

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For my part, however, I faced Juan's adventure on the first release, without all the trappings of this new version, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was therefore happy to be able to go back to hell with the improved reissue (a little less all the new titles that have been set aside for fifteen hours).

The initial idea was to play a couple of hours, see the differences with the PlayStation version, and archive it as a normal third review. Instead fun and the desire for completeness took over, leading me to confront Calaca with Toast instead of with the brave Juan.

Guacamelee! it's still hilarious

Well written dialogues don't age over the years. The quotes are still highly recognizable and the gameplay still works great. The new additions of the Super Turbo Championship Edition go to file the defects of the launches, making them much more manageable, and an excellent ace in the hole for the characters. 

Guacamelee! STCE for Nintendo Switch is your chance to play one of the indie gems of the past few years

Not only that, challenges, extra powers, new characters and the ability to play with three other friends locally made this second trip to Mexico as fun as the first time.
Speaking of the expanded cast, unfortunately there are also some small plot inconsistencies. Whichever character is used, all NPCs will always refer to Juan breaking the mood. Despite this, however, the plot of Guacamelee! straight to the end credits, complete with a secret ending for the most daring lovers of platform challenges.

If you have been able to enjoy the Super Turbo Championship Edition on another platform, there is no additional content that invites you to replay Juan's adventure. The riot of colors and music put on by Drinkbox is however mandatory for all those who have never faced Calaca before.

And what better platform than Nintendo Switch to defy death?

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Edition

This is if you are alone.

Or if you are equipped with more than one pair of joycons.

The main "flaw" of this version in fact, lies in the number of players on the screen. As you'll need the right analog to dodge, it's not possible to take on Guacamelee! paired with a single joycon horizontally. Nothing, on the other hand, affects the solitary luchador, if not a not excellent graphic rendering in portable mode. Nothing fancy, but some elements have a lower resolution than Juan and the other characters.


Verdict 8.5 / 10 A great review of the flavor of Jalapeno Comment One of the most popular metroidvania of recent years, finally arrives on Nintendo Switch in its best version. Multiplayer aside, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is an unmissable opportunity for all those who have never faced the Mexican adventure of Drinkbox. Venture into the interior of the Luchador and face the fifteen hours necessary to complete the adventure of Juan, Tostada and company. A title that you will not easily forget, even years later. Pros and cons Still fun
Still addictive
Still excellent from an artistic point of view x Some graphical inaccuracy in the laptop
x Local multiplayer not possible with horizontal Joy-Cons

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