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When I met the friends of One o One Games in the indie space of Games Week, it was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the delirium (and crowds) of the fair; the enthusiasm of the team in the present their most expensive game in a whole new guise, as well as the first, Fury Roads Survival, was in fact palpable, and after some introductory chat I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Nintendo Switch version of the title.

Fury Roads Survival was in fact born as a mobile game, obtaining a resounding success: over three million downloads on the Play Store and App Store, top positions in the rankings of the most popular titles and an average review rating of 4 stars out of thousands of reviews. After years of glory - which still lasts -, the team has decided to take back their first work, bringing it to the most suitable platform ever for the genre: Nintendo Switch.

The origins are not forgotten

Even after publishing successful titles such as The Suicide of Rachel Foster, One or One Games has not forgotten its origins, indeed, has decided to treat Fury Roads Survival like a crystal ball, taking his time to create a cross-platform version that not only worked as well as the mobile one, but improved on an already established formula. In fact, the basis of the gameplay has not been touched: you will find yourself a drive a vehicle, equipped with a weapon to be able to eliminate enemies (other vehicles of various types) that will come at you to destroy you. Your goal? Survive as long as possible.

While on mobile it is possible to control the car through the buttons on the screen, in the version for Switch the Joy-Con are obviously used, with commands that you will easily get used to and which will allow you to move easily within the three available maps. Obviously you will start weak but, as is typical of games of this genre, as the games go by you can unlock more resistant and performing vehicles and more powerful weapons, so as to avoid the inevitable death for longer (which on mobile, being a free-to-play title, is possible through in-app purchases, while now all elements will be completely free).

If the fundamental gameplay of Fury Roads Survival has remained practically untouched, they have instead been added two modes that allow you to take full advantage of the Nintendo home console, and above all its propensity for multiplayer. In fact we find the coop mode, where one player drives and the other shoots, and the modality vs, where the goal is not to eliminate the other participant, but to survive longer. I got to try both, and they were one more fun than the other — I even had a moment of glory in winning against one of the developers — proof that the idea of ​​bringing the title outside of smartphones has proved successful.

Challenge and collaboration

Fury Roads Survival is in fact fun to play alone, to test yourself continuously and try to unlock all the hilarious vehicles available as soon as possible (for example, Lupin's car or the iconic Ghostbusters car), but it's even better in company. I can already imagine couples of friends or family arguing over having put a spanner in the works in versus mode, and then joining forces and making up in the coop mode, where coordination is the key to success.

Although I was able to try the title for a few minutes, these were enough to make me understand the care that One o One Games has instilled in the Switch version; in fact, on the one hand, there is the desire to give those who have appreciated the game on mobile an even more beautiful and complete version, without losing the essence of the original, and on the other, to let those who discover an entertaining indie did not know him, giving him a fresh and engaging experience.

More there is no word on when Fury Roads Survival will release on the Nintendo Switch, but it will happen shortly, so I can only invite you to keep your eyes open for this title, which once again demonstrates how Italian studios are not only full of potential, but above all of passion for the videogame world. Seeing the happiness and pride in the eyes of the team filled me with joy too, and seeing the smile on the faces of those who stopped to try the title, recognizing it from the Play Store or the App Store, was even more beautiful , a sign of the fact that the idea was not only excellent, but that it was also implemented in the best possible way.

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