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Did you know that it is possible to download videos from social networks quickly and easily. In recent times, you can see how social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are redoubling their efforts to establish themselves as the best media platforms. However, if you like a particular video, downloading it isn't that simple. Therefore, here you will learn how download videos from social networks in a simple way.

Also, consider that in the network you can find various more or less reliable web pages and programs that promise to help you download any video from your social networks. They don't always offer you what they promised. Don't worry, as here you will find the perfect solution to your problem, it is none other than the famoso software jDownloader.

What is jDownloader for?

This amazing and versatile software allows its users to bulk download all types of files in record time, independently dal social network. All you have to do is enter the addresses of the content hosted on the network and wait for it to be downloaded automatically.

Among its most interesting features, it should be noted that it offers the possibility of remote administration. Consequently, you can use its app from your mobile to control i download your videos from any site, even if it involves starting, pausing or stopping them.

In addition, it is compatible with all types of web pages and link container servers. Next, you will learn how to download videos from social networks, step by step, easily and simply.

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Find out how to download videos from social networks quickly and easily

Even if you enjoy your favorite videos on yours social networks it's literally easy, downloading them isn't that much. Therefore, we will teach you step by step how to download videos from social networks using jDownloader.

  • First of all, you need to have a good internet connection.
  • Now from your PC you have to access its official jDownloader page. Here on its main page you will see a horizontal bar at the top where you have to select "download".
  • Next in the new screen that appears you need to select and download the system version type PC compatible operating mode. Remember, the application link recipient will become active by default from the first run.
  • Now, after running the application, you just have to click on the message that contains the video you want to see on your favorite social network.
  • Then a you need to copy the URL of the address bar associated with that video. Here you can see how jDownloader finds the MP4 file.
  • Now all that remains is to select it, you need to right click on the MP4 file.
  • Therefore, you need to select the “Add and start download” option. Here the file will go directly to the download queue and start the download. The speed at which you download will depend on your internet connection.
  • Eventually, when you see that the progress bar is complete, the download your video on the jDownloader server will be terminated. Therefore, you need to double-click the name of the folder with the video to download it to your PC.

Importance of jDownloader when downloading videos

Note that jDownloader allows you to choose where download your videos. So you have to go to "Settings", "Options" and finally select the "General" icon, where you will find the "Download Folder" option where you can choose the one you prefer.

Also, as you may have noticed, jDownloader is a simple and efficient tool that allows you to download videos from social networks most famous currently. And despite being an open source tool, it's a great download manager.

Since, in addition to all these amazing functions mentioned above, it has others that could also be very useful.

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