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Farming Simulator 2022 is enriched with additional paid content - commonly known as DLC - in this year full of additions and additions to the most famous agricultural simulator ever. The new DLC is called Pumps N’ Hoses and unlike the previous ones, it introduces a new game dynamic (specifically, new for the 2022 version).

Pumps N’ Hoses, in fact, introduces an innovative (for the Farming Simulator 2022 universe) fertilization and fertilizer pumping system, thanks to the possibility of placing a complex high-pressure tubular system on its fields, connected to the water tanks of fertilizers and manure.

DLC a firma Creative Mesh

Those who have been following us for a while will know that one of my "expertises" in the videogame field is right here Farming Simulator, and as proof of this I can safely report the numerous coverages carried out from 2019 to today, right here on the pages of Tom's Hardware. The release of Farming Simulator 2022 had left me, as reported in the review, moderately satisfied with the gaming experience, always solid and effective in the real agricultural simulation, even if not very thorough in the management phases and in the care of the driving system and visual details.

I therefore do not hide that part of the still positive judgment of Farming Simulator 2022 also derives from the physiological capacity of Giants Software (and of the community) to integrate their product with DLC and additional quality content, perfectly able to adjust the limits of the basic version during the work or in any case to enhance its strengths.

Farming Simulator 22

After a series of content purely motoring (i.e. add-ons of tractors and various machinery), Pumps N’ Hoses enter the simulation experience of Farming Simulator 2022, trying to bring new panache to the dynamics of the product. It is, something not really usual for the saga, a third processing, being the DLC developed by Creative Mesh. I think it is necessary to open a small parenthesis at this point, which gives a perfect idea of ​​what the Farming Simulator community is and its true strength. As of 2011, within playgroups and gods modder more or less popular, a small team called “bm-modding” begins to stand out for its ability and perseverance. The BMs soon become the authorities in the panorama of enthusiasts Farming Simulator, expanding the number of developers and releasing great content complexity (talking about gameplay integrations, sewage management systems, new machinery, new tools). All ranging between the different editions that have gradually alternated within the universe of FS. Until, in 2016, a rib of the team founded Creative Mesh, a software house dedicated to the development of mods and add-ons - including one for the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pumps N’ Hoses it is therefore not a simple work contract, it is more the declination of what the Farming Simulator community is, its ability to involve people and enthusiasts in order to contribute to the improvement of a product that has always relied above all on its hard core of enthusiasts.

Tubular fertilization

Getting to the heart of this new DLC for Farming Simulator 2022 (Moreover excluding from the Season Pass and slightly more expensive than the average of the previous ones), as I have already mentioned, the fulcrum of the experience rests on the possibility of placing tubular fertilization systems on the fields. Once placed, the pipes will be connected to the pumps, which in turn will be connected to the water tanks. Finally the system fertilization has been improved, with the possibility of to separate the solid and liquid components of the fertilizer – among other things also differentiating l’output of use, thanks to the ability of the solid component to be sold or used as bedding for animals. Added to this is also a new way of managing biogas, to which new modules have been added, as well as a torch for disposing of excess gas produced.

Farming Simulator 22

What on paper seems to be an almost "game changer" renewal is, in reality, just a discrete product and nothing more. As soon as the first few hours passed, in fact, I immediately noticed a certain lack of Customization in the management of fluids and pumps, which are anchored to rather trivial dynamics made up of "tank - pump - pipe", with an almost complete absence of details concerning fluid dynamics and the correct management of pressure water. Among other things, I can assure, for all readers unfamiliar with storage and automation games, that there are numerous examples (Factorio and Satisfactory above all) of reproduction of these factors, which result required for a correct simulation yield. I also believe that a "simple" superimposition of structures and machinery, even if homogeneous and linear with the prospects for the evolution of the videogame, risks in the long run turning into an element of disturbance, rather than an element of challenge.
Finally, a not exactly indifferent detail as far as I am concerned, this approach to the conservation and distribution of the fertilizer had been already introdotto in various other mods throughout the history of Farming Simulator. Not that it's a bad thing to re-propose dynamics already seen, but it's clear that Pumps N' Hoses isn't really a "new".

Farming Simulator 22

From the side technical there is little to say: the DLC runs good, the machines and tools introduced are implemented with the usual care and without particular problems. The overall work integrates perfectly with the Farming Simulator 2022 scaffolding, demonstrating the great experience in the field gained by Creative Mesh. Even the user experience is in line with the recent improvements of the saga, as the user can place the various (and sometimes complex) pipes without particular difficulties, except those related to the actual management of the fertilization system.

In conclusion

In conclusion Pumps N' Hoses for Farming Simulator 2022 is a DLC valid but not as I would have expected. On the one hand, I can't help but underline the step forward in production, which is now finally inserting gameplay dynamics and not just - pleasant - integrations of tractors and agricultural machinery. On the other hand, however, I would like to reiterate the limited impact in terms of novelty and depth of Pumps N’ Hoses, which probably cannot fully justify the not very low price (17,99 euros) of the package. In short, the purchase is recommended only for true enthusiasts: anyone who approaches Farming Simulator 2022 for the first time he can settle for the basic version.

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