Dark Souls 2: we are not there, the multiplayer is not yet secure

Nothing to do: despite the promise (kept) by FromSoftware, its flagship series software continues to suffer from problems. After the news of the abandonment of the Prepare to Die Edition, today it's up to Dark Souls 2 and more precisely to the Scholar of the First Sin edition present on Steam. The chapter servers are finally back online after nearly a year of their shutdown, but the reality is that they're still not entirely secure.

As documented by the community, there are also bugs that are putting user safety at risk. The most serious, as reported by The Gamer, it's definitely about allowing hackers to add banned items to your inventory, bringing the anti-cheat to the ban of many innocent users. Then there are other bugs and cheats, such as the Turrets, which allow you to launch projectiles and spells, causing a defeat of the opponent or crashing the game due to too many graphic elements on the screen, which could lead to a crash of the title.

The reason why the game servers were shut down in early 2022 was due to a security issue, which seems to have resolved. The problem is that such "old" games, with several years behind them, would probably need additional security measures. Measures that FromSoftware obviously does not intend to take, since it is already engaged on other fronts such as the stability of Elden Ring.

At this point, however, a spontaneous question arises: if really FromSoftware cannot make Dark Souls 100 servers 2% sure of its capabilities, why leave them still active? We fully understand that there is still a very active community, but perhaps, for the sake of security, such a step could have been taken without too much fear. For now, our only advice is to be very careful and (where possible) limit your use of the online features of affected games.

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