Cordless vacuum cleaner: how to use it correctly? The secrets for a long life

Buy a cordless vacuum cleaner it is definitely an important step to have a clean house in no time. Today international brands have studied every detail in order to facilitate the user from every point of view. I am futuristic appliances, rich in important technologies and made with resistant materials.

All this allows them to be long-lived, to give the best performance at any time of the day and to be always ready for use. But be careful, how to use one correctly cordless vacuum cleaner? Often and willingly, the right attention is not paid to them and they are believed to be indestructible.

To make them even more performers, durable over time and to amortize the initial cost, here are some tips on how to best use a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Advice on using a cordless vacuum cleaner

Best use a cordless vacuum cleaner latest generation not only allows you to amortize the initial cost but to be able to obtain all the technologies that are included. Here are the tips from professionals in the sector:

  • Put down the broom when it is on break

A special tip is what does it mean? One of the biggest causes of a cordless vacuum cleaner breakdown is accidentally dropping it. You never notice it, but during the break it is never placed in the correct way and it always happens during the first days after its purchase. Just a detail ruined by the bump is enough and here is the engine runs in depression so much so that the appliance becomes useless and unusable.

This happens above all to the dust container and this, being made of rigid but still delicate plastic, could be compromised during an accidental breakage. A discourse that is taken into consideration for the containers placed at the top, on the part where the handle is located.

Il advice is to be very careful and during cleaning breaks - even just to move a table - place the vacuum cleaner on the floor and not on a wall.

It is correct to point out that in most cases, spare parts are easily found online - especially those of certified brands -: but in order not to spend more money, it is better to be more careful.

  • The cordless vacuum cleaner must be kept charged

The battery of a cordless vacuum cleaner it is one of the most important and delicate components to keep under control. There are models with very powerful motors and aspirations, but without the right efficiency of a battery this appliance cannot do very much.

Le batteries that are used for this type of appliance they are lithium-ion, a high quality component that certainly makes the difference. But to ensure that there is a duration in time it is necessary to pay attention to some precautions. It is well known that rechargeable batteries do not have eternal life but it is good that the battery is always at half of its maximum charge. What does it mean? Always leave the vacuum cleaner on charge between one cleaning session and the next, without forgetting it.

With this system the battery will definitely benefit, because the lithium-ion batteries they do not suffer from the memory effect like the previous ones. It is therefore not necessary for a battery to be completely discharged before it is recharged because they are not damaged. Whenever the cleaning is done put your cleaning ally in charge in his docking station, comfortable and practical.

  • Keep the vacuum cleaner in a mild temperature place

When not in use the cordless vacuum cleaner, where should it be kept? The ideal place has a mild climate so never too hot and never too cold. Keeping the appliance inside a plastic cabinet outside on the balcony is certainly not the ideal location.

Il cold leads to lower efficiency and the battery tends to drain quickly. The heat, on the other hand, is a means to bring out situations that are certainly not safe (with liquid leaks, overheating and various kinds of accidents).

  • Always empty the dust container

Despite thecordless vacuum cleaner comes with a high-capacity dust container, the advice is to empty it at the end of the day. All the dust that is trapped creates a barrier to the inlet air with a decrease in its performance. Not everyone knows it, but the battery runs out first seen the effort and the dust lurks in a particular way, also causing damage to the filtering system.

  • Maximum power should only be used when necessary

For a long life ofcordless vacuum cleaner it is good not to use the maximum power continuously. In fact, this type of power has been designed to be chosen when necessary, at other times the basic power or in any case eco is perfect. All this to avoid wasting energy, battery and engine overheating.

  • Do not use the cordless vacuum cleaner in places where temperatures are high

As mentioned, thecordless vacuum cleaner does not like high temperatures which accelerate the degradation process of the battery. To clean exteriors or cars, it is better to choose a suitable and cool time.

The speech is linked to the above, in fact the wireless vacuum cleaner must never be left inside a garage waiting to clean your car. Use in the cool hours of the early morning and after use, immediately store it in a cool and dry place.

  • Thoroughly clean the filters, brushes and dust container

Un certainly trivial advice, but remember how important it is to keep all the elements of a cordless vacuum cleaner clean. Filters - brushes and dust container must be cleaned and washed often (preferably at the end of each cleaning session) so as to be even longer lasting.

carry out this operation to the fullest, always read the instructions accompanying the model purchased.

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