Call of Duty: WWII review

Punctual as a Swiss watch, November marks the debut on the scene of Call of Duty, with a new episode that "goes back" to its origins, ready to tell a new story set during the Second World War. Abandoned futuristic gadgets and advanced wars, it's time to enlist and go to the front in the new Call of Duty: WWII.


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It was better to die as a child ...
COD: WWII is a throwback to the pre-modern Warfare era

After Battlefield 1 also the COD series has decided to make this return to the past, choosing to embrace a historical period as loved as it is abused by all kinds of entertainment, that of the Second World War.
In this new chapter we will play the soldier “Red” Daniels, a recruit of the First American Infantry Division, who will find himself with his team to face the D-Day, the famous landing in Normandy, and then enter the French lands, rejecting the German advance to the heart of Germany. A raw and devastating tale, which extends over a narrative arc of almost a year of conflicts, and stages some of the most iconic moments of the Second World War, such as the aforementioned landing, the battle in the Hürtgen Forest or the Offensive of the Ardennes.


Sledgehammer Games therefore chooses to travel narratively on safe ground, without taking too many risks and offering players a strongly cinematic story inspired by genre films, always green Save Private Rayan to more spectacular titles such as Inglourious Basterds e Fury, focusing on a spectacular action at the service of the game, both in the active phases of gameplay and during the numerous films that will glue the missions, and will serve to paint the drama of the events told.

However, where this new chapter of Call of Duty manages to give its best is when it puts aside the normal shooter activity, making us “live” completely different situations. A clear example is found in the infiltration mission, in which we will play the role of a sensual French spy who will have to collect explosives inside a German outpost. Here we will have to go among the enemy soldiers being careful not to blow up our cover, answering questions about our identity and moving stealthily inside the structure until we meet our contact. A mission that works and manages not to break the rhythms of the game while upsetting the plot, further enhancing the gameplay, demonstrating that Call of Duty can, and must, demonstrate that it is possible to go beyond the dress that has now been sewn on him in these years. And during the adventure, which is spread over a duration that varies from 6 to 8 hours based on the level of difficulty chosen, it will try to shyly distract the player with these situations, in our opinion successful (perhaps even more than the classic ones phases fps) and well integrated with the rest of the events narrated.


This single-player campaign also sees the return to the scene of medkits, lost along the way as modern chapters advance in favor of an automatic energy restoration. making everything so "old style" and less "caciarone" compared to the last chapters, forcing the player to more extended rhythms especially at the higher difficulty levels, where with a few strokes you go straight to the game over. The story then offers the classic collectibles, always well hidden within the levels and some scripted events in which we will have to save the lives of some soldiers attacked by enemies or wounded, trying to save them by avoiding an almost certain death.

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The Classic COD
the multiplayer offers on the plate a menu as always rich and varied

Archived the single player part, COD: WWII opens to multiplayer, offering on the plate a menu as always rich and varied. Let's start with the PVE cooperative mode Nazi Zombie, that in this new episode, starting with the theft of some priceless works of art stolen from the Axis during the Second World War, will lead our team to investigate a Mittelburg, a cold Bavarian country within which a terrifying power is hidden. If in the main campaign of this new chapter of Call of Duty there is a lack of big names and reference actors, the same cannot be said for Nazi Zombie, which as usual offers a cast of all respect by taking to the field figures of the caliber of David Tennant, Ving Rhames, Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) or the beautiful Elodie Yung, recently seen on television screens playing the role of the lethal Electronics, in the TV series Netflix su Daredevil.

This neatly crafted quartet will face the horrors found in the streets and depths of Mittelburg, defeating increasingly deadly and numerous waves of bloodthirsty zombies. Compared to previous versions of this zombie mode, the artistic direction seems to lose that tragicomic and trashy vein of the last chapters, for a more serious and macabre drift. Starting from the streets of the unwelcoming town, as we kill undead we will be able to unlock new areas using the accumulated points, so as to continue with the exploration and delve into history. The points, as per tradition, they can also be used to purchase new weapons through the appropriate distributors, as well as health upgrades or defensive barriers. The proposal of some well-defined classes assigned to each character allows a diversification of roles, as well as a development of the equipment that will vary according to the chosen protagonist. Game after game we will be able to accumulate experience and level up, so as to guarantee us new exclusive skills that will prove more than useful, and will guarantee us a chance to improve our results over time.


As well as for the PVP part that we will address shortly (but basically the philosophy that hovers in this COD is the same) Nazi Zombie is a side mode that enriches the general offer with a variant that, if played with your friends, respect that to some strangers found thanks to matchmaking, he will be able to give you a few hours of good fun, as long as the zombie genre and the bloody atmospheres are to your taste. Being a secondary activity, it does not even have too many negative aspects, on the contrary, over the years the support and the good feedback from the public have made it an inevitable method, and in this edition he perhaps manages to find something more than in the past.

Down to the front

Like every year, COD represents the arcade share of online shooters and this return to the Second War seems almost a blast from the past to the pre-Modern Warfare chapters.


In multiplayer we find several new features this year

Now let's move on to the fulcrum of each Call of Duty: the multiplayer sector. The elimination of all the technological gadgets, physical enhancements and actions at the limits of physics introduced in the era of Titanfall has brought the series back to a more basic and clean gameplay, without too many trappings and easily accessible by all types of players. The only fixed point was kept in the automatic restoration of energy, which contrary to what happens in history with medkits, here it is left intact so as not to affect the now solid balance of the game.
The multiplayer therefore travels on two distinct and framed levels, between the classicism that we find in the proposed modes, with the return of the inevitable Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and so on (also available in the much more grueling Veteran version, where the 1 shot 1 kill rule applies), and the news , ranging from the renewal of the loadout, with the introduction of new classes, the Divisions, each of which brings with it unique and more targeted developments of the soldier, skills and perks, leaving instead freedom of customization in the equipment and in the kill series, with the possibility of creating the most varied combinations and pushing players to experiment .

Among the novelties we also find the introduction of a social area, which in some way mimics the Tower of Destiny 2. Here we will have different activities to do, ranging from customizing your soldier, starting from the appearance (complete with tags and medals) up to the equip, passing to the armory where you can unlock new weapons, and then get to the daily and weekly rewards, challenges to complete that will reward us with experience points, items or supply crates, gacha game mechanics that will allow us to get new game elements in a completely random way. This new vision of the online sector goes some way to rejuvenate the now stale infrastructure, modernizing and making it more usable than a classic textual menu (however always present for quick actions).


But the news does not end here. C.OD: WWII also sees the arrival of a new multiplayer mode simply called War (already glimpsed during the Beta period of the game), in which two teams will have to stand up to objectives in matches (whether these are defending stocks, building a bridge to advance or allowing their tanks to breach enemy lines) inside of 3 maps studied ad hoc, while the game will develop following the trace of a story that traces the events of the Second World War, and where cooperation between comrades will be the key to winning victory.
War is definitely a nice introduction to that it subvert a little bit the arcade nature of COD made of fast and frenetic matches. If the basic gameplay remains fundamentally the same to change are certain dynamics that push this mode towards more strategic shores, made of team play, communication and a certain shrewdness in the actions that if not followed will lead the team to immediate defeat.

The WWII online is also completed with a ranked mode, whose first season will start in December, while the attention of Activision for the 'eSports takes the form of a game option in collaboration with Major League Gaming, official tournaments designed from a competitive perspective, and which find more reason to exist thanks to recent developments eSport in an Olympic key.

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The fascination of war
The theme of war makes us feel the lack of a certain dynamism in the destructibility of the settings

On a technical level, this new chapter of Call of Duty offers a good overall performance. In the single player campaign, the game engine manages to move and manage numerous elements on the screen without too many uncertainties, with a more than discreet visual rendering, especially during the numerous pitched battles, which give the player the feeling of being on the battlefield. Despite the good work done, there is always an element that the series has been carrying around for years, namely the static environment. Between one explosion and another during the various battles, a certain dynamism is lacking in the destructibility of the settings, which occurs only in scripted moments, clashing with the events that occur on the screen. Also good is the realization of the soldiers, animated by a credible motion capture, as well as the faces capable of transmitting the pain of war through the eyes of its protagonists.

In the online part, the map proposal does not disappoint, with some really enjoyable to play. The abandonment of the mechanics introduced in the "modern" chapters forced the graphics to a more canonical approach with a necessarily flatter and more linear level design, making in this case almost a half step back from the more recent past of the series which focused everything on verticalization of structures (and in turn of the action). On the other hand, especially in online modes, where the polygonal load is less incisive, we have a constantly stable frame rate, so as to guarantee a consistently high fluidity during our games.


As per tradition we have a complete dubbing of good quality, which is slightly lost in replicating the various accents that we will find when visiting France and Germany, while we find the decision to leave some passages dubbed in the original language excellent, an element that has contributed to immerse ourselves further. in the story. The soundtrack then performs its accompanying work very well, indelibly marking some of the most dramatic moments told on video. Not only with the music but also with the numerous sound effects that overwhelm the player by dragging him into the trenches.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 à la Cod comme à la Cod Comment Although not "THE" best chapter in Call Of Duty, WWII is certainly one of the most successful episodes in recent years. Sledgehammers Games does not take too many risks with regards to the story, and it does so by traveling on a safe and rewarding path like that of the Second World War, which goes well with the cinematic action told here. It is precisely the story that gives its best then when it goes beyond the usual clashes at the COD, demonstrating that even a strongly framed series like this can have excellent creative flashes. On the novelty side we find an online mode completely revised in form, and partly in substance, with a return to the past forced by the main theme of the game. Despite this, the introduction of Guerra represents a certain rejuvenation of the classic modes, and in the COD ecosystem it manages to work great, thus aligning itself with the proposals that offers some competition, while Nazi Zombie closes the circle, reconfirming itself as a well-known pastime successful and designed for those players who love cooperative challenges. What about this COD: WWII. While Overwatch thrives on income, Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2 team up on their own and Battlefield is absent unjustified, 2017 could be the right year to give Call Of Duty the right relevance, with a complete, rich and profound title like no other he had seen for years. However, the problems of a lifetime remain (story not entirely convincing, gameplay too arcade and frenetic, little news from one chapter to another), which have now become characteristics of a DNA that will hardly ever be completely upset and if you have not never managed to trust the Activision series, not even the good WWII will. Pros and cons Partially revised Multiplayer sector
Several innovations introduced
Well told story ... x ... but that doesn't take too many risks
x The news does not upset the dynamics online

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