Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War review, Ghosts of a Cold War

We also write a history page with the review of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. I would have liked to have played the optimized version for Xbox Series X but alas, I settled for that for Xbox One. Too bad, also because I won't be able to tell you anything about it graphic resolution, fps e ray tracing. After the half disappointment I remembered how much I am "stuck" with COD. Heck I've been playing it since I was 16 and now I'm 35 I get excited like that first time. The franchise has been able to renew itself a lot over time, but it hasn't never lost his identity.

If I have to find a strong point of the game, indeed of the entire saga, this is it. Saying it for a video game may seem like a "bullshit". The power of a brand, however, can be seen a lot with our loved ones. Grab titles like Assassin's Creed, FIFA, and GhostRecon that have lived through numerous evolutions / revolutions during their career. Some of these go astray. Others, on the other hand, want to involve a new slice of the public, forgetting their origins.

COD is always COD. Improve the graphics, the stories become engaging and the gameplay is affected or not by external influences. But the soul of the game never changes. Of the series, I recognize the game from only one frame. Sborone? You know very well that what I am saying is true. Recognize that COD is being talked about from the first 10 seconds of a trailer. That style is unmistakable and that's what style he did become this saga a legend.

Activision makes, at its Black Ops, a solidity test with Cold War. He wants to understand if it still makes sense to treat it as a physiological spin-off or if it has the strength to make it become a regular series with some interesting cross-overs. That's what it was meant to happen with Ghosts, even if the idea ran aground after the first chapter. This could be it a great second chance, and we believe in this. If you are skeptical, let's try to convince you with our review of the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

There is the story at stake

Incorrect video game:
Ep. 40: Why don't you study the history of video games?

Regan, Brezhnev, Fidel Castro and Gorbachev. In short, there are all the main actors of one of the most difficult periods in modern history. The shadow of nuclear war acted silently. All it took was a spark, a small mistake. We needed a new Gavrilo Princip, and luckily for us all this has not happened. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War tells the background of this period of history. He does it fictionalized, with a style that is now his trademark. Just a frame is enough to understand that we are talking about COD. And I didn't say a gameplay video. However, we will talk about this topic later. Now it's time for history, so if you haven't studied, worse for you.

The teachers are those of Activision who prove themselves very knowledgeable on the subject. This time they don't tell us a story loosely based on real facts. This time it goes further and it makes us the protagonists of history. We sit at the table of operations with Reagan and Gorbachev and they ask us (waiting for our response) what to do. Our answer, however elementary, makes history.

And we don't need any Delorean to trigger the flapping of wings that leads to the pages of the history books. We are part of it even if no one will "shit" our deeds. We are invisible actors on the stage of the world. We are in the midst of people, in bars, in the streets. We are in Berlin, Moscow, Vietnam and Cuba. But nobody knows who we are and it always has to be like that. Ghosts of a cold war.

While in the regular Call of Duty series we act out in the open, in Cold War the discretion factor is important. We must not get noticed, even if sometimes it is inevitable to come out. And you know, when you are in the spotlight you do it in style. In fact, there will be the famous unforgettable moments. The ones you need to capture with a gameplay video to share with your friends. Those that make you remember why this franchise, after 17 years from the release of the first chapter, still manages to entertain.

Recognize that COD is being talked about from the first 10 seconds of a trailer

A saga, between spin-offs and cross-overs

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Entire generations of gamers have played Activision's famous video game. Between regular series and spin-offs, with some cross-overs in the meantime, the franchise has been able to renew, also learning from some important misstep. It all started with the “most abused” historical period of the FPS genre, the Second World War. For some strange reason, there was a time when all first person shooters were historical themed, bouncing between WWI and WWII. The cd. market differentiation was a mirage. Between Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes and others, the music was always the same.

The stroke of genius came in 2007, with the release of Modern Warfare. Here the series has taken on a very strong identity, which is still present today. The new cycle started there and then the spin-offs arrived, with Black Ops at the forefront. I am sorry for Ghosts, to which I personally am very attached, but which the critics did not appreciate very much. To avoid the hated dispersion of the franchise, Activision has decided to focus only on two fronts, Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

The novelty, however, is that the latter sees an unprecedented connotation, almost like a spin-off of itself. But in reality there is more, with the figure of Imran Zakhaev to create a bridge between the two sagas. In short, this is a dress rehearsal for a sensational cross-over. I let you imagine my reaction when I saw it the face of that bastard sitting at the story table.

The fact remains that Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has put its foot down. Talking about spin-offs, from now on, could be a big mistake. We can not even talk about reboot since the facts of the previous chapters are not even touched upon. And therefore, to a great surprise, we have a new Ghosts, a free chapter with no apparent links but with considerable potential. It could live by its own light and even darken the regular series. Activision put this into budget by creating Warzone, a common environment of challenge in multiplayer mode. A different way not to call it GAAS, because that's what it is.

Talking about spin-offs, from now on, could be a big mistake

Identity is the strength of a video game

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Earlier we were talking about an aspect that is a rare commodity in video games. The ability to be recognized by a single single frame. If you know the saga you know what I'm talking about and this it is thanks to the strong identity that Activision's video game has built in these years of activity. It is not something that you get overnight and you have to work hard to acquire it. There are video games that lose it due to changes in the narrative style and general gameplay. Many times it is believed to improve, and maybe it is possible as well. The price to pay, however, can be very high.

A gamer must identify himself in a video game. This is the first step towards loyalty, which it is part of the immersion process within a virtual environment. If you are "cold" and "detached" from the gameplay, if you don't feel part of it and if you look at it from top to bottom without a minimum of empathy then we are faced with a problem. This often happens when playing with a new game and we face what I call “zero moment".

The one in which you exchange two jokes to understand "if you are on my balls" or something to be born. In life as in video games. It happens to me every year with FIFA and this is not a good sign, because it means that my identification is going on vacation. This has never happened to me with COD in 17 years. I have played them in almost all the chapters, keeping some great memories.

After the first Modern Warfare, that of 2003, I have never had other “zero moments”. I've always trusted the gameplay because I have always identified with it. I loved Price until I turned him into an idol of my adolescence. COD teaches important values, values ​​that today are ending forgotten. The belief until death in an ideal, the desire to never give up, even when the world is against you, are things that are part of my past but that remind me today who I am. That's why I really love video games.

COD teaches important values, values ​​that today are ending forgotten.

When immersion is created with the characters and not just with the gameplay

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Okay, although so far it may seem like we haven't talked “for a bat” in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, we actually did. I tried to highlight its human side, the one that the big names in publishing do not even "shit" on the spot. Probably because they consider it uninteresting while we, on the other hand, we have made it our "core business".

The overall infrastructure of the game is based on a precarious balance between characters and gameplay, with the former stealing the show from the latter. In fact, he always expects a twist from one of the protagonists during the missions, and at least that's what it seems. The self-centeredness of the other actors steals that "F" in front of the Person Shooter.

Captain Price, in the regular saga of the game, is a good sidekick but never leads to delusions of protagonism. Oh God, he did it on a few occasions, but we always have the ball in our hands. On a narrative level it almost seems to suffer the game in Cold War, unarmed witnesses of something that eventually arrives anyway. All this does not, however, spoil the immersion factor, which is always high and solid. Create only an imbalance of the ingredients of the recipe. In the end, the dish at the table is always excellent, perhaps a little too salty.

The fact remains that when you start Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War it's hard not to devour it. The main campaign lasts about 2/3 hours when played quietly on a veteran difficulty. The adventure continues if you throw yourself on the secondary. Interesting this choice of insert "cluedo" elements to make the gameplay intriguing. The problem is that, more often than not, no one knows what and where to look. Pay attention to moments of calm and the yellow indicator at the top of the HUD. However, many clues are lost and deciphering some messages becomes complicated. Ergo, the secondary schools are skipped and the game ends. Ok, but what will your ending be?

In the end, the dish at the table is always excellent, perhaps a little too salty


Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War begins in a very interesting way. Once the recruitment order is signed we are asked about the style of play. This gives us some unique features that affect gameplay. N% improved reload, optimized aiming speed, grenade resistance, and so on. There is no real skill-tree and to be honest these skills are assigned at birth and remain unchanged.

This thing made my mouth water, but I was hungry for the entire course of the game. In short, a half frigutura. What's the point of doing it like this? Why create an illusion of a campaign RPG twist?

But the teasing isn't over yet. Between missions the meeting point is the usual table of operations, which almost always coincides with a garage that smells of mold and gunpowder (or at least that's how I imagined it in my buggy head). Before preparing for the mission you can have fun at chat with Adler and the various members of the group. It is useful to understand who they are and to grasp details about their life and past. But it ends there.

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No logic or decision algorithm, clue on secondary or influence on alternative endings. None of this. But why put them? Why create, once again, an illusion of something useful for gameplay but which then leads nowhere?

Said this, an RPG contamination of the campaign wouldn't be a bad idea. Reward-based gameplay with skill points to invest in character improvement wouldn't be out of place. In my opinion that's what this spin-off lacks to consecrate it as an independent game. It is now time to sever that umbilical cord that binds him to Modern Warfare. The potential is all there and respect, at least mine, has been amply earned.

It is now time to sever that umbilical cord that binds him to Modern Warfare

Cold WarZone

Now even the walls know how Activision has only eyes for WarZone. GAAS is built to function in the future as well host all chapters of the series. Launched with the Modern Warfare reboot in 2019, this competitive interface is available in the Sony and Microsoft stores completely free of charge.

But you know that when the word free is involved then you have to look around for it microtransactions, loot box e purchases in the app. Our editorial policy is very tough on these practices, as long as these do not affect the gameplay by unbalancing it. In the series, the more you spend, the stronger you are (hi FIFA, how are you?).

Aside from the players who only play this, and that when you meet them you can tell by the number of kills, the competitive interface works well. The merit is of the number of maps and level design, able to excite all types of players. "Camperone" snipers find their Valhalla (promotional message - oh please read our review of Assasin's Creed Valhalla) anytime, anywhere. The berseker rushoni, armed with shotguns. maps are studied to ambush respawn points.

The thing that, however, exalts is the constant feeling of total and limitless warfare. You can, in fact, use any type of vehicle available, request bombardments with drones and launch gas charges to stun the enemies. Everyone is able to find their own way, albeit the fear of various cheaters is not yet averted.

To avoid it, support for mouse and keyboard has been added, with the possibility of declaring it before the start of the game. Interesting the desire to break down the console / PC wall, creating a complete multiplayer experience.

Activision has focused a lot on this mode, to the point of make her become the star center of all current and future adventures. The idea is good and could give life to a definitive GAAS capable of offering constant and continuous content. The six seasons of WarZone are already proof of this.  

Verdict 9/10 Brave and valiant Comment Cold War proves that the Call of Duty saga, or rather that of Black Ops, still has some cartridges to fire. They are actually grenades given the gameplay. Very reminiscent of Ghosts because of the courage to abandon the "classic" and look to the future. Warzone is all-out war, but you can't skip the Campaign. It is a war crime. Pros and cons It is played in history
RPG? I like it
A new beginning? x If you start something you have to finish it
x Warzone and GAAS. Beware of microtransactions

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