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    Buying a new gaming pc: how to choose

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    The gaming computer market is growing rapidly today, many people are looking for one, but how to choose the one that best suits your needs? How to choose the best one?

    Online it is possible to find a large number of PCs with the most varied hardware and software features, models are available for all tastes and needs.

    Obviously it is important to know what are the most important features for a gaming PC and what specifications are needed in the specific case. Let's find out how to choose the gaming pc so as to evaluate the best gaming laptops of 2021.

    The features to look at when choosing the gaming pc

    As already mentioned, there are a huge variety of gaming PCs, with very different operating specifications. The most important elements to keep in mind when choosing are: the processor, video card, ram, storage space and connectivity.

    Then there are a number of other variables such as the aesthetic appearance or the construction materials, the choice of which however depends on personal taste. Finally, another evaluation parameter is certainly the price which can vary based on numerous factors.

    Processor selection guide

    The processor plays a fundamental role in the execution of the programs installed on the PC, for this reason it must be one of the fundamental elements for the choice. In order for the processor to work with good speed and be able to execute even the heaviest programs, it must have good cooling, either air or water.

    The main evaluation parameter of a processor is the clock rate, through this parameter the processor speed expressed in GHz is measured. The minimum parameter to be respected for a gaming PC is at least 3 GHz, this type of processor should ensure the ability to run all the latest titles on the market.

    Further we must consider the number of cores of which the processor is made, in this case it is not said that a greater number of cores guarantees more efficient performance, but it is more important to evaluate the efficiency of the single core.

    Guide to choosing the video card

    The video card, otherwise called GPU, is a fundamental component of the PC as it serves to manage the graphic processes with important consequences on the fluidity of the image to enjoy your games to the fullest. For gaming PCs it is important to choose one Dedicated GPU, rather than one integrated into the processor.

    Guide to choosing other PC features

    In addition to the specifications already seen above, it is then necessary to choose the ram, that is the volatile memory of the pc. The ram has a decisive impact on the performance of the pc and must be at least 16Gb, but there are models on the market that also have 32Gb di ram.

    As for the storage space, the SSD technology should be preferred, a latest generation technology that guarantees performance clearly superior to that of the HDD. Finally, connectivity must be evaluated, the PC must have both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and must also have USB ports for audio and video output.

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