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Write one rece-guide which tells a puzzle game is not easy but basically the great challenge of 7th Sector it is also this. All the gameplay is based on this great concept, the challenge. The Unity developer Sergey Noskov, the father of 7th sector, at the dawn of the release of his videogame, published on the pages of news.xbox a kind of small manual. In this brief but significant intervention the heart emerges of his new creation. Creating a video game is always a challenge for him, a good opportunity for experience new things and to propose already made ones. This time, given the nature of the game, putting the same soup back on the plate was not possible. For this reason he rolled up his sleeves and went back to studying, with the only goal to amaze and amaze.

Game development it's not just a job to create a product; it's a lifetime! In the process of creation, you are completely immersed in a virtual world, always thinking about the characters and the emotions that can be generated and experienced.

Sergey Noskov, from the article published on news.xbox.com
The hidden truths of 7th Sector

The game, at least in Sergey's initial intentions, was born as a short arcade game and without great depth of plot and meaning. But love and passion for video games he always finds a way to unleash his magic. The project, day after day, changed, he became more reflective and each element revealed itself over time. The story of 7th Sector comes to fill the need for Cyberpunk, created by sudden demise of Cyberpunk 2077.

The events tell of an organization that holds power with the force of military technology. Robots and weapons are the order of the day. In the background, during the gameplay sequences, there are frames that illustrate a dystopian future freely inspired by great artistic masterpieces of the past. The developer does not hide his passion for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, which had a considerable influence on the development of the video game. Rain, bright neon light and a foggy metropolis with numerous skyscrapers and flying supercars. These are just some of the elements that characterize the world of 7th sector and that create its perfect game theater.

The first impression is the one that doesn't count

Every time I have to develop a rece-guide I try to study my client well and 7th Sector has not shied away from this ritual of mine. To find out, I watched videos and previews on Youtube and read the various interventions of the developer. The The video game's record was also great given the success achieved during the Devgamm 2019 held in Moscow. For what little I could see it seemed like a puzzle game with decent graphics but nothing more. The size of the game, less than 1 Gb, seemed to confirm my initial feeling, but after the first hour of play I tried a sense of disappointment with myself which hasn't happened to me for a long time.

I got up, opened a nice beer and as I sipped it, still disappointed by my behavior but at the same time excited, I said to myself: “Finally a great fucking video game”. After my break, I have reset all my first and wrong impressions, and, after the format cycle finished, I enjoyed 7th Sector.

The principle of separation of the meta

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Initially the video game looks like a horizontal scrolling puzzle game where, in the shoes an electrical impulse, you have to find a way to walk the various cables and move on to the next stage. To proceed in this purpose you need to solve puzzles that allow us to proceed. Although you don't notice it at first, something strange happens. In a completely subliminal way, between a cable and a puzzle, we we witness the unfolding of history. In the background of our gameplay, unaware of everything, we were witnessing the game's plot and at each stage the story always added a new piece.

Unlike how we have been accustomed to in a video game, our actions do not affect the course of history, passively undergoing it. As if they were two separate tracks, destined to never meet. And here then, as if it were a new statement in the world of video game development, the principle of separation of the meta is observed. Story and gameplay live separately, and one doesn't affect the other. Our actions seem to be ends only in themselves. But this feeling, although it lasts for a good part of the video game, has pauses in which we become part of the story.

The electrical impulse is destined for something bigger. Cable after cable, puzzle after puzzle, mature e he becomes aware of his role in this society and decides not to join the system. The electron takes possession of a sphere, then of a robot, then of a drone and does not seem destined to stop. History flows before our eyes as we try to build a new one. But in the end, all the tracks meet sooner or later, in a showdown where the strongest ideology is destined to survive.

Live or succumb.

Are you worthy in?

Incorrect video game:
If playing video games isn't changing your life, you haven't figured out shit

During the 7th Sector rece-guide I have, on more than one occasion, reiterated the genre of the new video game created by the Russian developer Sergey Noskov. For those who, like me, love the genre, usually a puzzle game includes some challenges with progressive difficulty. This increases with the progress of the story and the game in general, making the puzzles more and more challenging as we approach the epilogue of our gaming experience. The proposed puzzles follow a logical thread, mainly consistent with the style of the video game. 7th Sector is not like this: he wants to know if we are worthy and deserving to come to the conclusion and discover the truth behind the events.

The puzzles designed by that crazy Sergey embrace different areas and require skills that are not really innate. Logic, algebra, programming elements, obsessive attention to detail, imagination and a good dose of creativity. It seems like a placement test, a great test to gain access not to what or even to where. But this is. As the game progressed, I felt this feeling on more than one occasion, often feeling unsuitable and not up to par. I didn't give up, I took a pen and paper and started making calculations and sketching logic schemes. I reopened the high school books to refresh the syntax of conditional loops and variable declarations. I went on, I didn't give up, proving to 7th to be worthy. I have not given up, giving due respect to the work done by Sergey Noskov. Because that's what it is.

And when a video game pushes you that far, then it means that we are lucky enough to have a great job on our hands.

Verdict 9/10 The beauty of humility Comment Sergey Noskov proves that you don't have to build a triple AAA to stick to the chair. Just intelligence and a good dose of humility. 7th Sector, among its various puzzles and puzzles, in its simplicity manages to challenge us. Few will make it, but they will have the honor of appreciating a unique and rare work. Today it is not easy to leave fully satisfied from a videogame experience. 7th Sector, barring some minor defections, succeeded. Arm yourself with intellect, it takes a lot to get to the conclusion. Pros and cons Beautiful sets
Complicated and original puzzles
Air of cyberpunk x Action sequences can be improved
x Controls that can be improved in some sequences

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