WhatsApp Important Messages here's how to save them

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Whatsapp Important Messages here's how to save them. WhatsApp includes the possibility to save a phrase, photos and videos that you consider important from a conversation.

How to save important messages on WhatsApp

Su smartphone Android

  • open Whatsapp
  • enter a conversation and choose which phrase or multimedia file you want to save
  • press and hold your finger on the desired message or photo
  • press the star icon that will appear at the top left

How to see saved messages

  • Click on the icon of Settings (three dots at the top right)
  • Click on the item Important Messages

If you delete the chat in which you have saved a file, it will automatically no longer appear among the important messages.

Your iPhone

  • press and hold on the message or file you are interested in
  • the star icon will appear at the top left.

To view messages

  • Whatsapp settings
  • Important messages

If, on the other hand, you want to find a file or a message saved in a particular chat

  • open the chat
  • tap the chat name
  • press on Important messages

Whatsapp Web

  • choose which file or message to save
  • hover the mouse pointer over it
  • a small down arrow will appear click
  • go to the item Important message

To view your saved messages

  • click on the three dots at the top right
  • tap on the item important and all saved messages will appear


We recommend using whatsapp as an archive so that if you accidentally delete the chat in which the messages you have saved reside they will not be deleted. to find out how to use whatsapp as an archive

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