Using WhatsApp Archive: how to free up space on your smartphone

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Using WhatsApp Archive to free up space. Photo video gif audio so many files are exchanged in whatsapp chats how to delete them.

Thanks to Whatsapp Archive Use, you can now delete the multimedia files of each chat that you don't care about directly from the messaging app, thus freeing up space on your device.

This function is very useful for cleaning up all the media files you have received on WhatsApp that are occupying the memory of your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Using WhatsApp Archive: how to free up space

Let's see how to use this feature on WhatsApp.

  • press on the three dots at the top right
  • go to the settings
  • item "use of data and archives".
  • then on "Use Archive"

You will see them all the contacts you messaged with, sorted from the one that takes up the most space to the one that takes up the least.

By clicking on the contact you are interested in, you will have the report of the photos, videos, gifs and files that you have exchanged with him.

At this point select what you want to delete and then confirm with the key Clear.

Thanks to this new function you will be able to manage all the multimedia files downloaded to your smartphone through WhatsApp and thus clean up the storage space on your device.

If you do not see this new feature, it means that the Whatsapp app has not yet been updated so wait for the update to use it.

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