Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (here the review) take players to the vast continent of Paldea, full of new Pokémon, medals to obtain but above all numerous secrets to discover, TMs to find and much more. In this complete guide on the adventure we will show you the new game structure designed for these chapters, what to do to proceed, how to overcome the gyms and the various challenges you will have to face, which are the places to capture the Legendary Pokémon, the most effective methods to climb quickly level, how to fully upgrade Koraidon (or Miraidon) and everything you need to complete the Pokédex, and of course the game, 100%.

NOTE: : Our complete walkthrough is based on the Scarlet version, so various situations and Pokémon differ from the Violet version. In principle, however, the guide is good for both versions.


  • COMPLETE SOLUTION and best route (what to do and where to go)
  • Where to find all MTs
  • Guide to PARTICULAR EVOLUTION (moves, stones, tools, methods)
  • How to catch all LEGENDARY POKEMON
  • Where to find EEVEE
  • Where to find DITTO
  • Where to find ZORUA
  • How to learn the FORGOTTEN MOVES
  • How to catch POKEMON SHINY easier

Step by step solution to adventure

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)

The continent of palea it is very vast and, after a short prologue, you can explore it freely. However, the difference in level with wild Pokémon and trainers from some regions will push you to follow a recommended path. Path that we have illustrated in this guide by explaining to you step by step how to proceed in the best way. The main plot of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in fact follows this path, but in turn is divided into 3 specific paths that will often intersect during the game and serve to upgrade your mount, and therefore the possibility of reaching certain areas, get the medals to challenge the League, as in the most classic Pokémon games, defeat Team Star, to get upgrades and TM. Completing all the routes also serves to be able to enter the crater in the center of Paldea.

Below you will find a summary of the whole main adventure with the guide to overcome the various challenges proposed by each path.

Prologue – Dosilia

Follow the directions, take your hat and backpack and leave the house. After your mother has given you the SMART ROTOM, go to the indicated house. Before entering, collect the POKÉBALL on the left in the trees.

Choose a starter among:

  • sprigatite (Four)
  • fuecoco (Fire)
  • quaxly (water)

Once chosen, collect the POTIONS before going down to the beach to fight enemies. One to the right and one to the left of the house.

FIGHT – Nemi
POKEMON: Quaxly LV 5

Once you win the fight, look to the far left on the beach to find a POKÉBALL. Now follow Nemi to meet mom and receive a SANDWICH and 5 POTIONS.

Then follow Nemi to reach…

Path of Dosilia

After learning how to catch Pokemon look in the grass around the path to find POKÉBALLS, REVITALIZERS, POTIONS, MISCELLANEOUS REMEDIES, and a RARE CANDY to the right near the cliff ridge at the very beginning of the path. You will also receive various orbs from Nemi for catching so don't hesitate while going towards the lighthouse.

Search the cliff after the cut-scene and then give the SANDWICH to the mystery pokémon. Follow him into the cave until you come out. Nemi will give you the MT 32 COMETE.

Once you reach the lighthouse you will have to fight with:

FIGHT – Pepper
POKEMON: Skwovet LV 5

You will get the KORAIDON POKÉBALL.

Before climbing to the top of the lighthouse, look behind the building for a REVITALIZER. Once you get off the lighthouse, all you have to do is continue towards the city.


Go to the PKM center from Nemi and get acquainted with the new TM creation system. You will receive various resources for crafting them as well as 5000 LEAGUE CREDITS.

Behind the bench near the pond just before leaving the city you will find the TM REST.

Proceed to Mesopolis and defeat at least 4 trainers to get the TM THUNDERWAVE, from the guy in the black suit near the PKM Center next to the city gates.

Before entering the city you will have to challenge Nemi again.

FIGHT – Nemi
POKEMON: Quaxly LV 8, Pawmi LV 9
PRIZE: 3 revitalizers


The largest city in the game, full of customization shops and items. Feel free to explore, but you'll need to climb to the top of the long staircase to move forward. Before doing so, a fight will start:

LOTTA – Team Star
POKEMON: Shroodle LV 8.

You will get a TERASPHERE.

LOTTA – Team Star
POKEMON: Yungoos LV 8.

Orange Academy

Go to the School Cafeteria and talk to pepper to unlock the mission: The Legendary Path. You will also get a BAG OF POLVOSTELLA. You will also receive a call from the mystery girl Cassiopeia.

Go to the Professors Hall and talk to Nemi to get information about gyms and medals by unlocking the mission: The Path of Champions.

Finally, go to the presidency and you can finally use Koraidon as a mount.

After resting in your room, go to the sports field. Leaving the academy, Cassiopeia will unlock a new mission: Avenue of Stardust.

Before leaving, however, visit the biology classroom to find out what Zim will give you rewards every time you register a certain number of PKMs in the Pokédex:

  • 30 species:
  • coming soon

In the Infirmary instead you will get to know Mimosa, come back often to talk to her when big events happen during your adventure.

In the Presidency you will find Carnation. Talk to him often again to help him master youthful language.

Finally, at school you can follow various lessons on fighting or history that illustrate different features and a little bit of lore on the game world.

The 3 paths: how do they work?

Now you can finally move freely around the game map and follow each of the three roads you have unlocked. You can go anywhere, but as anticipated you will be blocked by the level of your pkm and your mount (in our case Koraidon) which can only walk at the moment. You will also need Gym Medals to capture and control higher level PKMs. Before proceeding with the guide, let's see specifically how the various paths work, what to do in each of them and what you get.

The Legendary Path (5 medals)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)

This path will take you to face several dominant Pokémon, an enhanced and giant version of some basic Pokémon. By finding and defeating them you will get special spices that are used to return Koraidon to its original form. In addition, each spice will give you access to a new ability that enhances your mount.

This path will allow you to get medals and spices which are used to unlock new skills for Koraidon, from running to swimming and many more (those that were the MNs of the old pkm games).

The Way of Champions (8 medals)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)

This path follows the classic one of any PKM game, that is get all medals to face the League. In order to face the gym leader of each city, however, you will first have to face gym examsas well as reaching the designated city. Talk to the character at the front desk of each gym to start the exam.

Tackling this path allows you to both get medals for tackling the league and check and capture higher level pkm.

Avenue of Stardust (5 medals)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)

This path allows you to face the "bad guys" of the story. You will have to eliminate an entire enemy base banging the gong outside the fence and then making your way through the internal challenges until you reach the boss. After defeating the coach outside you will have to fight choosing only 3 pkm of your team. However, you will not have to face challenges with other coaches but face pkm outdoors by pressing R to get yours out of the pokéball. After defeating 30 of them in less than 10 minutes you will have access to the fight with the head of the Team Star area.

Tackle the avenue allows you to get medals, materials, TM and upgrade TM machine to create even more.

Now that you know what awaits you, below you will find the guide to all the objectives of the paths. We have included information on the recommended level of each objective so that you can evaluate in which order to tackle them. Our advice is to make a continuous mix between the various paths alternating gymnasium medals, dominant pkm and team star bases.

Reef dominant: Klawf

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


Go to the point indicated and you will find it attached to a rock. Climb the rock formation from the right side to start the fight. Grass moves are very effective against this PKM. Almost defeated he will run away and you will have to find him again.

Drop below the combat area to find him and start a new fight but this time you have Pepe on your side. In the new fight Klawf will have some boosted stats but nothing more. Give him a couple of grass type attacks and he'll collapse.

You will now have access to his cave, go inside and you will get the SWEET HIDDEN SPICE. Give the bun to Koraidon and you'll unlock the mount move Rush to move faster. You can also knock down trees by hitting them and facing the Pokémon above them.

Ruler of the Skies: Bombirdier


Go to the point indicated to face the Pokémon. Bombirdier it is dark and flying type, this means with electro, ice, fairy or rock moves it will come down like nothing. As usual towards the end of the fight he will run away and you have to chase him to fight him again enhanced by the spice. However, the fight is really simple and Pepe will help you with a level 19 Nacli.

After the fight you will get the HIDDEN BITTER SPICE. As usual, give Pepe's sandwich to Koraidon to boost it. This time you will get the ability to sail on the water and you will have access to many additional map locations.

Subterranean Dominant: Orthworm

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


Go to the indicated point and enter the cave behind the mine to reach the Totem Pokémon. You'll have to chase him on Koraidon's back a few times before you can fight him.

Defeated, he will escape into a cave. Pursue him to resume hunting with Koraidon from hole to hole. When he stops in front of a rock area, get off Koraidon and start the new fight, remember that this time he will be enhanced by the spice, fortunately Pepe will come to your aid.

Now you will have access to his cave, go inside and you will get the SALTY HIDDEN SPICE. Give the bun to Koraidon to learn the mount move Leap. Now holding down the B button lets you jump higher.

Ruler of Earthquakes: Donphan


Having reached the indicated desert indicated on the map, finding the dominant Pokémon will not be difficult since it is a big one Donphan (which changes type depending on the version of the game you have). With Scarlet you will face an Earth/Fighting Donphan, while with Violet you will face an Earth/Steel Donphan. The grass, fairy, flying and psychic moves are perfect for knocking down this opponent who will run away just before being defeated (if you have Violet you will have to resort to earth, fire or water moves). Chase him again and start the second fight with the enhanced version of him, in this case Pepe will help you with a level 44 Scovillain.

Defeated you will get the HIDDEN SOUR SPICE and another nice sandwich for Koraidon which this time he will learn the glide ability, useful for quickly moving around the map.

Mastery of Deception: Dondozo and Tatsugiri


The last Totem Pokémon is actually double. After reaching the island on the map and interacting with Tatsugiri, a fight will start with Dose which can be easily defeated with grass and electric moves. Defeated, the real dragon or the huge Tatsugiri from before will appear. Hit him with dragon and fairy moves to take him down quickly.

Defeated this last dominant too, you will get the HIDDEN SPICY SPICE. Once given the bun to Koraidon you will get the most useful skill of all which is climbing which will allow you to climb every rocky surface in the game.

The Legendary Path: Final Battle

To finish the legendary path, however, there is still another step to take or return to the lighthouse where you met Pepe to challenge him in a final battle.

FIGHT – Pepper
POKEMON: Greedent LV 58, Scovillain LV 60, Garganacl LV 60, Toedscruel LV 61, Cloyster LV 59, Mabostiff LV 63.

Once defeated, he will tell you about entering the large crater in the center of Paldea, but you will not be able to do so until you complete the other routes (Team Star and Gyms) that you always find in this guide.

Moldovan gymnasium


The first gym to reach is that of Molducia on the left of the map, to win the Beetle Medal from Aceria. Molducia is a city famous for its oil and olives, while the gym leader specializes in insect-type PKM.

The exam of the Moldovan gymnasium

It's a really really simple exam: all you have to do is push the giant inflatable olive through the maze until you get to the designated point. Once done you can challenge Aceria in battle. Fire-type pokémon or flying and rock-type pokémon are perfect for taking it down quickly.

FIGHT – Aceria
POKEMON: Nymble LV 14, Tarountula LV 14, Teddyursa LV 15

You will get the Beetle Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 20 and the TM021 Leap.

Palestra di Los Tazones

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


The second gym to reach is that of Los Tazones on the right of the map, to try to win the Grass Medal from Brassius.

Things to see in the city:

-Sculptures of Brassius scattered around the city;
-The grassy labyrinth;
-The play area with the colored wooden castle;
-The pool;
-The windmill;

This is the palestra di Los Tazones

The gymnasium exam consists of collecting the Sunflora. You will have to find 10 of them and then take them to the square. If you visit all the places indicated in the previous section, you will find many. Just approach them and interact with them. Some of them will challenge you, it is a simple battle against a level 14 pkm. Once delivered you can go back to the gym and challenge Brassius, the recommended level for the fight is 20.

FIGHT – Brassius
POKEMON: Petilil LV 16, Smoliv LV 16, Sudowoodoo LV 17.

You will get the Grass Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 25 and the TM020 FORECAST.

Leudapolis gymnasium

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


The second gym to reach is that of Leudapoli which can be reached by following the path after the previous Team Star base. Here you can win the Electric Medal from Kissara.

Things to see in the city:

-In the center is a girl who will give you a Hunter if you give her a Pincurchin;
- Real Estate Paldea;
-The lighthouse;
-Leudapolis Gym

The Leudapolis gymnasium exam

The gym exam is to participate in a program with Kissara. In practice you will have to play hide and seek with the principal of the Orange Academy and find him 3 times. And every time you find it, a fight will start.

  • Seated at first table on right;

FIGHT – Pokéfanatic
POKEMON: Luxio LV 22.

  • In place of the Pokémon Center saleswoman on the left;

FIGHT – Pokéfanatic
POKEMON: Tynamo LV 22, Flaaffy LV 22.

  • Seated on the boat to the right of the frame.

And with this the test is passed and you can challenge Kissara.

LOTTA – Kissara
POKEMON: Wattrel LV 23, Luxio LV 23, Bellibolt LV 23, Mismagius LV 24.

You will get the Elettro Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 30 and the MT048 INVERTVOLT.

Gym of Garrafopoli


Once you reach Garrafopoli you will have to deal with Algaro and try to get the Water medal. Garrafopoli is practically a large water amusement park located near the desert.

The Garrafopoli gymnasium exam

This is a very particular exam that will see you involved in a kind of algae auction. Before accessing the auction, however, you will have to beat a trainer with the following pkm:

POKEMON: Floatzel LV 28, Clauncher LV 28.

Once defeated you will be able to participate in the auction with the funds provided by Algaro. All you have to do is bid higher than the others and climb slowly. Make sure you don't offer all the money right away or you will lose the auction, go step by step. Once you get the seaweed you can finally fight with Algaro.

FIGHT – Algaro
POKEMON: Veluza LV 29, Wugtrio, LV 29, Crabominable LV 30.

You will get the Water Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 40 and the TM022 Frosty Water.

Gymnasium of Mesturia


The small town of Mesturia is the location in which to win the Medaglia Normale from Ubaldo. It's a trainer with normal type pkm, so whatever type of pkm you have will be fine, as long as it's not ghost.

The exam of the gymnasium of Mesturia

You will have to guess and order the secret recipe in Mesturia's restaurant. To do this you will need to get three hints from the trainers in the city.

The first is a little girl who is near the restaurant and will challenge you with:

  • Gumshoos LV 34
  • Greedent LV 34

Defeated, she will advise you to search outside near the ice cream stand. Here you will find very important clues about the recipe.

The second trainer with useful clues is a woman on the outskirts of town. This she will challenge you with:

  • Ursaring LV 34

He will tell you to look for "a shady spot surrounded by many stairs". It is the semi-dome of the Colosseum surrounded by a fenced area. Interact with it to get the clue.

The last useful trainer can be found near the restaurants and will challenge you with:

  • Dunsparce LV 34

He'll tell you to listen for the "Blue Bird Pokémon" or Talkabilly on a nearby character's head.

Now you just need to enter the restaurant and order the recipe following the advice you have received. Now you can finally face Ubaldo.

FIGHT – Ubaldo
POKEMON: Komala LV 35, Dudunsparce LV 35, Staraptor LV 36.

You will get the Normal Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 45 and the TM025 Façade.

Neveria Gym (Ghost Badge)


Sixth gymnasium in order of difficulty, the city of Neveria will lead you to collide with Lima, master of ghost-type pkms. Neveria is a city lost in the mountains which, however, will not ask you to face an exam that is too complex.

The examination of the Gymnasium of Neveria

You will simply have to face three challenges against some trainers. Each battle will raise the cheer of the crowd eventually leading you to victory. These are the challenges to face:

  1. Greavard LV 40 e Shuppet LV 40
  2. Misdreavus LV 40 e Haunter LV 40
  3. Drifblim LV 40 e Sableye LV 40

Beat the challenges. Talk to the usual dude at the gym reception to face Lima.

FIGHT – Lima
POKEMON: Mimikyu LV 41, Banette LV 41, Houndstone LV 42, Toxtricity LV 42.

You will get the Ghost Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 50 and the MT114 Shadow Ball.

Palestra di Las Brasas


Las Brasas is another mountain town, a meeting place for all the psychics of Paldea. Here you can challenge Tulipa and her pkm with psychic attacks, thus trying to win the Psychic medal. If you're going in order of difficulty with Gyms, this is the Gym Leader Week you need to challenge.

The examination of the Gymnasium of Las Brasas

You will have to go through a meditation practice in which to match the emotions of Medicham and Dendra before time runs out. It is a very simple procedure that does not require particular guides, you just need to press the corresponding keys. After the first workout you will face a coach who will challenge you with:

  • Gothita LV 43 is Kirlia LV 43

Defeated you will have to face the ESP training in which to face a trainer with:

  • Grumpig LV 43 is Medicham LV 43

Now you can finally fight with Tulipa, but prepare your best dark, specter and beetle pkm because you will need them to best take her down:

LOTTA – Fire
POKEMON: Farigiraf LV 44, Espartha LV 44, Gardevoir LV 45, Forges LV 45.

You will get the Psychic Medal, to control and capture pkm up to level 55 and the Psychic MT120.

Sierra Napada Gym


The ice gym, the last before the Pokémon League and the eighth if you follow the order of difficulty. Here you can fight Grusha and her pkm to get the Ice Badge. It goes without saying that pkm of fire, earth and steel will be your best resource to win.

The exam of the Sierra Napada Gymnasium

You will have to face a very easy ride in the snow on Koraidon (or Miraidon). To win you will have to get to the bottom of the valley in less than 90 seconds. On your way down it's important to hit the colored banners or 5 seconds will be added to your final time for each one you missed. Once you win the race you will be able to face Grusha.

POKEMON: Frostmoth LV 47, Beartic LV 47, Cetitan LV 47, Altaria LV 48.

You will get the Ice Medal, to control and capture all the pkm (if you have all the other 7 medals) and the MT124 Giraghiaccio.

Pokémon League


The Pokémon League is the final part of each Pokémon game and where you will be challenged to defeat 4 great trainers and a champion in succession. Unlike the past, however, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you can change your team between one coach and another by accessing the box from the settings. This is a very useful procedure to always have the right type of pkm to face the opponents. Remember that putting the pkm in the box won't heal them but you can team up the pkm with all life points.

The Pokémon League exam

Before you can face the Elite Four you will have to face an interview and answer exactly the questions that will be asked to you (Otherwise you will have to retake the exam). The questions are among the most disparate and always change, but to answer correctly you just need to know the 8 gym leaders of Paldea, the city where they have their gym, their type and the specialties of each city. All things that you already know and that you can find in the previous sections of our guide. After the interview you will finally be ready for battle. In brackets, next to each Elite Four, you will find the type of pkm in which they specialize.

FIGHT – Capsi (Earth)
POKEMON: Whiscash LV 57, Camerupt LV 57, Donphan LV 57, Dugtrio LV 57, Clodsire LV 57.

FIGHT – Verina (Steel)
POKEMON: Copperajah LV 58, Bronzong LV 58, Corviknight LV 58, Magnezone LV 58, Tinkaton LV 59.

FIGHT – Ubaldo (Flying)
POKEMON: Tropius LV 59, Altaria LV 59, Staraptor LV 59, Oricorio LV 59, Flamingo LV 60.

FIGHT – Horace (Dragon)
POKEMON: Noivern LV 60, Dragalge LV 60, Flapple LV 60, Haxorus LV 60, Baxcalibur LV 61.

Pokémon League Champion


Defeated the Elite Four you will be able to access the fight with the champion who does not have any type of specialization, but uses a team of mixed Pokémon.

FIGHT – Alisma (Champion)
POKEMON: Espartha LV 61, Avalugg LV 61, Kingambit LV 61, Gogoat LV 61, Veluza LV 61, Glimmora LV 62.

The Path of Champions: Final Battle


To finish the Path of Champions, all that remains is to finish as you started your adventure, that is by fighting against Nemi who has much stronger pkm than those of the champion. Furthermore, she too will use a mixed team with different pkm capable of putting you in difficulty.

FIGHT – Nemi
POKEMON: Lycanroc LV 65, Goodra LV 65, Pawmot LV 65, Orthworm LV 65, Dudunsparce LV 65, Meowscarada – Skeledirge – Quaquaval LV 66 (the last pkm changes depending on your starter).

Base of the dark division: Romelio


Interact with the base door that is to the left of the Orange Academy on the map. You will only be able to challenge Team Star with the first 3 pkm of your team. As mentioned, at the beginning it will be an open battle, so you will have to go around the camp and press R to take down the numerous opposing pkms. You will have to shoot down 30 in 10 minutes, if you have a pkm of the opposite type (and therefore beetle, goblin or fight) you will win in a few minutes.

FIGHT – Romelius
POKEMON: Pawniard LV 21, Revavroom LV 20.

Defeated, you will get the Darkness medal and the TM062 PICCA. You will also get 4000 alloy credits, different materials and you can create more types of TM with the TM machine.

Fire Division Base: Pruna

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


Talk to a team member outside the doors.

LOTTA – Team Star
POKEMON: Houndour LV 25.

Now interact with the door but be careful because you can only challenge Team Star with the first 3 pkm of your team. As mentioned, you'll simply have to walk around and press R to take down the numerous opposing pkms. You will have to knock down 30 in 10 minutes, if you have a pkm of the opposite type (and therefore water) you will eliminate them all in no time.

FIGHT – Prune
POKEMON: Torkoal LV 27, Revavroom LV 26.

Defeat, you will get the Team medal and the MT038 NITROCHARGE. You will also get 5000 alloy credits, different materials and you can create more types of TM with the TM machine.

Base of the poison division: Henzo

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Complete Guide (Medals, League, Legendary)


Approach the doors to start the fight.

FIGHT – Cajetan
POKEMON: Gulpin LV 30, Shroodle LV 31.

Also in this case you will have to take down the various pkm around the field, the recommended types are psycho and earth.

FIGHT – Henzo
POKEMON: Skuntank LV 32, Revavroom LV 33, Muk LV 32, Revavroom LV 32.

Defeated, you will get the Team medal and the MT102 DIRT. You will also get 6000 alloy credits, different materials and you can create more types of TM with the TM machine.

Base of the Pixie Division: Ortiz (Pixie Medal)


There is quite a level jump between this base and the previous one so make sure you are well upgraded before tackling this base. The recommended pkms for fighting in the open world are steel and poison types.

POKEMON: Azumarill LV 50, Wigglytuff LV 50, Dachsbun LV 51, Revavroom LV 50.

Defeated, you will get the Kobold medal and the MT079 MAGIBRILLIO. You will also get 7000 alloy credits, different materials and you can create more types of TM with the TM machine.

Battle Division Base: Nespera (Fight Medallion)


The recommended pkms for the fight in the camp are psychic and flying types.

FIGHT – Nespera
POKEMON: Toxicroak LV 55, Passimian LV 55, Primeape LV 55, Lucario LV 55, Annihilape LV 55, Revavroom LV 56.

You will get the Fight medal and the TM167 ZUFFA. You will also receive 8000 League Credits and the ability to craft new TMs.

Stardust Avenue: Final Battle (Archiboss)


Conquered all the bases of Team Star you will have to fight with the Archchief, we will not reveal his name so as not to spoil anything, but know that you will have to face a tough fight with two teams of 6 pkm each controlled by two characters. The first will change depending on your starter, while the second will be the same. Prepare properly because it will be a long fight and will require you to change pkm often on the field.

FIGHT – Archchief (if you chose Sprigatito)
POKEMON: Oranguru LV 60, Abomasnow LV 60, Gyarados LV 60, Polteageist LV 60, Amoonguss LV 60, Skeledirge LV 61.

FIGHT – Archchief (if you chose Quaxly)
POKEMON: Oranguru LV 60, Abomasnow LV 60, Gyarados LV 60, Polteageist LV 60, Houndoom LV 60, Meowscarada LV 61.

FIGHT – Archchief (if you chose Fuecoco)
POKEMON: Oranguru LV 60, Abomasnow LV 60, Houndoom LV 60, Polteageist LV 60, Amoonguss LV 60, Quaquaval LV 61.

After the first battle, the one with the second team and the second opponent will start. A fight against a team composed of Eevee evolutions:

FIGHT – Archchief (if you chose Fuecoco)
POKEMON: Umbreon LV 62, Jolteon LV 62, Vaporeon LV 62, Flareon LV 62, Leafeon LV 62, Sylveon LV 63.

Defeated, talk to the character near the steps to get TM169 Meteor Drake. It is one of the most powerful TMs in the game to teach a Dragon-type pkm.

Have you finished all the routes? Don't worry, there's still so much to do in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, here's how to catch all the legendaries.

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