Phasmophobia: scandal on Discord, apologies arrive

    Going for a second in addition to the big hit that phasmophobia has encountered starting from its release, in the course of this year the title had to deal with a scandal within his own community which just these days is literally esploso. All the spotlight and accusations are aimed at a Discord admin of the game, such Charcoal Salamander, who would be accused both of sharing some nude photographs than racist comments totally far from the philosophy of phasmophobia.


    Phasmophobia: scandal on Discord, apologies arrive

    It all started from January last year, with said admin accused of sexually harassing another member of the community phasmophobia. From this moment on, the investigation into the incident began, led directly by Kinetic Games with the participation of the other directors. The first conclusion drawn from the events established that Charcoal "never did anything wrong nor harassed people", with the consequent reinstatement of the admin.

    In August, however, one arrived new email from the community of phasmophobia with new charges. Since there is no evidence to refute the previous conclusions, the developer has however decided not to continue the investigation. Over time and in the following days, however, the allegations made more and more inroads into the online spaces used by enthusiasts, with Message sent to Kinetic Games lead artist Corey “CJ” Dixon. So they came out video demonstrating the admin's racist outings di phasmophobia, with the testimony of an offer (only this one) linked to some nude photos that he would have shared.

    Speaking of the latter, CJ attempted to justify everything by speaking of a "private sphere" and reiterating that the exchange would have taken place in a dimension far from that of his own role as administrator within the game. Everything exploded when the comments from above regarding Charcoal's behavior were made public, with the community of phasmophobia annoyed at all of his behavior. The controversy reached such an uproar that Kinetic Games belatedly realized it had made a mistake in the previous handling of this situation. So Saturday released a declaration in which she officially apologized, promising greater attention for the future: “We would like to apologize for the way we handled the situation, keeping the admin active all the time and for the slow response. He should have been removed from his position and banned as soon as possible. We came to the conclusion that the admin involved should be banned from our Discord server; he will no longer have any involvement with the Phasmophobia community and there will be no opportunity for him to be re-involved in the future."

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