Steam Deck: Some people are obsessed with the smell of fans

Of all the videogame news of 2022, one of the most talked about is definitely Steam Deck. Valve's portable hardware has been able to intrigue many fans, so much so that in less than no time it has become one of the best-selling products on Steam for several weeks in a row. Now that portable hardware is in the hands of many gamers, a series of details, curiosities and real oddities unexpected on the experience offered by this platform.

According to the various reports of some users, it seems that there is a large group of hardware owners who are infatuated with the smell coming from the Steam Deck vents (of which you can buy a case on Amazon). This all seems absurd and to testify to the strangeness of the situation there are also a number of memes, with some of the latter suggesting that the aroma gives Gabe Newell powers to anyone who smells the fragrance.

We are fully aware that this story is getting weirder with every paragraph, but it's all true, aside from the detail about Gabe Newell's powers (unfortunately). According to a user report on Reddit, the smell that flares out of the Steam Deck vents is strong and long-lasting and appears to be vaguely attributable to the smell of burnt plastic. Furthermore, according to the direct testimony of this user, it seems that the smell remains in the air even when you are not playing and the hardware is turned off.

Vent smell? from SteamDeck

This story has led many Steam Deck owners to sharpen their sense of smell and sniff the vents of the hardware. Apparently, though, it's not just humans who are attracted to this mysterious stench, with another user posting a photo of his cat sniffing the portable hardware curiously. In short, after the curiosity that prompted players to lick the Nintendo Switch game cartridges, another portable platform has managed to obsess players, this time taking them by the nose.

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