NieR: Automanta, according to fans Yoko Taro cures depression

    NieR: Automata is undoubtedly one of the best RPGs released in recent years. Already in 2017, in fact, its success was immediate and the reception of the public was warm. However, it is surprising that after about five years, Yoko Taro, author of the title, continues to receive private messages from users thanking him for the positive impact the game has had on their lives.

    NieR: Automanta, according to fans Yoko Taro cures depression

    In fact, NieR: Automata fans continue to write to Yoko Taro to thank him for helping them overcome depression. The narrative evolution of the title, in fact, has a writing style that reaches rather high peaks of emotional depth and involvement and it is not surprising that many have felt part of this adventure. In fact, the themes covered by both this title and its prequel Replicant end up exploring the human soul, the fears and hopes of the characters as few other games have been able to do.

    Just during an interview with GameSpot, Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito, producer of NieR: Automata (which you can find on Amazon), answered some questions about it. Indeed, after the recent launch of the game on Switch, it was asked whether all these emotions felt by the players were or were not programmed. The author replied that nothing was intentional but that the title is a kind of mirror that reflects the player.

    NieR: Automata, in fact, does not reflect the ideas or opinion of its author but is structured in such a way that the player ends up asking himself questions about what he is feeling. This is exactly why Yoko Taro is getting so many messages thanking him for helping his fans recover from depression. The dualism between light and darkness, life and death, in fact, helps players ask themselves existential questions for which, during their journey, they seek answers. Finally, in perfect style, Yoko Taro belittled her role by saying only that she wanted to write something that would make him look smart. One wonders if even the upcoming anime will be able to offer many food for thought.

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