Shrek has taken over the Steam Deck

    Shrek has taken over the Steam Deck

    Thanks to the latest updates, Steam Deck allows you to load a custom boot screen. It is a splendid initiative, except that someone has decided to go far beyond simplicity. As reported on Reddit, in fact, a player in possession of Valve's hardware had the wonderful idea of ​​replacing the boot screen with Shrek. No, not an image taken from Google or a simple ten second snippet from feature films, but the entire first Dreamworks film.

    This “brilliant” idea got the user in question into trouble. The boot screen in fact you can't skip it in any way and now, before you can even think about playing a game, the player is forced to watch the whole feature film. Not exactly ideal, especially considering that we are talking about portable hardware, which should allow you to be able to play on the subway, on the bus or on long journeys. Sacrificing over an hour of one's life like this isn't exactly the best way we can think of.

    The Reddit user has released a short video showing Shrek being played on the Steam Deck. Clearly not the whole film, it would be impossible. It's three seconds, but they tell all the frustration of someone who decided to go down a foolish path and is now paying dearly for his mistake. We are sure that sooner or later everything will settle down in one way or another, but we are also sure that this experiment will stay there, reminding us of how many mistakes we can make in a matter of seconds.

    Help!! I’ve set my boot video to Shrek and now I can’t use my Steam Deck until it’s over! from SteamDeck

    Steam Deck has been available since February 2022, and recently Valve has also managed to eliminate queues, but not the waiting. At the moment it is possible to buy a console, but don't expect to receive it in a few days. However, this is a step forward compared to the situation of PS5 and Xbox Series X, available on the market for two years but impossible to buy like their old gen counterparts.

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