How to schedule sending WhatsApp messages

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How to schedule sending WhatsApp messages. How to send a whatsapp message on a specific date and time here's how.

You would like to be able to program a message on Whatsapp to be sent at the specific date and time on a certain day? In this article we will show you how to do it with the right app.

So you can program important messages that you are afraid of forgetting like birthdays for work etc….

What are you waiting for? Read these lines to understand how to send automatic messages on Whatsapp.

Schedule sending WhatsApp message: how to do it

Scheduler for WhatsApp allows you to send messages at scheduled times for free. However, you will not be able to send photos / videos or messages to groups without purchasing additional packages.

Here's how to schedule the sending of your WhatsApp messages:

  • download free l'app Scheduler for WhatsApp dal Play Store
  • At the first start the app will ask you to provide permission to use the Accessibility services.
  • Press Ok and in the Accessibility menu that opens, select WhatsApp Scheduler and choose ONIf you do not activate this option the app will not work.

Program the message you want to send:

  • press the round button with the + at the bottom left
  • Select Recipient Type you can choose if you want to send the message to a single contact or to a group. (choose single contact in the free version)
  • Select Recipient you can choose the recipient
  • Select Time you can set the date and time of the message
  • Select Frequencyche allows you to choose how many times you want the message to be resent
  • the last field that allows you to enter the message you want to send.
  • Once all the fields have been set, you can finally press on CREATE

Note: the app does not work with the screen off so if on that precise date or time your smartphone is locked, it will send the message after the time and date indicated when the smartphone is first unlocked.

SQEDit : Schedule sending WhatsApp message

SQEDit allows you to schedule not only the sending of messages on WhatsApp, but also SMS, emails and posts on Facebook.

Scarica pray for free

SQEDit has the same limit as Scheduler for WhatsApp: it does not work when the screen is off when the lockscreen has the pin or pattern.

However, this app will remind you with a notification that you had scheduled a message on WhatsApp to be sent.

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