Google Chrome doesn't load pages, 7 solutions

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Top 7 Ways To Fix Google Chrome Not Loading Pages. Google Chrome continues to dethrone rivals with blazingly fast performance, innovative features like tab groups, a great extension shop, and more. However, all this power alternates with black screens and even pages that don't open.

If you are facing this last situation, it is time to fix Google Chrome not loading pages once and for all. There can be a lot of problems when Google Chrome becomes unresponsive and crashes. First, we will talk about why this happens and how to fix the problem.

Why doesn't Google Chrome load pages?

One of the main reasons can be a slow network connection. Attempting to open web pages with a lot of multimedia content over a slow Internet connection may cause the pages not to open in the browser.

Some web pages also have automatic video playback. Constant playing of videos in the background can be the reason for not opening pages in Chrome. We will talk about each scenario and solve all problems.

1. Reload the web page

The first thing you can do is reload the web page. If a webpage is unresponsive in Google Chrome, you can reload the webpage from the address bar and access the content again. Maybe you lost your internet connection while Chrome was loading the web page.

2. Close video playback on the web page

Some websites load the video automatically when you open a web page. This is true when accessing news websites in Chrome. The administrator could play a recent video event in the browser. This requires more resources in Chrome to load the webpage. And in some cases, Google Chrome doesn't load the pages. Make sure you disable the autoplay of the video before browsing the web page.

3. Open the page in incognito mode

Due to the huge amount of cache and dozens of extensions (more on that later), you may have trouble opening web pages in Google Chrome. Before you go ahead and disable the extensions or remove the cache, you can open the web page in private mode. Copy the web address and click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner. Select Incognito mode and another Google Chrome window will open. Paste the web address and try to access the website.

4. Usa Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome starts many services in the background when you open the browser. If there are too many services running, it may be using a lot of CPU resources and Google Chrome may not load pages. This is where Chrome's default task manager comes in. You can check CPU usage with other Chrome services and close them. Here's what you need to do.

  1. From the Chrome browser, select Shift + Esc and open the Task Manager.
  2. Check memory consumption and CPU usage for different Chrome processes.
  3. Click on the high CPU usage Chrome service and end the service.

Try loading the web page again.

5. Clear the Chrome cache

A large amount of cache data in Google Chrome can cause web pages to become unresponsive. It is necessary to clear the Google Chrome cache from time to time for a smooth operation. That's how.

  1. Apri Google Chrome su Windows o Mac.
  2. Click the More menu at the top and select More Tools.
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data.
  4. Select Chrome history, cache, cookies, etc. from the Advanced menu and select Clear Data at the bottom.

6. Remove the Google Chrome extensions

With thousands of Chrome extensions at your fingertips, it's easy to fill your browser with irrelevant extensions. Some of the outdated extensions can interfere with browser operations and lead to web pages that don't open in Chrome.

You need to identify these extensions and remove them from Google Chrome. In the process, you can keep the password manager extensions and other extensions from well-known developers.

  1. From the Google Chrome More menu, select Extensions.
  2. Click More Tools.
  3. Disable or remove Chrome extensions from the list.

7. Update Google Chrome

When web pages don't open on Chrome it could be due to an outdated browser build on your computer or Mac. The Chrome team regularly releases new updates every two weeks. You need to update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version. Go to Google Chrome Settings and open About. Update Google Chrome and try to load the web page again.

Enjoy a smooth browsing experience in Google Chrome

If you are still having a Chrome pages not responding error, you should contact the website administrator. Perhaps the problem stems from the website you are trying to visit in the Chrome browser. Which trick worked for you? Share your results in the comments below.

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