YouTube may present an alternative to TikTok

    YouTube could soon launch an alternative to TikTok. The platform developed by ByteDance has climbed the rankings of the main mobile stores, reaching 1,5 billion downloads already a few months ago. It is therefore no coincidence that more and more developers try to emulate his success (including co-creator of Vine).

    According to some rumors, even YouTube could propose a similar tool, called perhaps Shorts. Apparently, and as the name suggests, users could create gods short films. It should also be possible to insert audio tracks taken directly from the platform.

    YouTube may present an alternative to TikTok

    According to colleagues at Xda Developers, it may not be an external application, but a feature integrated into the software main platform dedicated to videos. This may encourage many people to use "Shorts".

    To further strengthen the hypothesis are some lines of code leaked online. The code refers to several values, including "Shorts", "Create a video", "Slow" and "Very fast". The novelty should be introduced by end of year.

    In addition, the development team would also be working on a tool with which users will be able to receive notifications inviting them to stop playing after a certain time. The name of this possible feature could be "Bedtime reminder".

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