Vimeo how it works and differences with YouTube

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Vimeo how it works and differences with YouTube. Vimeo is a video content platform that differs from the most popular site for its authorship.

Most of the visual content that you will happen to be watching will be independent creations, films and visual productions that are nothing more than the works of directors, filmmakers and video-artists

This is the big difference with YouTube on Vimeo, clips from TV programs or other sources cannot be loaded.

Vimeo how it works

On the portal you will be able to see all the videos for free and if you want to upload and then join your videos on the portal you will have three options of choice.

Basic: is the free version that allows you to:

  • upload videos for only 500MB per week
  • the video quality will be lower than other videos uploaded by Plus and Pro users
  • possibility to insert only one HD video per week

Finally, by choosing this formula, you will not be entitled to the advanced options.

Plus: the service is subject to a fee, the subscription costs only € 49,95 per year and offers:

  • 5GB of storage per week for video uploads
  • priority in converting movies
  • unlimited space for inserting HD videos
  • possibility of customization
  • advanced statistics and priorities for support

BESS: subscription of 159 euros per year you will have the opportunity to:

  • upload videos
  • use advanced customization options
  • having ensured an excellent dose of speed in production
  • upload and convert as well as the opportunity to upload Full HD videos

How to upload a video to Vimeo

  • Enter with your own account Vimeo
  • click on Upload
  • choose a video to upload,
  • wait for the video to load
  • depending on the type of account you have, you can customize it with the tools available
  • And proceed to the publication
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