Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | All special evolutions

What's the best thing about dealing with Pokémon? Watch them evolve! Since in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet there are several special evolutions, with mechanics that had never been seen in previous chapters of the saga. In this guide we will therefore go to see a little more closely all the evolution methods with which it is possible to pass the portable monsters to the next stages within this pair of new video games.

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  • Evolutions by stone
  • Evolutions through steps
  • Evolutions through specific moves
  • Evolutions via tools (Auspicious and inauspicious armor)
  • Evolutions through specific methods
  • Evolutions of previous generations

Evolutions through an evolution stone

This triad of Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet change shape if a particular type of item such as a is used on them evolutionary stone.

Here is the complete list:

  • Cetoddle: Cetitan + Froststone
  • Tadbulb: Bellibolt + thunderstone
  • Capsakid: Scovillain + pietrafocaia

Evolutions through the passes

To evolve this specific pokémon triad it is necessary to make them walk 1000 steps outside the Pokéball. These steps must be performed in standalone battle mode. Then you'll have to press R to get them out of the Pokéball and carry them around in the open world.

  • Rabsca: Rellor + 1000 steps
  • Brambleghast: Bramblin + 1000 steps
  • Paw motor: Pawmo + 1000 steps

Evolution linked to moves

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | All special evolutions

This category of particular evolutions actually contains 2 different possibilities:

  • Evolution through therepeated use of a move
  • Evolution through level up after learning a move

Here are the 3 pokémon that follow these particular rules

  • farigiraf: Girafarig + 1 level up AFTER learning the double beam move
  • Annihilape: Primeape + 20 uses of the move baleful fist
  • Dudunsparce: Dunsparce + 1 level up AFTER learning the hyper drill move

Evolutions through evolutionary tool

he pokemon Charcadet it can evolve differently based on the evolutionary tool used on it, becoming two different forms.
These are exclusive to the title in question and are:

  • Armarouge (Pok√©mon Scarlet only): Charcadet + Auspicious Armor
  • ceruledge (violet pok√®mon only): Charcadet + ominous armor

Where to get Auspicious Armor and Inauspicious Armor

These particular items to evolve Charcadet into its two forms can only be obtained by following these steps:

  • Get 10 Bronzor Shards in Pok√©mon Scarlet or 10 Shards of Sinistea in Pok√©mon Violet. To get them, just defeat the indicated pkm 10 times.
  • Go to Picadia and talk to the character near the fountain. In exchange for the collected material you will get one of the two armors to evolve Charcadet.

Evolutions through specific methods

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | All special evolutions

Several of Paldea's exclusive pokémon evolve only by following particular processes:

  • Maushold: random evolution, both in box and in team, after reaching level 25
  • Palafin: Finizen level 38 + level up (via battle or rare candy) while in game with a friend with a finizen.
  • Gholdengo: have a gimmighoul keep 999 coins; these coins are found either by capturing gimighoul or by completing the various towers scattered around the region (fastest method)
  • Houndstone: Greavard + level up after lv 30 at night
  • Speaking: Bisharp with boss symbol equipped + 3 victories against wild Bisharp with the same item equipped

Pokémon from previous generations

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | All special evolutions

In order to capture all the pokémon it is good to know how to evolve all the little monsters of the previous generations; among these some do not evolve through the simple increase in level but rather through different procedures.
Given the diversity of procedures, let's discover them together

Evolution stones

  • Flareon: Eevee + flintstone
  • Vaporeon: Eevee + Waterstone
  • Jolteon: Eevee + Thunderstone
  • Leafeon: Eevee + Leafstone
  • Ice cream: Eevee + pietragelo
  • Espeon: Eevee with max friendship + level up by day
  • Umbreon: Eevee with max friendship + level up at night
  • sylveon: Eevee with max friendship + appreciated a fairy move + level up
  • Arcanine: Growlithe + pietrafocaia
  • cluster: Shellder + water stone
  • raichu: Pikachu + pietratuono
  • magnetone: Magneton + Thunderstone
  • Binding: Petilil + sunstone
  • Sunflora: Sunkern + pietrasolare
  • Crabominable: Crabrawler + pietragelo
  • wigglytuff: Jigglypuff + moonstone
  • florges: Floette + brightstone
  • honchkrow: Murkrow + nerpietra
  • mismagius: Misdreavus + blackstone
  • gallade: Kirlia (male) + dawnstone
  • frolass: Snorunt (female) + treestone


  • gengar: Haunter + player swap
  • Slowking: King's Rock Slowpoke + Player Swap
  • Scizor: Metal Coated Scyther + Player Swap

Evolutionary tools

  • Appleton: Applin + dolcepomo
  • Frapple: Applin + aspropomo
  • Polteageist: Sinistea + cracked teapot / broken teapot (depending on the shape of the pok√©mon)


  • Blissey: chansey with friendship maxed + level up
  • Marill: azurril with friendship maxed + level up
  • Lucario: riolu with max friendship + level up
  • Jigglypuff: igglybuff with full friendship + level up
  • Pikachu: Pichu with full friendship + level up


  • Sudowoodo: Bonsly at level 16 + let him learn mimicry
  • tsareena: Steene at level 28 + stomp

Time of day

  • Chansey: Happiny with oval stone + level up during the day
  • weavile: Sneasel with Sharpener + level up at night
  • Lycanroc: Rockruff level 25 + day/night level up; depending on the moment you get Midday Form Lycanroc or Midnight Form Lycanroc
  • lurantis: level up by day + level 34 Fomantis
  • Gumshoos: level up by day + level 20 Yungoos

pokemon genre

  • vespiquen: Female Combee + level 21
  • Salazzle: Female Salandit + level 33
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