How to record WhatsApp voice and video calls

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As is now known, the Whatsapp application allows you to make calls and video calls, free of charge, to all our telephone contacts, putting people and groups in communication with each other via the Internet, both in Spain and abroad.

WhatsApp is the application that is currently having a wide use and popularity, especially for its intuitive and easy to use features, including messages, calls, video calls and the use of emoticons.

To those who already know this application well and use it frequently, it may happen that some important information that occurs during conversations may be lost. It would be nice and useful to be able to record the calls and listen to them later with peace of mind, perhaps with a notepad next to it.

To meet this request, in these lines we will deepen this possibility, explaining how to save WhatsApp calls on both Android and iPhone.

The procedure to carry out differs depending on whether the calls are audio or video.

How to record WhatsApp calls

If we want to record WhatsApp calls, we must consider that the application does not have a special function and therefore we must make use of third-party tools.

Legally, recording phone calls, both those on WhatsApp and on other means, is lawful, even if the interlocutor is not aware of it, as long as they are not disseminated or made to listen to others. If this were done it would constitute a violation of privacy punishable by law.

How to Record Android WhatsApp Calls

Cube Call Recorder

To record from an Android smartphone it is recommended to use the Cube Call Recorder ACR app. This allows you to save both traditional calls and those made via VoIP, therefore also those of WhatsApp and other messaging services. It is easy to use and it is free, you need to make a subscription through in-app purchases (at a cost of 2,09 euros every three months), possibly, to unlock the extra functions, which allow you to change the audio format of the recordings .

To download and install the app on our device:

  • go to,
  • press the Install button. If our phone does not have the Play Store, you can download the app from an alternative store,
  • start the app, selecting the icon that has been placed on the home screen and / or the drawer,
  • click on the Next button below,
  • accept the terms of use of the app and press the button Grant permissions and Enable overlay,
  • tap the buttons Ok, continue and Ok, I understand,
  • decide whether to enable geolocation,
  • click on the button to end the setup.


  • enable the recording of calls made via VoIP, by tapping the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top left of the app screen,
  • select the Recording item from the menu that opens, turning the switch located next to the Ignore VoIP support check option to ON and selecting the item I understand in the window that opens,
  • make sure that the recording of calls made with WhatsApp is enabled, by selecting the item Services to be recorded which is on the same screen, making sure that there is a check mark on the box next to the wording WhatsApp,
  • otherwise you can do it by clicking on OK to save the changes.

After setting up the use of the app:

  • start WhatsApp,
  • go to the Chat tab,
  • select the conversation with the user we want to call, by clicking on the handset icon at the top right, then
  • on the Call entry in the window that opens on the display.

With the call started:

  • the recording will start automatically and the Cube Call Recorder ACR widget will appear on the right, indicating that the running app is operational,

To end the registration:

  • interrupt the call as usual by pressing the red button with the handset down,
  • the recordings of voice calls made with WhatsApp will be found in the main screen of Cube Call Recorder ACR.

How to Record WhatsApp iPhone Calls

If, on the other hand, we want to record WhatsApp calls from iPhone, there are no apps that can do it. Apple has restrictions on the iOS operating system and therefore cannot record WhatsApp calls.

The only applications for recording calls provided by the App Store allow you to save only standard calls, voice line.

To record WhatsApp iPhone calls we must use solutions external to the smartphone: via another smartphone or computer, with a special application.

To save the voice call on WhatsApp, place the iPhone near the other device to record and set the speakerphone for the phone call. Stop audio recording after the phone call is finished.

How to record WhatsApp video calls

If we are going to record video calls on WhatsApp it can be done. The application itself does not offer a special function, but we can use third-party tools.

Video calls made with WhatsApp are encrypted with end-to-end encryption technology, used by the application, so they are also present in encrypted form on the company's servers and cannot be visible in clear text by people other than the senders and recipients. of the same.

From this it follows that video calls made with WhatsApp, saved with the recording, will contain only the video stream, while the audio one will be excluded.

It is possible to have both audio and video streams, only if the video call is recorded by a computer.

As far as privacy is concerned, the same legislation applies as for voice calls: recording video calls is not a crime, as long as it is not disclosed to others without the interlocutor's consent.

How to Record Android WhatsApp Video Calls

On an Android smartphone, to record WhatsApp video calls, you can use the function already present in our device, which can generally be called up from the notifications menu.

Otherwise you can turn to third-party apps, such as ADV Screen Recorder which allows you to record the screen. It is simple to use and it is free, for those who want to use it without banner ads it is available in a paid version, at a cost of 1,19 euros.

To download the app:

  • access the, if there is no Play Store on the smartphone, you can download the app from an alternative store.
  • start the app, by selecting the relative icon, added to the home screen and / or drawer,
  • ADV Screen Recorder is displayed from the main screen,
  • press the Accept, Allow and Allow buttons, for all the required permissions
  • press the (+) button,
  •  click on OK,
  • slide the switch to ON to allow interaction with other apps.

At this point:

  • tap on Start now,
  • open WhatsApp,
  • go to the Chat tab,
  • select the conversation with the user that interests us,
  • start a video call by clicking on the video camera icon at the top right,
  • start screen recording,
  • press the green button with the camera added by ADV Screen Recorder on the right side of the display,
  • press the button with the REC symbol from the menu that opens,
  • grant the app the necessary permissions to access the microphone, even if this feature cannot be used for recording WhatsApp video calls.

When the video call is over:

  • stop recording by pressing the green button again, with the camera located at the edge of the screen,
  • click on the Stop button attached to the menu that opens,
  • the recording will then be automatically saved in the Android gallery.

How to record WhatsApp iPhone video calls

To record WhatsApp video calls with an iPhone, you can use the Screen Recording feature available on iOS.

To use it:

  • go to the iOS Control Center,
  • swipe from the top right corner of the screen to the bottom, an iPhone with Face ID, from the bottom of the screen to the top, with an iPhone with a physical Home button,
  • touch the recording icon (the one with the REC symbol),
  • after a small countdown, everything will appear on the screen,

If we don't see the register button in the iOS Control Center:

  • you can enable it by going to the Settings> Control Center> Customize iOS controls section,
  • press the (+) button next to Screen Recording.


  • start the app. by WhatsApp,
  • go to the Chat section,
  • select the conversation with the contact we want to video call,
  • view the chat screen,
  • touch the video camera icon at the top right to start the video call.

At the end you can stop recording by clicking on the red indicator at the top of the screen and pressing the Stop button. The movie will be automatically saved in the iOS gallery.

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